This belongs to me.

"How was your weekend?" Pricilla asked me as I stepped into the room. She was standing by the sink, a bowl of ice cream in her hands.

She was an average height girl that reminded me of the reeds blowing in the wind. Every time she moved it was like she was dancing, her body swaying in the motion of the wind. Any time she walked towards a person it was with the same effortlessness of a leaf floating in the wind, her long brown hair floating behind her.

We'd been friends for about half a year now, although roommates for over a year. We came together through a mutual friend, both of us needing a roommate and looking in the same price range. Nothing had gone wrong, we'd both been going to school and our schedules didn't mix up. Having both roomed with other people we set up a chore wheel, I'd felt slight apprehension but she did her week and I did mine. Pricilla and I were somewhere between acquaintances and friends and it seemed to work for us both.

I smiled thinking back to my weekend with Rick, the man I'd met a month ago. "It was really good." I said, leaning against the counter.

"What did you guys do?" Priscilla's eyes shined with greed as they waited for me to divulge.

My grin widened feeling the giddy pride I'd felt all weekend. "He took me on his yacht." I said slowly, with careful pronunciation, the words dropping into the air and waiting to be gobbled up. I wasn't disappointed.

"Ugh. Oh my god, I'm so jealous!" She pushed off against the counter, leaning over the other side so she was facing me, elbows on the table, bowl still resting in her palms.

I bit my lip, as I nodded my head up and down in excitement. "It was freaking amazing." I did a spin. "There were three rooms downstairs and staff on hand all the time. A guy at the bar 24/7. I felt so spoiled."

"Ugh." Pricilla repeated, taking a bite out of her ice cream. "Lucky bitch. When will you see him again?"

I shrugged, wandering towards the fridge and pulling out an apple. "I probably won't."

"Why not?" She furrowed her brows at me.

"I'm pretty sure he lied to me the entire weekend." I took a bite of my apple.

"Aw. Why?" She stood up from her crouched position, her voice calming towards the same pitch as mine.
"I don't know. I have no proof, honestly. But just things didn't sound right or always mixed up. Or he just switched the topic to me. He's been doing it for a bit now and I finally pinned it down."

"It's always the pretty ones." Pricilla said with a shake of her head. Turning she placed her now empty bowl in the sink. "I have to get going to work. I'll see you later."

"Bye," I respond around a mouthful of apple. It's a Sunday and while I work a office job at school, Pricilla works as a waitress at one of the chain restaurants down at the mall.

"You need to tell me more about the yacht when you get back! I want to see pictures." Pricilla said before closing the door after hearing my affirmative response.

My phone beeped signaling a message.

Had a great time this weekend.

I frowned, finger hovering over the button. Hitting the button to make the screen go dark I sighed. I'd think about what to do later. Knowing myself I was going to take the easiest route and not respond. He'd made it clear this wasn't serious anyways so maybe after a few times not responding I'd be off the hook.

It had been a magical weekend. Once I got over the awkwardness of having my every need met I'd really gotten to enjoy it. Not that my stomach didn't twist up in discomfort each time dinner came around and the wait stuff hovered a little too close for my liking. I got it was fine dining but I did not need that much help to eat my meal.

It would be one for the story books. I'd never seen anything so rich or extravagant before my time with Rick but I needed to keep my head on my shoulders. We were at way different points in our life. Plus, he was the richest man I'd ever met.

I'd entered into a romance novel and was ready to find my own exit. Prince Charming can find me later. Like a few years later.

I'm going to leave this as a one shot for now. I actually like the ending, although I know as a reader I'd hate it and I didn't write this with the intention of it being a one shot. Right now I'm just trying to write anything because I want to practice my writing and hopefully sound more mature then my previous works. I have a few possible directions I want to take this but don't know if I ever will continue so for now it's complete! I hope you do enjoy it. Leave a review on what you think about the story, but also my writing style, if it worked or not.