Chapter 1

A New World

"Why did mom do this to me…" the girl asked herself something so simply before letting out a sigh She was always pestering her to be a better demon "You should kill more people," she says "You should conquer worlds!" she says. This girl hated it.

Who cares if she was the daughter of the devil, she did not want to be like her, she did not want to be like Sasha Kagayaku.

So under the moonlight, the girl merely glared towards the shining orb in the distance. Dreading the events that may transpire. "Does she think sending me to a random world will make her get what she wants?" The girl spat to herself as she sat up in a night field, the flowers that surrounded her reflected light from the moon.

Such flowers did not exist in her world. It seemed they only bloom at night; she couldn't help but smile, however, before the girl could enjoy the scenery a strange presence came over her, like a puppy gnawing on one's neck.

"…Monster?" the girl then sighed, she twitched her fingers as each one gave its own satisfying crack.

The bushes started to shack, and the silver-haired woman lowered her body. Her arms were hanging loosely from the side of her body, "I would rather not but if I have no choice..." She sighed once more once again

When the bushes parted instead of monsters, it revealed a black haired girl and a blue haired boy entered the scene. Both seemed to be around the age of sixteen or seventeen. It was hard to tell since they didn't reveal much about themselves.

"Humans!" The girl was over came with glee. She held back a laugh as she clapped her hands toghther...she probably appeared like a child as the

"Who the hell are you?" The blue haired boy asked, apparently not knowing the first thing about talking to others.

The girl pouted slightly before taking note of his purple eyes. Humans always had the widest ranges of eye colors. Probably one of the few perks of being such a lower being.

"I'm not the best person when it comes to manners, but I know that is not how you ask for someone's name." The silver haired girl replied in an irritated tone as she tapped her foot

"I'm sorry for his rudeness, but we can't give you our names." The black haired girl said as she brushed the hair out of her eyes

"Sheesh, why do you have to keep secrets I'm not going to kill you or anything, if it makes it any better my name is Silver, my last name is a little long, so I'll just skip it!" Silver smiled, as she introduced herself in a rather dull tone.

"That's a lovely name, but I think it's best for us to be going now." The black haired girl began walking away with the teenage boy with each step pushing flowers away from their feet.

"W-wait let me come with you!" Silver nearly pleaded. Despite acting cool, she had no way around the world after nor did she know the customs or the currency. She doubted it was close to Earth's or even the demon realms.

"Why the hell should we do that?" The boy yelled causing Silver to twitch

"Because I'm lost and you can't leave a beautiful girl like me alone in such a place!" Silver said, winking slightly, putting her hands on her cheeks before shifting ever so slightly.

"If you are lost then we can escort you until we reach the next town." The black haired said bluntly, causing Silver to smile

"Sweet thanks, whoever you are!" Silver to chuckle

"Fine whatever, just don't fall behind!"

"Don't worry I won't!" Silver laughed, mostly to keep her from snapping his neck

The trio then started to walk through the forest, the trees nearly covering their path, as the moon gazed down upon them shined on them. Night, the one time Silver enjoyed.

"I guess this is okay… for now," Silver thought to herself. "I'll just stick to these two until I know a little more about this world.

The field leading towards the small town was rather bare baring a few monsters and animals. It seemed that there were two roads leading in and out of the forest. Silver assumed that the duo came from the other side, most likely traveling for whatever reason.

"This place sure is small," the blue-haired teen sighed as the three of them wandered into the small town.

It was a tiny, probably only about fifteen buildings in the whole village. But one couldn't tell such a thing about how lively it was. It seemed people had little fear when everyone knew everyone.

Cows were casually grazing in the fields as farmers and workers moved and shifted wood from place to place. Silver took a deep breath, her nose twitching; there was a kind of fresh smell to the entire area. Like the place hadn't been touched my technology.

"Not every place can be as large as Vratbert." The brown haired girl replied she is clearly the most level-headed of the two.

Vratbert was probably a name for a large city; Silver took a mental note of such a thing as the conversation continued.

"I wish that meant something to me..." The blue haired boy said to himself. Silver couldn't help but wonder what he meant by that.

"I kind of like this town, it has a sort of homely feel," Silver said as she closed her eyes recalling the town her manor was overseeing. It was always snowing on the hill, and the moon was always shining.

"Yeah whatever," The three then began to walk towards the shopping area, it wasn't as busy as they expected, mostly due to the fact the town was relatively small. There wasn't a lot of concrete in the area either. The roads were dirt, and the surrounding area was grass.

