It turned out Lora had argued with her boyfriend (who she barely mentioned before but apparently even lived with) and then left without bringing her phone and wallet, causing her to seek out her brother.

Delon stood in the bathroom, brushing his teeth while listening as she told her story in the living room. Qued could also be heard occasionally commenting at her words.

The inside of Delon's head felt a lot clearer after her arrival, even though the surroundings still seemed a bit blurry at the edges. His reflection looked back at him from the mirror, showing off the beginning double chin beneath his jaw and the always dirty-looking blonde hair he had gone too long without cutting. His eyes had bags, and his chest looked flabby even through the boring sweater he was wearing.

Spitting into the sink, he dropped the toothbrush back into its glass, and turned on the water to wash his face. Some thoughts are better kept at the back of one's mind for people like him.

He probably shouldn't be drinking either, with the state of mind he had been in lately. His face felt weirdly numb as he patted it dry, and he resisted looking at his reflection again as he hung the towel back on the wall. He wandered out just as Qued returned from his room carrying some bottle, and their eyes briefly met before his roommate continued towards the couch.

"You're going to bed?" Lora asked, wiping at her nose with a tissue.

"Uh. Yeah." Delon softly replied, shifting his hands a bit. "Kind of tired."

"Want to join us for a drink first?" She said with a slight smile as her brother sat down beside her.

"Leave him the fuck alone." Qued snapped, firmly putting the bottle down on the table. "I already said I'd drink with you, isn't that enough?"

He didn't even look in Delon's direction, though Lora pouted dramatically at him. Delon sent her some kind of smile in return before he continued to his room and closed the door.

He silently cursed himself in the darkness, tossing off his clothes. Their voices were still audible from the other room as he climbed into bed, but it didn't take long before he dozed off into sleep.



"Huh?" He woke later at the sound of his roommate's voice, and squinted against the light from the doorway at the figure leaning heavily against the frame.

"Hey. Can I sleep here?" Qued asked, slurring so much the sentence almost sounded like one long word. "That bitch took my room and the couch's… too small."

Delon blinked repeatedly, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Uh. Okay." He then said, shuffling over towards one side of the bed.

"Okay." Qued replied in return, and darkness once again engulfed the room as he walked inside, closing the door behind him.

Blinded by the light, Delon could only hear the muttered curses as the other stumbled towards him before making out his figure by the bed.

"Move over. I'll probably puke later."

"Uh." Delon replied again, moving further as the other sat down and started undressing.

Taking off his shirt, pants and glasses with only slight difficulty, he then lay beside him with a sigh. The bed was only barely big enough for them both to fit without touching.

"Are you all right?" Delon couldn't help but ask.

"Mh. Fine." Qued replied. His outline was facing the ceiling in the faint light from the curtained window, breaths coming out heavier than usual.

Delon shifted slightly by the wall, trying not to be creepy while looking.

"Maybe you should sleep on your side if you think you're going to puke?" He still asked.

The other only grunted, seeming about to fall asleep, and he frowned a bit before lightly pushing at his shoulder, trying to make him lie on his side facing the other way. Qued was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers, letting him touch the skin on his upper arm before he pushed away his hand.

He did start moving though, but the opposite way than what Delon had intended. The blonde blinked as dark eyes suddenly watched him from less than an arm's length away. The other stayed quiet though.

"Sure you're okay?" Delon asked.

Qued let out a snort in reply.

"You're the only one who asks me that." He muttered, reaching out to lightly pinch the other guy's cheek. "Always so fucking nice and caring."

Delon stared at the touch, trying to come up with some kind of response as the fingers remained by his chin.

"You've got stubbles." Qued mused before he could say anything, gently touching his skin.

"Oh, uh, I didn't shave before we left." Delon replied, reaching up to feel the sparse pale growth on his face between the other's fingers. He'd long since given up on ever growing some massive beard.

The brunette's hand fell away at his touch, and Delon resisted grabbing it. Reaching out instead he felt the other's cheek in return.

"You have them too." He commented, allowing himself a brief caress.

"I know." Qued muttered as his touch continued along the line of his jaw, tilting his head ever so slightly when he got to his neck. Feeling the border between stubble and smoother skin Delon kept going as if in some kind of trance before Qued grabbed his hand, and he quickly withdrew it.

The apology was immediately ready on his lips but difficult to utter, and so the silence stretched out in the darkness.

Delon could definitely still feel the alcohol in his system, though he was clearly not as drunk as Qued who after a long moment slowly rose up on his elbow.

Watching him move and realizing what he was doing Delon probably should have stopped him. He just lay there staring though as the brunette leaned over, feeling the touch of his lips as he kissed him.

The contact was slow and careful, and Delon closed his eyes for a moment. The shivers running down his spine and the response of his lower body made it very difficult to gently push him away.

"What?" Qued grumbled as he finally did, still awfully close but only making him more certain.

"Maybe you should get some sleep." Delon said, kind of wishing he was still as drunk as he had been earlier.

"You're the one saying you wanted to fuck me all of a sudden." The brunette commented, returning to his own side of the bed. The tone of his voice was lacking some of the intended sharpness though. Delon frowned, pulling a bit at the duvet they were sharing.

"Sure you wouldn't mind in the morning?" He asked.

Qued sighed.

"I'm not that drunk." He grumbled, still struggling with his words.

Delon picked at the bedsheets for another moment, choosing not to argue on that point.

"Well your sister's sleeping next door." He continued instead.

His roommate's face scrunched up at the other side of the bed, before he rubbed his eyes with another sigh.

Delon tryingly reached out to needlessly push a lock of hair away from his face. The other's eyes opened to throw him a look, before he closed them again with a frown.

Shifting by the wall, Delon kept watching for a while as the other's breathing evened out before he too closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

He woke again a while later as the other's body quickly moved away. The light from the window was a pale morning gray and Delon realized he must have been hugging Qued in his sleep again as the tall man hurriedly stomped out of the room.

Blinking away the haze of sleep and confusion, his limbs still felt like lead in the silence that followed. He frowned, moving back to his own side of the bed when retching could be heard from the bathroom.

Delon winced, but relaxed a bit at the sound. Deciding to stay where he was it still took a while before he managed falling asleep again though, and Qued still hadn't returned by the time he did.