Beginnings: Return of the oh so sexy drAMA

[Scene: The entrance to the Learnhouse. Drama is in front of it, pointing the camera toward himself]

3 solid minutes of drama just reading from the Bee Movie script, the scene cuts off entirely and moves on to something actually relevant to the plot

[Scene: Inside the Learnhouse, just past the entrance. Drama came here looking to reunite with his old friends, and Art.]

Drama: It is I, the oh so sexy Drama.

Drama strikes a pose

Drama: I have returned to see my dear friends, that is, if any are still around. Which I doubt, since most of them left after the *incident* (cheesy dramatic music plays)

Drama looks around and finds that he is the only person in the Learnhouse, for now

Drama: Alas, I was truly hoping that I would be able to see my friends, Music, Dance, and of course… Art.

Before Drama launches into a whole fucking shakespearian style ode/ballad about feelings and such, Math bursts through a window holding a shitty 2004 digital camera.

Math: I am here! I am here! (Holding out hand for a handshake) Hey Drama, it's uh, been a while. Like a year and a half kind of while.

Drama: ah, well, you know. Was busy out winning all those Oscars…

Math: You certainly do look more disappointed in the world.

Drama: the, uh, road of fame sure is hard one. Certainly a lonely one as well...

Math: I mean I wouldn't know because I'm like the exact opposite of famous nowadays.

Drama: What do you mean? Come one, the people must be going crazy over you still!

Math: Not really, the Learnhouse is like DownStory in a way. Remember that?

Drama: Sort of? That was a weird little show.

Math: It was a game.

Drama:Oh, sorry, game. Comment still stands though.

Drama: But, you know, um, speaking of the people, what happened to everybody?

Math: After that whole incident, everyone just sort of… split up. Not sure why no one else came here.

LA: Apologies for my tardiness. It took a while to find my way here.

Drama and Math look to the side to see…

Math: Who are you?

LA: Oh, that's such a sorry thing to hear. You've already forgotten your sisters-in-arms?

LA defuses into Reading and Writing.

Math: I… What the shit was that?

Writing: That was a fusion of the two of us that we like to call, LA, which is short for…

They both do jazz hands.

Reading and Writing: Language Arts!

Math: I… Drama did you know about this?

Drama: What can i say? People trust me with their secrets.

Math: I don't know what to say.

Reading: We discovered fusion like 2 days after we all left the Learnhouse. Apparently everyone who was in the Learnhouse can do it.

Math: What.

Drama: *breaks that ridiculous actor voice he uses all the time* well damn now i really gotta go find my girl

Math: tfw no gf

Reading and Writing re-fuse.

LA: Mr. Mathematics. Please leave this vicinity if you plan to continue with that meme shit.

Math: Okay, okay.

LA: It's just like old times, isn't it.

Math: Yeah, I guess it is. (Raising voice) It would be such a shame if someone else from the Learnhouse came in.

A person flies in and falls on the ground from the window that Math previously broke

Art: jfc why wasn't there glass there?

Math: How did you get in there? Into my room?

Art: That's not important, buddy.

Art: What is important though… is that IM BACK BITCHES

LA: There's only one bitch in this room.

Art: well hello and fuck you too, pal.

LA: Apologies, little one, but you're not exactly on my level. You won't win this 2v1 any time soon.

Art: I wouldn't exactly call it a 2v1, buddy. I mean, Drama is here, after all.

LA: Are you fused in an eternal embodiment of meaningful conversation? Are you fully in sync with each other? Are you connected, truly?

Art: You know there are shorter ways of asking me if i'm fucking Drama, right?

LA: My point is that adding Drama makes this no more than a 2v1.5.

Art and Drama: Excuse me?!

Drama: Did you really just say I'm only half of a person?

LA: I'm saying your bonds aren't great enough for you to really put your whole self into this 2v1.4.

Drama: Stop lowering my worth as a human!

LA: Start being a better human.

Art punches LA in the fucking throat

LA defuses.

Reading: Oh my god, I'm sorry, I am so sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Writing: Fusion really changes you.

Math: This would be a good time for someone to come in as comic relief.

English (from a distance): So this is what a family reunion looks like.

Math: Oh shit, it's English.

English: I came here to kick ass and tell jokes.

English: And I'm all outta jokes.

Art: Well damn, those were some shitty jokes

Drama: you know, they say a comedian's material reflects their life

English: See, you guys? These two know how to have a good time. Come on, let's get to the meme party already. I ordered 70,000 bees to come here so you'd best get ready.

[New Scene: Reading's old library. Everyone's having a good time, cracking jokes, joking crack.]

Everybody has visibly red eyes

Drama: you know, one time i had sex during a macklemore concert

Math: Who hasn't?

Reading, the only one with normal-colored eyes: You know, I am just so glad that all of us are here, in one place, finally being friends. I think we should take some time to appreciate that.

Art: ,the one with especially red eyes i think we should all take the time to appreciate WRITING'S ASS

Writing: Hey, you and Drama should totally fuse, it feels so damn good.

Reading: No please don't do that it's not a good idea to do that while high

Writing: Fuse! Fuse! Fuse! Fuse!

English chants with Writing.

Reading: English you're not helping.

Math joins in.

Drama: well, damn, it's like St Petersburg all over again.

Art: I guess that means we gotta, huh?

Drama: I guess it does

Drama: so, guys, how does this all work exactly?

Writing: You gotta feel it, you gotta feel each other.

Art: In public? Shit, that's kinky.

Art: lets do it

Writing: How do you feel?

Art: idk, like, dazed and kinda horny, man

Writing: No, I mean like, what do you feel with? How do you feel the vibes of another person?

Art: idk man, hands?

Writing: I feel with my feet, my tiptoed feet are like hyper-astute.

Writing: Drama, what about you, what do you feel with?

Drama: my knees, buddy.

Writing: Ooh, nice. Now, sit in front of each other, looking into each other's eyes.

They do the thing

Writing: Art, put your hands on Drama's knees.

She do the thing

Writing: How do you feel?

Art: still high, still horny.

Writing: Can you feel Drama's sensation?

Art: i guess? Yeah

Writing: Nah, you're not feeling enough, you need to get to that point where you converse without moving at all.

Some staring n stuff happens

Drama: shit, man, i think we got it

Writing: Perfect, beautiful, brilliant. Now, you just need to fuse.

Drama and Art begin glowing

Writing: Perfect, perfect…

English looks behind.

English: Shit.

Reading: What?

English: I can hear them, they're here.

Reading: Who?

English: 70,000 bees.