There were stands completely exposed and open. Silver recalled seeing similar things when she went to the countryside on earth. Wherever she was, she could only assume it was at some butt end of the planet.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing!?" A yell by one of the shop owners caused all three of the to wince. It seemed neither of the two women noticed, but the blue haired teen stole an apple

"I-I'm sorry," The black haired girl quickly paid for the apple as she turned to the blue-haired teen. Her eyes were slowly narrowing as she placed her hands on her hips.

"You can't just take things like that without paying for them!" the black haired girl stated if Silver didn't know any better she would have sworn that she showed a hint of emotion.

The two travelers were exact opposites of one another. Were they dating? Silver doubted it; it seemed they had a mutual hate going on.

"Well sorry if I didn't know that!" Blue-head snapped.

"What kind of person doesn't know that you pay for something with money?" Silver asked herself. Though she didn't know how the world she was in functioned, from her experience every human world had a different set of rules.

Earth had its set of rules, and this world had its set of rules. Silver was still trying to figure them out while not looking like an idiot. Something that the blue haired teen was failing at.

"Damn it, don't worry about it!" he screamed wanting to hide his inability to do basic human activities.

"Okay since everyone is so keen on keeping secrets I won't ask anything again, but you can expect the same from me!" Silver stomped the ground; she was apparently fed up with the situation, but she did understand why they were acting this way.

Maybe secret agents were after them...that would be a bad movie or something. She didn't want to spend to much time in this world; she would miss watching the television and whatnot.

"That's fine…" the black haired girl replied in a cold tone.

Silver then let out a single sigh, "Humans aren't as friendly as demons or holy ones…" She said under her breath.

They continued through the town, the three of them even tenser than before. Despite this feeling Silver realized now would probably be a good time to ask a few questions.

"Um, hey, do you two know where we are?" it was a simple question as the black-haired woman gave a small sigh.

"We are currently in the town known as Llyn, it is a small shipping and produces city in the heart of Slouque. Right now we are...not supposed to be here..." Silver had no idea what the woman meant by that as she tapped her lips. Before Silver could ask any more questions the woman spoke again.

"By the way, my name is Mai, and that is Richard," the black-haired woman stated as Richard bit his lip.

"W-what are you doing, don't just give our name out so casually!"

Mai simply rolled her eyes before brushing her hair to the side, "she does not seem to be a threat, and I only gave our first names out,"

Silver frowned for a moment; perhaps they were a part of some organization of some kind. Silver bobbed her head as a harsh scream echoed through the town.

"What was that?!" Mai twitched, Silver closed her eyes for a moment. The sound itself was coming from the middle of the city as they all rushed to the center of the small village.

What they saw was destruction, like a hurricane, came through ripping apart the community as Silver looked over the broken stands and damaged houses. Despite the collateral, it seemed no one had been seriously injured. Still, among the wreckage, there were a few people scattered about.

"What happened here?"

"Let me be so kind and explain that,"

All three of them slowly turned their heads to be greeted by a rather slender man with red hair. His gaze was scanning the trio as his red eyes pierced them. If Silver didn't know any better, she would have mistaken him for a demon.

"And you are?" Richard tapped his foot waiting for an explanation as the man chuckled.

"My name is Verm, and I am but a humble commander of the local military here..."

Silver's eyes narrowed, he looked the part at the very least, but there was something off about him. Even if he was telling the truth, she had a hunch that he was far more important than what he was letting on.

"Yeah, so?" Richard scoffed as the man merely shrugged.

"Oh, you were asking about what had happened here and yet you blew me off so casually," Verm then adjusted his glasses, his gaze shifted to both Mai and Richard. "It was a simple monster attack. Apparently, someone is after something on my ship.

"Ship?" Silver scratched her head; there was no ports or beaches nearby. In fact, she was pretty sure they were too far inland for such a thing.

"A land-ship...for those who do not know, it is a ship that is capable of land travel," Verm scoffed as Silver eyes narrowed, she knew she was being insulted,

"Oh..." Mai looked at Verm for a moment before she took a step back, "thank you for your answer, but we must be going,"

At that moment Silver shivered, and her nose twitched. She could smell humans in the area as if they were being watched. It seemed that the only one who hadn't realized it was Richard who was tapping his foot.

"You aren't planning on letting us go…." Mai lowered her hands, the ring of knives tied around her legs moved ever so slightly. She was prepared to fight as Silver held her breath before the man named Verm shook his head.

"No, no don't do that, I just want to talk...after all, none of you are supposed to be here," Verm smile shifted as his eye widened, he most likely had his guards around the area searching as Mai sighed.

"It is best we do not engage them in combat..."

"H-hey, don't just go deciding something like that by yourself!" Richard screamed as Silver sighed.

