Arte Stella

If a poem could get me you, will you love me more than hue of blue.

A poem for the one who fell for art, and the unrequited but continued to love.

Originally posted on Fanfiction. net and altered a bit for FictionPress


He has made me immortal

in that once upon a time

The art I already was

made real with grace and no gall.

In his slum studio, stand art

his paintings the world knows not

Here I control my feelings,

which I know is of naught


My heart's desires he heals

sealed in the mask I place

What it is you make me feel

I pour in the colors he lace

"Art should not simply look nice"

is what he reminds me of

So can I put on the price

to instead the artist I fell in love


But he was consumed

by the art in abstract.

My aching, breaking heart

to him it couldn't distract.

It hurt that art was all

he chose to look at my face

When his name, the sweetest rhyme,

my tongue truly loved to embrace


So he has fallen with art

to care for my heart that he stole

And there was I , so inlove alone

Now here I ponder, wonder and mope

how to let go of the person

that made me feel a lot like home

Much less, I vow to love him more

It's all that's left I offer him for...

. my eyes, he was Van Gogh

as in his own I see stars

But then he could be Dali

Where time would melt in his arms

To me, he's Mona Lisa

The art my world knows the best

And, in the end, he's my love

who my heart beats for in my chest.