Farhan Khan is an ex-professional soccer player who has played for many local soccer clubs in Dallas. His success story began in 1990 when he made three consecutive goals in his debut match. Followed by this were many stellar performances that made him a star player of his time. Those who have seen him play still can't stop praising his astonishing balance and agility that he showed on the court.

During an interview to a leading daily, Farhan Khan talked about his soccer success, his second innings as a coach, and more. "Like any other kid in the country, I grew up playing soccer & dreamt of making it professional one day. My parents knew what I wanted to do in life and always supported me. I still remember how I spent endless hours at practice sessions, hoping of one day being called up for the big leagues. The wait was over when I got the chance to play for one of the most popular soccer clubs in Dallas. It was a dream come true." told Farhan to the interviewer. The rest, as we know, is history.

About Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan is a former local football player who presently works at a leading sports club in Dallas, Texas. He is highly admired by both his students and peers for his excellent knowledge and passion for football. In order to improve the overall game of his students, Farhan trains them in dribbling, heading, agility, passing, crossing, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, one-on-ones, one-touch, throw-ins, shooting, & many other soccer techniques.