"I'm sorry," she squealed and ran off.

Orion wiped the coffee from his face, while sneering at anyone who dared to look at him. Although he couldn't believe that she had done it, he had to give it to her, she had more balls than most people he knew.

"Dude! What the hell just happened?" Tyler shouted as he rushed over. "I was just trying to get Ashley's number and next thing I know you're getting reamed by some chick," he laughed, his curly black hair shaking with him.

Orion turned his glare to him. "Shut the fuck up Tyler," he growled. He didn't need to be further reminded about what had just happened. The pungent smell of coffee that assaulted his nose was already his constant reminder.

"Who the hell was she anyway? And what are you going to do?" he asked. "You can't just let her get away with that! You know that will mess with your cred which messes with mine and I'm this close to getting Ashley where I want her," he rattled off as he held his fingers close together.

"You're such a fucking idiot Tyler," Kyle, his friend since preschool, grunted as he punched Tyler in the arm.

Tyler let out a sound as he gripped where he was hit. "Fuck you Kyle."

Kyle responded by simply flipping him off.

Flint said nothing as he crossed his arm and glared at a tree across from them.

Kyle turned to him, his dark, brown eyes glinting in the sunlight as he said, "So what are you gonna do man?"

Orion had no clue. Yet.

If she were a guy, it would've been easy. All he'd have to do was just beat the shit out of him. But she wasn't a guy and not only that, but she had to be one of the most innocent, fragile yet tragic looking girl he'd ever seen. Although she probably wouldn't try that shit again, he couldn't just let her behavior slide. No one was allowed to fuck with Orion McHenry. And no matter how innocent the culprit looked, there was no exception to that rule.

"I have a plan," Orion said calmly.

Except he didn't.

Not yet, at least.

However, he couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

He needed to find where Melody Carmichael had run off to hide.

But first, he needed to change his shirt.


After heading to the bathroom, Orion had quickly changed his mind. He wasn't going to change. He would wear his coffee stained shirt as a warning. Not only to Melody, but to the rest of the student body. He wanted people to stare at him so he could send them his signature searing glare that would send them running. And today he felt as if his glare could scorch someone alive.

His mood was constantly switching between being calm and being completely pissed off. He needed to find her before he ended up beating the shit out of some unsuspecting person. As he was about to round another corner, Orion paused as a conversation caught his attention.

"I can't believe you actually did it!" her friend screamed.

Melody glared at her friend. "What do you mean? You're the one who dared me!"

"Yeah but I didn't think you actually had a death wish," her friend chided. "Maybe he'll forget about it and nothing will happen?" her friend offered.

Orion wanted to laugh. Forget? Right.

"Yeah right," Melody said echoing his sentiments. "He knows who I am and that we have a class together fifth period thanks to my big mouth."

Her friend blanched. "Maybe he'll just let it go?" her friend attempted to reassure her.

"Laila why'd you have to dare me to do it? You know I can't turn down a dare," she whined.

And just like that, his plan hit him.

"Oh you can't turn down a dare Carmichael?" Orion taunted as he approached them.

Melody went silent as she swung around to face him, her eyes widened as she took in his presence. Her friend's eyes also seemed to bulge as she took him in. Orion barely noticed how attractive her friend was with her auburn hair and soft dark green eyes, as he had his sight set on his curly haired, hazel-eyed target.

After turning to her friend, Orion gave her the quick once over, before deciding there was nothing special there -although she wasn't exactly the sad story her friend was. "What's your name?" he asked. He didn't know why he asked. He had just heard it, but he didn't want to scare the poor girl even more.

"Laila," she whispered as her green eyes continued to widen.

He briefly wondered if they'd pop right out if he asked another question. A small part of him felt slightly terrible that they seemed to be so afraid of him. However, if they had been truly scared of him, they wouldn't have pulled that stunt earlier. "Laila could you give me a moment alone with your friend?"

Melody quickly turned to her friend, her eyes pleading with her to stay. However, Laila glanced at him before sending an apologetic look to her friend and scurrying away.

Orion wanted to laugh. Some friend.

Melody said nothing as she watched the back of her retreating friend before sliding her gaze to the floor. She was really quite sad; it almost made him feel badly for her. However, he was a man of his word and the plan would be followed.

"So you can't turn down a dare Carmichael?" he repeated, capturing her attention. He had to give it to her though. He had always had trouble remembering a girl's name, but he would never forget hers.

Her eyes flew up to his face. "I'm really sorry about that again," she said hurriedly.

