Ch.1: Caribbean Blue (by Enya)

With a sigh, Dante fell back against the mattress. The springs in the old thing squeaked a shrill screech at the additional weight that had been added. The mattress bobbed up and down, mimicking the waves of the ocean. Dante closed his eyes at the thought, wishing he was at such a place. He was far from accomplishing that feat, though. After all, he was currently in a hotel in Chicago, which felt seemingly like the farthest place possible from any ocean in any direction. The notion had Dante sighing again as he turned over, ignoring the tug at his chest from his messenger bag.

He should unpack it and put it somewhere for the duration of his stay, Dante realized, but he was far from feeling up to the job. The long plane ride through pouring rain and the cab drive to the hotel had sapped the man of any strength he might've had at eleven at night, leaving him standing on the very edge of consciousness, despite the thunderclaps booming from every direction and the bright flashes of lightning blazing through the windows. There were car horns in the distance, but they were merely whispers in Dante's ears, far away and barely creating a blimp on the man's internal radar.

The time slowly slipped by, and Dante fell further into sleep, which called to him like a mother calling to her beloved child. Thoughts of Chicago and work and meetings grew farther and farther away, fading into the distance like the red lights of a car on the horizon. Instead, they were replaced with the gentle sounds of waves spilling over a pale, sandy beach, and gulls calling forlornly high above his form. The soft wisps of a breeze brushed over Dante's flesh, tugging at his bronze-colored hair and tossing it all around. The fresh scent of salt tickled Dante's nostrils, and the sensation nudged Dante's lips into the barest hint of a smile. The man's eyelids fluttered for a moment before the dark orbs gently opened, seeing the world about him.

All there was Caribbean blue. In every direction, blue stretched on forever, a force to be reckoned with as it stood tall and proud above the earth. The only thing to even think of teasing the sky were the clouds, which drifted lazily in the wind and seemingly waved down at Dante as he soaked up the sunshine.

Below the man, soft vegetation made for great padding against Dante and the dirt, who could feel himself slowly sinking further into the soft bed. The blades of grass outlined Dante's form, tickling whatever bare flesh he had and allowing small insects to crawl along his frame. Usually, such pests would bother the businessman, but Dante couldn't bring himself to care about the tiny creepy-crawlies.

Slowly, Dante dug his elbows into the damp dirt and pushed himself up, broadening his view of the world he'd come to find himself in. His eyes did not disappoint him when he registered what he was looking at.

Waves crashed against the seashore, rushing against the sand as they desperately reached for the horizon, only to come short on their goal. The tide pulled the rebelling waves back, causing the waves to crash against another set of crests and disrupt their path. Just above the waterline, a pelican glided above the chaos, searching the crystal clear waters with dark eyes. Under the water's surface, schools of colorful fish swam back and forth, no clear distinction in their path as they weaved around and about. High in the sky with the clouds, silhouettes of gulls and ospreys streaked in all directions, sometimes congregating together in big clumps and other times flying solo.

At first, it seemed as if Dante was the only one around. There were no figures running along the length of the beach or swimming in the surf or lying in the grassy plain just beyond the seashore as he was. However, after looking for the tiniest bit longer, Dante's eyes found one more form dancing in the sand, splashing the waves as the salty waters pooled around their ankles.

The form was obviously female, if the curves along the figure's body were anything to go by. Long, blonde hair spilled out in all directions, flying in all directions as the woman twirled and twisted around. The skirt of a white dress flowed with the woman's smooth movements and pooled about her knees. Arms arced and lifted to the sky in a physical display of emotion of enthusiasm.

Dante watched the woman for a time, relaxing in his place among the grassy field, mesmerized by the fluid movements of the woman. She didn't seem to notice him for the longest time, enveloped completely in the dance she had started. If Dante listened hard enough, sometimes he thought he could hear a crisp voice singing on the wind, but it was indeterminable if it was the white-garbed dancer or the breeze playing tricks on the hypnotized man's mind.

However, after a time, the woman spun around, facing the direction of the man, practically glowing as she smiled at him. The sound of her crisp voice hit his ears, filling the man with the music of the seashore. In that moment, everything Dante knew, from something as vague as an equation he learned in school down to his very own name, vanished into the air, dissipating as smoothly as the sand on the beach. The man was nothing compared to the woman, and there was no reason in all of existence that her sparkling, amethyst eyes should rest upon the man's less-than-stellar form. But here the beauty was, gazing on the male's figure with a soft gaze and a blinding smile.

The blonde woman beckoned for the man to come to her with a gentle wave of her hand, her voice never wavering in her song. The bronze-haired male with the dark eyes instantly rose at the call, sweeping through the long blades of grass and stepping onto the pale sand of the seashore. The woman continued to beckon and sing, swaying back and forth to the beat as the wind played with her white skirts. Back and forth, the beauty bobbed in the wind as the man marched closer, his destination clear in mind.

As the man drew closer, he could make out the female's heart-shaped face and wide eyes, gleaming bright violet in the sparkling sunlight. The woman's nose was small in the center of her face, and thin, rosy lips moved to the verse of the song the woman sang. Except for the soft pink on her cheekbones, there was not a single blemish to be had on the woman's perfect, tan flesh. However, everything about the woman seemed to be completely flawless. Maybe it had to do with something about the Caribbean blue ocean.

The bronze-haired man's marching brought him closer and closer still to the swaying woman. However, as he grew just feet from her presence, the blonde beauty turned and began to stride away, skipping and dancing in the waves just as she had before. For a moment, the man's strides paused, but after the woman in white looked over her shoulder to question his hesitance, he began to follow the singing figure again, listening intently to her voice rise and fall through octaves as smoothly as she skipped and twirled.

For a long time, that's how it stayed. The woman remained just feet ahead of the man, never letting him catch up as she spun and danced and sang but never allowing for the male figure to slow or stop either. In their little line, the two forms wandered along the seashore. The clouds drifted above their heads and the breeze drifted with the two. The birds followed the humans at a distance, adding to the small, traveling caravan. The waves crashed into the shore, pooling about the two's feet before retreating again. It seemed as if all of creation wished to be with the pale-haired beauty. There was only one thing that remained unmoved and unwavering.

Tall and proud, the Caribbean blue of the sky watched, silent and remorseless.

Basically, this is just one of the fiction's of one-shots inspired by an author's playlists and such. One-shots will sometimes be inspired by the lyrics; oftentimes, though, it's the actual music part that spawns these whimsical worlds. It varies from song to song. I'm just here to have fun. Hopefully, some of you reading this will have just as fun. Probably not, though. XD My updating schedule is all over the place, so see you next time, whenever that is!