although I'm not bored -

is this a board game?

and i've been bankrupted

or sent back to start?

it's funny -

I don't even know where to start.

how many times can I try to end it

(game over)

and be sent back to interact with the rest of the board?

my pawn can only take so much -

or should i take more? am i part of something bigger?

after all, i am a pawn in an unknown game.

I can go back to start or game over

but the cards control where I stay -

not me -

and who knows what they'll say?

They are the Unknown Someone - Someones - Something - Somethings.

lack of certainty is frustrating, but knowledge is scary.

it's time to face my actions

no matter how serious it is,

playing a game.

Pick A Card.