"I agree with Mai," Silver didn't like being pushed around, especially not by a human. She knew very well she could easily escape the situation without even breaking a sweat, but it would have been a bad idea. She didn't need a wanted poster floating around with her on it.

Verm chuckled ever so slightly, "now be good and come with me..."

Steam came out of the sides of the ship, metal and wires ran like veins throughout the walls of the battleship. Silver took a deep breath, inhaling some of the steam on the giant hulking piece of metal and wiring.

The ship smelled like mercury as Verm escorted them through the halls. Four guards were walking with them two in the front and two in the back. They were wearing blue and silver uniforms with gas-masks. They finally arrived at what appeared to be a large interrogation room.

"Well, that tour was annoying as hell..." Silver sighed.

Silver, Richard, and Mai all took their seat as Richard crossed his arms.

"Let's just hurry up and hear what this guy has to say!" Richard stated bluntly as Verm adjusted his glasses once again before smirking

"Oh, so you are willing to listen?" Verm said walking in the room, of course, his demeanor was calm.

"It's not like we got much of a choice..."Richard replied, pressing his cheek against his fist. Silver only remained silent; she had no right to talk about whatever trouble the humans were going through.

"Very well," Verm snapped his fingers as a small girl came running into the room. She looked no older than 13 as she spun into the room and bowed. Her brown bangs covered her eyes ever so slightly as a strange puppet hung from her hip. "Sara, Please explain to our visitors our current situation,"

"Oh man, you called in a cute girl just to say that," her pink and gold dress was in stark contrast to the soulless machinery located in the massive battleship. "I'll get right to it; we are current escorting the present head of the church to the capital. Right now some guards from the church is currently on our tail to prevent this,"

"I can understand, why would the Slouque military holding what is supposed to be the neutral party and escorting them to their capital?"

Sara held her breath for a moment as someone else entered the room. This time, it was a small green haired boy, his eyes a pure green as a soft smile crept across his face. "Please let me explain it, as the head of the church..."

The boy smiled as he bowed, Mai paused for a moment before biting her lip. "Y-you're Head Priest Parce?"

Silver felt her head starting to hurt, so many names being tossed around so casually. It was to be expected; she wasn't from this world so what would be common knowledge to some was completely alien to her,

"Yes that is right, and currently, my reason for traveling with the Slouque kingdom is my own. However, we may have found a way to stop the conflict between Slouque and Descijan..."

"Man, are relations between the two kingdoms so terrible?" Richard asked, probably the first time being interested in something that wasn't himself.

"Yep, Yep," Sara grinned as she nodded cheerfully, "due to the escalations fear of the other having a super weapon tension is high. Some say both of the kingdoms have started developing their own and are preparing to launch an attack as soon as it is finished,"

"Of course, I doubt that applies to either side..." Verm added, this answered some of their questions, even if they had their own.

"Very well, but is there a reason you are going through such...shady ways to do such a thing?" Mai said.

She had a point; it seemed odd that they would try to go behind the back of the church and the opposing kingdom to seek to stop a war. Silver doubted even humans would want to go into a war that would leave most of their planet destroyed.

"That is due to matters within the Church," Parce responded, a stock response as if he was a telemarketer.

"You see some internal conflict within the church has erupted wondering if it was for the best to remain neutral or get involved and try to end the seeds of war before they fully sprout,"

"Bib, the current second command of the Church is seeking to try to remain neutral as long as possible. He has the majority of the church's vote on the matter, so I decided to take matters into my hands." Parce said.

"Grand Priest Parce, is it alright to ignore the vote of your peers for this?" Mai asked bluntly, as Silver tapped her lip.

She still couldn't get a handle on Mai, stopping a war seemed far more important than the fairness of the decision.

"Mai, you're with Bib? No way..." Sara said it was hard to tell if she was shocked or being somewhat sarcastic as Mai glared at the small girl before crossing her legs.

"I'm neutral, the Church is important, but so is stopping a war," Mai replied.

"Hey, guys! Hello! You want to slow down so I can follow?" Richard asked in a decent way for once.

Silver broth a sigh of relief, it seemed that she didn't have to worry about asking stupid questions. Richard would do it for her.

"I swear..." Mai held her head for a moment, "Oh, as you SHOULD know, there are currently two warring countries, Descijan and Slouque, the Church is the neutral party. Right now they are in an arms race to see to develop a weapon the wipe the other out,"

"Regardless of the state of affairs within the Church, I must deliver this letter to Descijan." Parce said having an urgent tone. "This won't just affect the people of the two kingdoms but also the Church; neither nation needs a weapon such as that."

