It was the middle of the night.

Joe was standing before the Final Boss Corporation once more. He had finally healed from his fights against all the seven, and now he was reminding himself of that night. Well, that wasn't completely it. He was expecting someone.

And the person he was expecting was there. Joe walked up to the hooded figure, who gripped their hood, and lowered it.

It was a boy, perhaps seventeen, with red hair covering one of his eyes. The tips were white, however, and he had one visible red eye.

The two walked closer.


Joe unlatched his golden chainsaw.


The boy took out a pair of red scissors, twirling them on his finger.


They were standing before each other, their respective weapons pointed at one another.

They raised their free hands.

Joe smirked.

The boy smirked.

Then, they pounded fists.