"And just how were you planning on making it up to me?"

She blinked as she bit down on her lip softly. Orion froze. His eyes traced the pout of her lips and took notice of the small beauty mark, which sat perfectly atop the left side of her mouth. The beauty mark coupled with her action made her innocent, heart shaped face, with the light splatter of brown freckles across her nose and cheeks seem suddenly more attractive. Well, at least in that moment.

She sighed. "I don't know. I could, um, buy you another shirt?" she offered weakly. "Although you probably have tons and don't need anymore, especially since it's not like I can go and get you a new one right now or anything, or I'd risk getting suspended and we can't have that, I mean, you know, my parents would kill me, well I mean, you wouldn't know that but, you know, it was just coffee and it wasn't hot, you know, hardly worth a susp-"

"How about this?" Orion chuckled dryly as he interrupted her rambling. He wondered if she would've stopped before lunch was over. "Since you're such a fan of dares, how about we do a month long challenge where we dare each other to do some crazy shit within bounds and whoever ends up doing the most dares, wins. The loser then does whatever the winner wants for a week. No restrictions."

Orion knew he could make up some dares that she would never do. Judging by how innocent she seemed there was probably a lot she'd never done and more she'd probably never even considered doing. He knew she wouldn't last a week with him. At the moment, it was the only way he could think to get back at her for the stunt she pulled. Besides, it started with a dare so it seemed only right that it ended with one too.

Melody continued to bite her bottom lip as she stared at the floor. Orion had to drag his eyes away. He'd always had a thing for girls who bit their lips. He just never expected that when she did it, it would have the same effect. Besides the girls he'd been with usually did it to turn him on. She did it just because she was nervous. She clearly had no idea how she looked when she bit her lip. It was a jarring contrast to her overall child-like appearance.

"And what would you make me do if I lost?" she mused as she looked up at him.

Orion shrugged. He hadn't really thought that far ahead, although he should have. There was no way he'd lose. "Maybe I'll make you ask out the girls I'm interested in."

Melody laughed and half-snorted. Sexy. Well, as sexy as an awkward, kid sister could be, which was just awkward. "That's kinda weird don't you think? I mean can't you ask them out yourself?" she laughed again.

He glared at her and she smiled sheepishly at him. "You'd just be more of a messenger. You'd be bringing them flowers and reading them notes about their best qualities and whatever else kinda shit girls like to hear. I'm sure they'd think it was all 'romantic' and maybe I'd even require you to dress up like cupid," he smirked. He could already imagine girls waiting to see if they'd get a message from his messenger. Although he didn't actually mean it, perhaps it would actually work and make his job that much easier. At the very least, he knew it would embarrass her. Hell, maybe it should've been one of his dares.

"That, would just be day one out of the seven days I have," he smirked. He hoped it dawned on her that rest of those days weren't going to be fun either.

"Well, if I win then you have to do my homework for a week."

He groaned. "C'mon Carmichael, this isn't middle school. Try again."

She bit down on her lip again as she looked away. Orion wanted to hit something.

Eventually she returned her gaze to him and said, "Fine. You have to go to the Homecoming dance with me."

He blinked. She had to be joking.

First of all, he didn't do dances. Parties sure, but dances? Not a chance in hell. Secondly, even if he went, he could never show up with her. His image was everything and who he had on his arms reflected on him. She wasn't his type at all. Nowhere close to the T, much less the other letters. Besides, if he was taking a girl out, it was only fair that he got something in return at the end of the night and he doubted she'd be up for that. He had never spent time with a girl without getting what he wanted in the end and he wasn't about to start.

She must've known all this, which is why her idea was underhandedly brilliant.

Still. "Not. Gonna. Happen," he gritted out.

"Well those are my terms mister. Take it or leave it," she shrugged. "But if you reject it, I feel like that's an automatic forfeit don'tcha think?"

He narrowed his eyes. "We haven't even agreed to the deal yet."

"Are you saying you're backing out already?" she grinned. "Well if I had known you were such a quitter…." she trailed off, her hazel eyes glowing with laughter.

Quitter? Back out? He wanted to laugh. At least he knew he wasn't going to lose and now he had even more motivation to win.

"Fine, it's done."

Melody grinned happily and all Orion wanted to do was wipe that smug look off her face.

And he knew exactly how.

"Now for your first dare," he started and watched as her grin faltered. "Write your dirtiest fantasy and post it on Facebook."



Will she actually do it or will this be the first dare she loses?

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