Farhan Khan is a former local football player from Dallas. Before retiring from his twenty years of successful career in 2013, he played for several leading sports clubs and left an ever lasting impression on the hearts of his local soccer fans. As a player, he won huge admiration from his fans as well as peers for not only his excellent skills, but also for his sportsmanship spirit and his 'never say die' attitude.

Presently, Farhan Khan works as a football coach at a sports club in Dallas. During one of his recent interviews, he expressed how much he enjoys his new role. Besides talking about his experience of coaching young students, he also talked about his plans to open a football academy. He said, "I have always enjoyed coaching students & seeing them improve. Opening a football academy is something that I wanted to do right from the time I started playing. However, with an active career, it wasn't easy to execute this plan. I think it's the right time now to implement this plan."

About Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan is a former local football player who presently works at a leading sports club in Dallas, Texas. He is highly admired by both his students and peers for his excellent knowledge and passion for football. In order to improve the overall game of his students, Farhan trains them in dribbling, heading, agility, passing, crossing, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, one-on-ones, one-touch, throw-ins, shooting, & many other soccer techniques.