"But it is tricky, you see, even with Grand Priest with us we are currently in a rather heavily armed battleship. It won't be simple to say we are there for peace riding in such a thing," Verm then paused for a moment. "That is why we need your help... you are the prince of Descijan, right Richard?"

Richard's eye twitched before he grumbled and waved his hand slightly, "bah fine, I'll would suck if the country I'm supposed to inherit gets blown away,"

"You have my gratitude, now by your leave, Master Richard. I must be on my way," Verm said as he walked away as Richard groaned.

"Don't call me that..." Richard replied as his eyes narrowed

"As you wish Master," Verm dropped the wrong part of the title before vanishing out of the door as Richard crossed his arms again.

"I shall take my leave as well; there is something I must check." Parce said as he followed the commander

"...I guess the only thing to do is follow them." Silver sighed, slowly lifting herself from her seat.

"How do you know I want to follow them!"Richard yelled.

He was a rather annoying person to be around, but then again he was amusing, it could be worse, Silver's sister could be with them.

"Oh I see, you like staying in a room filled with girls, I guess it's only natural for a boy your age." Silver winked as she nudged the young prince, her eyes then wandered to Sara, "Oh and one of them so young..."

"Shut it! I have decided we will follow Verm, not because of anything you said, though!" Richard replied.

They walked out of the conference room; it seemed they were free to roam the ship freely as Silver looked down at Sara. Silver knew that looks could be deceiving, in fact, she had seen younger looking demons in even higher positions, but she didn't expect humans to work in similar ways.

"So you work for the military?" Silver was just making small talk as Sara laughed.

"Kind of, I'm a part of the Church believe it, or job is to fulfill the wishes of the Grand Priest, no matter the cost..." Sara's tone was oddly unsettling as Richard scoffed.

"What, is he your boyfriend?"

"Nope, I prefer older men..." Sara winked at Richard as he flinched.

"As interesting as this conversation is, I am far more interested in how this ship functions. What is it called if I may ask?" Mai looked around the metal monstrosity of steam and wires as Sara puffed out her chest ever so slightly.

"It is known as the Gallimimus; it is a warship...well it is called a warship, but it is closer to a fortress. It even has basic stealth functions capable of hiding it, it uses mana from the planet to make it move, the steam shooting out uses the basic core functions to cool the interior,"

"For someone who is supposed to be a part of the Church you sure do know quite a bit about a Slouque kingdom weapon," Mai stated off hand as Sara's eyes narrowed.

"Are you accusing me of something?"

"No, nothing…" Mai shifted out of the conversation as Silver paused for a moment before remembering something.

"Hey, I was wondering, what were you two doing together when we met anyway?" Silver asked casually as Mai groaned before she and Richard glared at one another.

"We too came to talk about peace negotiate; my brother sent me to look after the prince,"

"It's lame; I don't need a babysitter," Richard grumbled as Silver chuckled.

"Usually, the people who say that are the ones that need one the most," Silver stated before Richard glared at her.

The group walked through the ship before encountering Verm once again. He gave them a rather odd look before sighing.

"Yes? Do you need something?" Verm asked, before sirens started to boom across the halls, Verm cursed under his breath before mumbling something to himself.

"Unless you have an evil robot on your ship, I think we're being attacked." Silver said her eyes shifting slightly as the stream started to blow even harder.

Verm quickly pulled out what appeared to be a small radio before clicking a button on the side of it

"Whats going on?" Verm spoke into the intercom, the reply the received was less than assuring.

"You three, return to your cabin," Verm told the group.

"Huh? It's probably just some monsters." Richard stated as if fighting monsters wasn't a big deal, to begin with

"Yes, but it's rare for monsters to be able to attack a ship just as this. It's dangerous when monsters act oddly," Mai replied.

At that moment the whole ship started to shake, or more like rock as Verm quickly began to speak on the intercom once again.

"Whats wrong?" Verm asked the bridge.

"Klyts are dropping from the sky; they are attaching themselves to the shi-." The captain was cut short, though anyone with a brain could probably guess what happened.

"Bridge! Respond! Bridge!" Verm said, his voice filling with urgency

"Klyts...aren't those the tiger monsters?" Richard asked as Silver cocked an eye

"Never heard of them, are they dangerous?" Silver asked a fundamental question as Mai closed her eyes.

"They are pretty much stronger wolves, they are muscular and can easily tear apart your throat if you aren't playing attention. However despite their strength, I do not believe they can fly, and most seasoned warriors can most likely defeat smaller ones without much effort," Mai was almost like a walking dictionary.

