the Love of a Half Breed

Nicholas Doran

Church bells chimed while the midnight full moon soared over the snowy city of London, England on January 10, 1398. Even through the snow covered trees, the dim light of the moon became brighter in the darkest depths of the wooded edge of town. The usual tranquil forest was disrupted by the frantic cries of a woman. The shrill wailing could be followed to the castle. The fortress stood alone and solitary as to guard the serenity of the forest. Alas, it, alone, in the middle of the forest was thought to hold an abomination of horrid tradition.

It could be seen that a small bat skimmed up the wall of the slate gray ramparts. The tallest tower watched as the sky shifted. The fluttering creature flew mere inches away from the cold gray, stone wall. It made it's way to the open porthole for which the the laboring pains of a new mother tear through the undiluted silence. The sun-kissed beauty of the woman was hidden behind the hair that lay plastered to her face by perspiration.

As the pain from child birth started to grow insufferable to stand, her loving husband, Cearney Authur Doran, stood by watching as his wife feared for the child's life. Cearney was of the vampire high bloods, and his appearance was portrayed as such. His heritage was that of nobility, tracing back to the tartan colors of Ireland. At that moment, day break started to obliterate the innocence of color that covered the land. As it swept across the countryside, the light slowly began to peer from stone window. It was reminiscent of an intruder looking for yielding prey.

Plagued by the same fear his fading wife had flooded through his body, the only heir to the Doran blood line lay pray to the rays of the morning sun. Frantically, Cearney called for a maid. Swiftly, the young girl, around 30, made her way into the room. Softly, Cearney's deing wife whispered Nicholas.

"Are you sure my love?" Tempting him to move closer to where the light meet the shadows. With a finale nod, the last bit of life fled from her body. What was the cries of pain that filled the air were now cries of hunger from the lips of a new baby boy. Noticing the sun light now full hanging over his son, Cearney sighed in relief for the child was not bothered by the raise. Gently wrapping the child in a fresh blanket, the maid passed him to his father. "Nicholas Doran. My only child you will live a life in a world you may not understand or belong to, but do not worry little one i promise to protect you."

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