"Hi I'm Melody Carmichael," she said awkwardly.

Orion McHenry looked at the petite girl standing in front of him. She was wearing a frumpy, blue sweater with a black cat on it, blue jeans that sagged slightly on her and gray sneakers that looked like they had seen better days, years ago. All in all if ever someone wasn't his type it would be this girl standing in front of him right now.

Realizing he wasn't going to respond, the girl continued, "I think we have Spanish together fifth period," she mumbled as she looked down at the ground.

Orion cocked his head to the side as he wondered where the girl was going with this. He wondered if she had a crush on him and had finally gotten the courage to talk to him. He hoped not. Although he supposed she did have something of a cute face and her curly brown hair would have been beautiful, well if she knew what a brush was, but that was all he'd give her in the attraction department. And unless this was going to be one of those ugly duckling turned swan stories, he knew this was about as much of an interaction they would ever have. The girls he dated, well at least if dating was considered hookups in bathrooms, classrooms and supply closets were all the universal definition of the word hot. Long legs for days, bodies that belonged on the runway and faces that could make a blind man sweat.

This girl had none of that.

"-And I'm really sorry to have to do this but-"

Sorry to have to do what?

Orion didn't have much time to react, however, before he felt lukewarm liquid seep into his hair. He blinked as the liquid dripped down his face before being absorbed by his white t-shirt. Gasps echoed around the courtyard of the school and time seemed to freeze as Orion tried to process what happened.

He couldn't believe it.

She had actually done it.

She had dumped her coffee on him.

In front of the entire school.

Well, Melody Carmichael just got a whole lot more interesting.

And now it was his turn.


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