T/N: It's been a while, but I made a new story ^^

The bell on the door rung loudly, announcing Qued's entry into the half full café.

This was a terrible idea.

His hand fiddled with the zipper of his jacket as he scanned the room, locating the agreed-on table in the corner.

The light haired guy sitting there only briefly met his eyes though before once again focusing on his menu and Qued frowned, looking towards the nearby tables and the various other strangers present.

It'd been two weeks since his mother had talked to that other woman at her knitting club or whatever about their sons, and ever since she hadn't stopped pestering him before finally arranging this stupid roommate blind date or whatever.

"But you have so much in common! It's going to be great!"

If having stuff in common automatically made you best friends there ought to be a lot more friendly faces at the comic book store.

She should have at least had the foresight of showing him a picture.

A guy by the window with slicked back hair and a suit caught his attention, but getting another awkward glance from the corner guy with un-kept hair and a t shirt he immediately went for the safer bet, despite how he was then quickly ignored as he got closer.

"Are you Delon?"

"Oh! Um, yes." The half full glass of water on his table rattled as he stood up, reaching out his hand.

"Qued." Qued replied, shaking the hand to find it was just as warm and sweaty as it looked. "You could have waved or something, you know." He sat down in the opposing chair, wiping his hand on his pants.

The blonde sat down as well with the same graceless nature he'd gotten up, giving the table a bothered look.

"…I d-didn't know for sure it was you."

"It's the right time and place so I don't get how that's so hard to understand."

The other opened his mouth as if to say something but closed it again, only nodding.

His rounded features fell into what was probably his standard pitiful expression, and Qued frowned, leaning his elbow on the table as he too looked at the menu.

This is exactly why being geeks doesn't automatically make you friends.

"Can I get you anything?" The waitress suddenly chirped, catching their attention and cracking the tense bubble around them.

The silence stretched out a moment too long as neither of them answered her questioning look.

"Coffee." Qued muttered then. "Espresso or whatever."

Delon hesitated, turning the menu a couple of times. "Uh, tea please?"

"All right. What kind of tea do you want?"

The blonde gaped at her before frantically searching the leaflet in his hand. Qued shifted in his chair, looking the other way as the waitress offered her help.

"We've got black, green, strawberry-"

"Maybe… green?" Delon tried as if guessing some sort of quiz.

"One espresso and one green tea coming right up." The girl said with a polite smile, slight humor in her tone that only worsened the new pink shade of Delon's face.

His awkwardness was so ingrained it seemed to emanate from his very pores.

"So what do you like?" Qued asked before it could settle, gaining him another hesitant glance. "Interests, I mean."

"Oh… I don't know… anime, manga… drawing… and stuff."

Qued let out a sigh, correcting his glasses. "You're wapanese?"

"Wha- No!" There was finally some finality in the guy's voice, and Qued rolled his eyes.

"So if you could choose between an Asian girl and a white one, which would you pick?"

Delon faltered, hesitating again.

"Yeah, wapanese." Qued snorted before he could answer.

The other merely frowned at the table, and Qued clenched his jaw, looking the other way as their drinks arrived.

He tried a sip of his coffee, burning his big mouth before putting it down, and Delon started fuzzing with his tea, pouring a cup from the small kettle he'd gotten with it.

"I like comics. Like marvel and DC." Qued continued. "And sometimes gaming and books… and also movies I guess."

The other nodded, a forced thug at his lips while still stirring his tea.

"Your parents also want you to move out?"

"…Yeah." Delon answered, eyes on his tea, shoulders slumped.

Qued nodded, fiddling with the handle of his cup. At least they had that much in common, even if nothing else.

Beggars can't be choosers.

"Do you smoke?"

The other shook his head.

"Drink or party?"

Another headshake.


Sipping at his tea, Delon choked. His face quickly pinked again as he shook his head, coughing loudly.

"Okay. Me neither." Qued replied with a snort once he'd calmed, trying his coffee again. "No chance of waking up to strange noises then."

Delon's mouth-tug was a bit less forced at that, daring a glance at Qued. "I guess."

Qued nodded.

The bell rang again in the silence that followed, announcing another customer, and he cleared his throat.

"My mom is kind of threatening to disown me so I'm at least up for trying the roommate thing… If you want."

Delon paused again, eyes shifting between his cup and Qued.

"Okay." He said then, voice faint and shoulders all tense.

"Okay." Qued drank more of his coffee, looking the other way. "Great."