Episode 1: The Release

[Scene: Reading's office. Seriously, that place is a library.] [Reading and Science are having a chat. Reading is a bit less talkative than Science.] [History runs in]

History: Reading! Science's office… *pant* They've been let loose!

Reading: What's been let loose?

Science: Oh god 19 times (You don't actually have to say every one of these)

Reading: *scared* What is it? What's been let loose?

Science: *grimdark voice* The butterflies.

Reading: Ooh, butterflies. I haven't seen one of those in a while.

Science: You don't understand. The butterflies that I was keeping were… The fascist butterflies.


Reading: They're just butterflies, what's the worst that could happen?

History: You do know what "fascist" means, correct?

Reading: Of course I do.

Science: Well, then you know why we're so worried.

Reading: But… That's just a name. Like, the monarch butterflies aren't ruling us.

Science: They are the rulers of the butterflies. Why do you think we called them that?

Reading: I dunno. It's just a name.

Science: History, were all the butterflies released? Even… THAT one?

History: Yes, even that one.

Science: So what do we do now?

Reading: They're your butterflies!

Science: Yes, I was observing them! One of my fan letters ended up having this as a package! I was told to observe the actions of the fascist butterflies!

[From slightly far away, Art can be heard shouting.]

Art: Begone, foul beasts!

Reading: Is she swatting them?

History: I think she's punching them.

Science: No! The fan letter told me these were the last of its kind! ART! *starts running*

[The three arrive at Art's location. Art can be seen punching at butterflies and Music is hiding in the corner]

Art: What the heck are these things?!

Science: They're fascist butterflies. What have they done so far?

Music: One of them flew right at me, and just kept ramming into me.

Art: It seems like there's one butterfly commanding the rest of them. These are yours, Science.

Science: *nervous laugh* Yeah, they are.

Art: I swear to God, I will kill you after this is over.

Science: Why not right now?

Art: Because you're the only one who can save us. Aren't you?

Music: No! Call an exterminator! Kill them! Kill them!

Science: No! They're the last of their kind! I got them in a fan letter, I was told to observe them and breed them.

Art: Breed them? You mean there's going to be more of these things, and it will be easier for them to escape next time?
Science: I suppose so.

Art: No. That is not happening. Get rid of these things, or I'll kill you.

Science: You said you'll kill me after this is over.

Art: Exactly. You're going to die either way. So, do you want to die a hero, or die a zero?

[Awkward silence. Art throws another punch.]

Science: If you're trying to kill them, then I don't think you should punch them-

Art: Shut up and save us!

[New Scene: Science's office] [Science enters, and finds another butterfly.]

Science: Oh, it's you.

Butterfly: *keeps flapping*

Science: I could kill you right now. Just you. But then the others would be angrier than ever.

Science: I could contain all of you again, this time with an electric fence. But then my friends would never forgive me for letting you live. But, you are the last of your kind. So, basically, I can either end a species, or have all of the Learnhouse killed by butterflies.

Butterfly: *keeps flapping*

Science: Well, you're not exactly a good species. Yet you are an intelligent species. Oh, but the more intelligent you are, the worse you get. You are, truly, evil.

Butterfly: *stops flapping*

Science: Well then, let's get down to business. *takes out tennis racket* This is no tennis racket. This is the perfect killer of little devils like you. The strings are electrical. I could kill you right now, and the rest of the butterflies. But I won't. Why? Because you are going to fly away. Just like that, you'll leave, knowing what's in store. Knowing that I have more than one of these racket things.

[Science stands still and continues to stare at the butterfly, while art can be seen approaching from behind]

Art: Take that! *punches the butterfly*

[The butterfly dies, but sends one last signal to the rest of the butterflies. They leave. For now.]

Science: That was pretty cool, Art. Good teamwork- High five! *sticks out arm*

Art: Don't touch me. At all. If we are going to touch each other, it will be when I end your life.

Science: Why do you hate me so much, anyway?

Art: You wouldn't understand.

Art: You stupid, stupid thing.

Art: You backstabbing liar of a person.

[Art looks away and runs out of the room.]

[New Scene: Unknown]

?1: How about that. Vague character development. Just what we've been hoping for.

?2: Not of this kind. Everyone else knows what Art is talking about. Not Science.

?3: Hmm...

?2: Science and Art now probably have shippers. Perhaps we'll vote one off? That'll increase the view rate.

?3: You just really want to vote some one off, don't you?

?4: You could bring me back

?1:And just who are you?

?4: Oh. You must be new here.

[End Script]