The Eyes Stare

The Eyes Stare is a very peculiar picture. Unlike most allegedly haunted images, this one is different in that it isn't a painting or that old in the first place. Dates vary as to when the picture was taken, but they tend to be around the early 2000s.

So what is this picture? It's a pretty harmless picture of a young boy holding a baby girl. The boy has chubby cheeks and gapped teeth. His warm eyes and cheeky smile are the things that make him a pleasant site. It's the baby girl who's the source of all the stories.

The baby girl has a look of confusion, which probably leads anyone to believe that she's simply confused about the scenario. But there's something about her eyes that make people squirm. They're lifeless and wide. You can actually see the cameraman in her eyes if you look closely enough. People who look deep into her eyes are said to experience a feeling of being followed shortly after.

It's said that going to sleep after looking into her eyes will cause dreams of her staring at you, her eyes growing wider with every passing hour.

These sorts of stories have led to the picture being passed around. It's not a small picture at all either. This picture is framed and is of a high quality. People only purchase it to test the stories. It's not known who the children in the picture are. Attempts have been made to try and track them down. None of them have been linked to anybody.

Whoever comes across this picture will have a very unpleasant surprise.