"Why the hell are they even attacking the ship?" Richard's voice was rising as Mai shook her head.

"Chances are someone may be controlling them or leading them, keep your eyes open," Mai added.


Silver face lost all playfulness as if she sensed something, she then turned around and started to walk away from the group, her eyes gaining a certain amount of killing intent.

"Silver where are you going! It's too dangerous to go alone!" Mai said.

"...Don't worry about me and if I happen to die then that's one less person you have to worry about," Silver smiled back at the group, before running down the hall, vanishing around the corner

"Silver wai-" Mai was cut off by a Large banging at the door leading to the bridge.

"I'm sure I sensed a Demon on this ship!" Silver said running down the halls.

She was rather relieved she ditched the others; she wouldn't need to hold any of her power without blowing her cover if anyone attacked her she would rip off their limbs.

"Where oh where are you..." She whispered to herself turning a corner; she placed her hands on the wall and notice just how cold the ship was.

A group of soldiers wearing silver armor stood in front of her; they had crosses plastered all over their suits as trims of gold hung loosely from the helmets. The helmets themselves had a small visor and mask on them; they barely looked like people.

"I can assume that the one's behind this attack is you?" Silver smiled at the group of Soldiers before getting in a fighting stance.

"Surrender now or we will kill you!" one of the soldiers replied.

Silver's eyes narrowed was about to rush them but before either side could attack a cloaked figure ran through the hall.

"W-what-" the knight could even finish his statement as his head was blown off from what appeared to be a bullet. The rest of the guards got in position raising their swords; the figure continued to move in an unnatural manner, almost like a dance shooting off limbs.

After the carnage was finished Silver frowned crossing her arms "I knew a demon was on this ship, just didn't expect you Zoki." Silver smiled as the figure sighed removing their hood.

Long black hair complemented her red eyes. She was wearing an odd uniform, or at least unusual compared to most demon's attire; it was some sort of blue trench coat thing. Silver recalled Zoki calling it a gymnasterka. In her hand was an odd weapon gun-like weapon with red liquid flowing through it.

"I was getting worried when I detected another demon, but now that I know that it's only you I'm rather happy," Zoki smiled.

"I would ask what you are doing here, but I bet it's classified...right?" Silver laughed as Zoki grumbled slightly.

"Yes it is...but more importantly, what are you doing here?" Zoki asked.

"You know me... taking a vacation on a military weapon, in a world at war is thrilling!" Silver said in a sarcastic tone.

"Well whatever the reason I have no business to pry." Zoki then started to walk away before Silver begun to follow.

"What are you doing?" Zoki asked her friend as Silver merely shrugged.

"Well, I figure I will have a better chance of getting out of here if you did all the work instead!" Silver stated.

"Fine you can come with me, but please try not to get in the way." Zoki sighed.

"Hey, it's me you're talking about!" Silver smiled.

"What's with all the cut up corpses?" Silver asked her friend, as they walked across the sea of dead bodies. Silver assumed the oddly dressed knights were the attacker, but that didn't make sense. It was obviously a sneak attack, and by the markings, it seemed like something otherworldly.

"I do not know, just be happy we don't have to fight," Zoki replied, unflinching at the sight of the gore, she pressed a button on her odd weapon as it transformed into a smaller more compact pistol.

At that moment all the lights went out like someone turned off a switch.

"Well damn! This sucks..." Silver said her eyes flashing a bright red, the darkness did not affect them, after all, it was far darker in the demon world than any military ship.

"Don't worry, ships like these always have a backup generator of some kind, it will probably kick in soon," Zoki replied.

Just when she finished the sentence the light came back on, "well good timing," Silver said.

"Not really, most likely that shut down all escape routes other than the emergency hatch..." Zoki said.

"Well I guess we will head there," Silver replied, as she turned to her friend.

She would be lying if she didn't want to know why she was here, but it wasn't her place to ask. The only thing that Silver knew was that Zoki sometimes worked with Sector 11, a demon research organization, despite them knowing each other since childhood Zoki kept her work out of her casual life.

"You can go alone, I will stay here on the ship and look for more information," Zoki said.

"Whatever you say, guess I will see you later." Silver then walked away. "Time to find that hatch!" The young demon girl pumped her arms as she walked with her head held high towards her destination.

Author's note

Now this is an old one, this thing was sitting somewhere nearly completed for about 5 years. I just touching it up and posting it somewhere. I mean, thinking about it, it's barely coherent and even with the touch ups it's still confusing filled with fantasy terms and areas all over. Not really expecting reviews for this, but it does help me organize some of my thoughts for a moment. I still wouldn't mind a few reviews and over all thoughts on the story however.