Chapter 13

The Designer

Silver sighed as she Katto, and Zoki entered what seemed to be an underground stable. Despite its size, it seemed that the only things that were in there were Tempo and her monsters at the moment. Tempo then turned to face her, her ears shifting slightly.

"Oh, you guys! What's happening above?" Tempo tilted her head as she opened the stables allowing her giant tiger-like creature and griffin out of their cages.

"Someone is attacking the Church, we were sent here to get you to help fend off the intruders," Zoki pointed out as Tempo's eyes widened.

"What? That can't be right, this is the second largest city in the world, and you've seen it yourself. It's impossible for a large group to sneak into this city without being detected,"

As Tempo finished her statement, she noticed a sudden shift in Silver's body language as Katto and Zoki followed.

"By the looks of things it appears we have some unwelcome guest," Katto then scanned the room with a smile.

"W-what do you mean by the unwelcome guest?" Tempo asked.

Silver merely sighed "Hey Tempo do you know any place safe where you could go?"

"...Uhh, this is the safest place in the entire city," Tempo replied.

"This is the best place...damn I guess it will have to do." Silver then smiled before cracking her neck.

"Well because this whole place is most likely surrounded, isn't that right, holy one?" With those words, a figure slowly started to creep out of the shadows

"Where we that easy to figure out?" a tall woman with long brown hair walked out. She was wearing a revealing golden and brown dress as her blue eyes scanned the four. She then snapped her fingers as columns of light appeared on the floor before combining into hollowed knights.

"Well, what do we have here? Sumato the designer showing up is a surprise..."

"Oh~ You know my name, I guess I should be happy," the woman chuckled as she took a step forward. The golden trims on her clothing turned into transparent wires as the empty shells moved from their positions.

Sumato looked over at Tempo who flinched at the woman's stare.

"What do we have here, I am rather sure I never got information of a native demon living in this world, Oh I do wonder if I would be able to take you with me once my mission is complete,"

"As if you could, I won't let you kill the Grand Priest or destroy the Church," Tempo's eyes narrowed as she took a step towards Sumato. However, before any action could be taken Hibana placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Get out of here Tempo...this isn't a place for you," Hibana's voice was stern as Tempo's eye twitched.

"Wha? I can do this, don't just dismiss me..."

Tempo frowned as Sumato chuckled.

"Well, if she's a weakling then she is completely worthless,"

The moment Sumato said that Tempo leaped into action. In a flash she made it to the other end of the room, knocking Sumato out off of her feet and ejecting her out of the chamber.

Tempo then hopped after her as Hibana groaned.

"Tempo wait!"

Hibana raised her hand as the knights crossed their spears preventing anyone from passing.

"It seems that we have to take care of them before we can pass," Katto sighed as he took out his knife as Hibana groaned.

"Damn it..."

As the dust cleared Tempo took a heavy sigh as she looked at her paw, it was covered in blood as she looked over to the rubble. Despite it only being a single hit she punched Sumato through two walls.

She looked back to the holes she created, "well if my monster friends are with them, then I'm sure the others will be fine..."

At that moment Tempo's ears twitched as the rubble that she knocked Sumato into started to move as the woman emerged. Her dressed was ruffled, and her arm was bent the wrong way, despite that she kept her elegance.

"Oh my, I did not expect that I know it is against the rules, but I'm going to push myself a bit more..." Sumato grabbed her arm before snapping it back into place.

Tempo's eye twitched as Sumato looked at her feet.

"Hmm, I am wearing heels...well, you'll need a handicap,"

Tempo mouth shifted as she dug her feet into her. At that moment she vanished, nearly traveling ten meters. Her palm was opened, preparing to take Sumato's head.

"Ah..." there was a hard blunt sound, Tempo's hand flinched as a fist connected with her face. She stumbled back as blood dripped from her nose.

"Oh~ your nose is bleeding pretty badly, I guess that happens considering it's a big target with you being a bunny and all,"

Tempo quickly wiped her nose as she grumbled. She then crouched her feet digging into the floor again, before she launched herself like a bullet.


Sumato's expression as she lifted her leg as she casually kicked Tempo in the stomach. The bunny girl jumped back holding her stomach. Sumato on the other hand just hummed to herself as her fingers moved unnaturally.

"I am not even a physical type, yet all it took was for me to get a bit serious and you can't even do anything...look, I have not even used my ability," Sumato lifted her finger as Tempo was slowly lifted off of the ground.

Tempo was yanked towards Sumato as the woman smiled before her hand connected with Tempo's face, knocking the bunny girl's head into the ground.

"Gah," Tempo didn't even have time to react as she was yanked once again as Sumato started to reel her fist back.

"…!" Tempo lifted her arms, blocking Sumato's blow. The force of the attack was enough to break the strings causing Tempo to fly back into a wall.

"Aww, the strings broke, I am going to have to reaply them now," Sumato twirled her fingers as wires appeared around her hand.

Tempo quickly scrambled to her feet as a sharp pain traveled through her arms. It felt like they were broken as she looked at Sumato who didn't have a scratch on her.

Tempo mind started to race; she only had a few seconds to think of a plan as she slowly took out her small spear causing Sumato to tilt her head.

"Do you honestly think that will make a difference?"

Tempo remained silent as she clutched her weapon, she pulled back her arm as flames slowly enveloped the spear. At that very moment, she dug her feet into the ground as she threw the spear with all her might.

Sumato sighed as she slowly bent backward as the spear passed by her, but there was something wrong.

"What?!" Sumato eye twitched as Tempo was already next to the woman. Somehow Tempo managed to match the speed of the weapon and catch, with the spear in hand Tempo threw it the spear once again. This time less than five meters away from Sumato.

Death that is what Sumato saw, the spear was aimed at her head.

In less than a second Sumato raised her hands as the spear pierced both of them. Locking them in place, the tip was only inches away from her face.

"Damn you..." Sumato dropped any facade as Tempo moved to make the finishing blow.

"I've got yo-"

Tempo body stiffened as she stopped. She looked down to see a giant lance through her shoulder. The top half of a knight had appeared out of thin air before collapsing away. The weapon was still stuck in her body as Sumato took a deep breath.

"That was rather close~" Sumato shifted her hands before snapped the spear in two, yanking out each part that was impaled on her hands.

She then looked at Tempo who was desperately trying to remove the spear from her body as Sumato sighed. She grabbed the lance and yanked it out of her body. Tempo then collapsed holding her arm as Sumato looked at the weapon.

"I can say that you impressed me, I learned a lot about your species from this. Sadly I can't let the fact that you harmed me so get to the others, they would not let me live it down," Sumato lifted the weapon aiming for Tempo's head.


Tempo closed her eyes waiting for the final impact, but it never came as she slowly opened her eyes. There was someone standing over her, holding the weapon back.

"P-Parce… no, Link?"

"So annoying, I was sleeping, and then a bunch of idiots started fighting," Link tightened his mask as Sumato eyes narrowed.

"Are you, the Grand Priest?"

Link sighed as he finally removed his mask, "I guess the mask is pointless at this point," he was a splitting image of Parce as Tempo tilted her head.

"I don't get..." her words started to trail off before she closed her eyes.

Link looked at her before sighing, "well at least she's still," Link's attention was now on Sumato who glared at him.

"Yes, yes, you match the description, you are my target!" She grinned as Link cracked his knuckles.

"If you think that, let me show you just how different I am from the Grand Priest!"