Episode 4: The Revelation

[New Scene: Main Hall] [Math is just sort of hanging around doing his own thing, when suddenly Reading comes in, looking hyper.]

Reading: Hey Math! What's going on with you!?

Math: Nothing much. Just-

Reading: Come with me!

[Reading grabs on to Math's arm and runs somewhere] [Math is just barely keeping up.]

Math: Hey! Where are we going!

[5 minutes later, Reading and math are exhausted.]

Math: So why did you do that? Where are we? What did you want me to see?

Reading: *Finally calmed down* Um… I don't know really. I just got really excited all of a sudden.

Math: So you just bruised my arm and gave me some of the hardest exercise of my life, without any idea where we were going?

Reading: Yeah, I guess so.

[They are now back in the Main Hall. Reading, why would you…] [Science walks in, holding 2 cups of sexy coffee.]

Science: Hey, what's going on?

Reading: *sexily Falls down on the floor*

Science: You look like you're dying. Here. Have some coffee.

Reading: Thanks. *sexily drinks it* *gets up and starts running again*

Math: What did you put in there?

Science: Cyanide.

Math: *Shaking Science* Why would you do that?

Science: Just kidding.


Science: I put arsenic in there.

Math: *Shaking harder* WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?


Math: [Looking extremely angry and sexy]

Science: What is coffee known for?

Math: Sugar?

Science: CORRECT!

Math: Oh dear gods.

Science: Yeah… Caffeine and sugar… Isn't that just the best combination?

[New Scene: Dance's Office]

Dance: Well, hello. I am Dance. I am a Gamma here, and I am... friends… with Drama, Art, and Music. I don't really associate with anyone else, they treat me like I was treated back before I- WHAT THE?

[Reading had just ran by. The sound of a crash is then heard.]

Dance: Was that just… Reading?

Cameraman: I think so.

Dance: Should I go to see if she's okay?

Cameraman: Do you think you should?

Math: *sexily running across the hall* Reading! Are you okay?

Dance: Nah, Math has got it covered.

Science: *sexily walking across the hall* Math, this was just to show you what we should do if we ever need her for something…

Math: No. When you need someone for something, you do not just keep giving them coffee until they comply. Do you want her to change who she is? Is her introversion a problem to you?

Science: No, actually. I didn't want to do this. History di-

Reading: HISTORY!? *starts running again*

Math: No, don't keep running, you're bleeding!

[New Scene: History's office]

Cameraman: So, uh, how did you hurt your leg?

History: Long story, Reading kicked me.

Cameraman: Um… Okay? Anyway, tell me a bit about yourself.

History: Didn't we do this already? All right… I am a beta here, I'm friends with no one, really, save the Gamma. And the staff. I'm still wondering where Courtney is, by the way.

Cameraman: Don't talk to me about Courtney. I have had to deal with Science for the past few days, okay?

[New Scene: History's office, a couple minutes later.] [Reading had just sexily walked in.]

History: Oh, Reading! Good to see someone come to my abode once in a while! So, what's the news?

Reading: I heard that you asked Science for a little "favor."

History: I suspected.

Reading: But why?

History: You know, Reading, you have that sort of vibe to you… Like you can be trusted…

Reading: That gives you no reason to-

History: I was just teasing, that's all. You remind me a bit of one of those "good luck charms" that a war general might have.

Reading: That metaphor was completely out of nowhere.

History: The point is that I find you… Charming, in a way.

Reading: ...No.

History: What?

Reading: No. Just… No. This is not happening to me. This is just another reason I didn't want to be in the Learnhouse; Every single interaction becomes just like in some stupid… I don't know…

History: I understand. You know that we're being watched, and you keep thinking that you're just a character to them. But, you know what? Why do you care who judges you?

Reading: Isn't that obvious?

History: You go on tumblr, don't you? You must of gotten a bit of anon hate.

Reading: Yes, I have.

History: So you know what they all say about anonymous, and all that.

Reading: Kind of…

History: It's really simple. Ignore the anonymous hate, accept the anonymous like. People are more ashamed to say "I hate this" than "I like this".

Reading: I'll remember that…


Reading: Hey, when I, uh, kicked you… That was just me on caffeine and sugar.

History: I know. *scratches head

Reading: It's not like I usually want to hurt you, ju-

History: I get it, I get it.


History: But, you know, I wouldn't have been surprised if you meant that.

[History laughs.]

History: You know, that cameraman only knows what he sees. He's forced to not watch the Learnhouse, because he needs to interview all of us. There's no point in having an omniscient interviewer.

Reading: Yeah, but everyone else knows… The Alphas get to see everything. They'll show it to the Beta, then the Gamma…

History: I don't think so. The Alpha can watch everything, but they don't have to. Even if they do, they probably won't show the others. They honestly aren't as bad as Art thinks they are.

[New Scene: Science's Office]

History: Hey, Science? May I please ask a favor of you?

Science: Sure. Ask away.

History: You know what happened… After you gave her the coffee… Right?

Science: Yeah, I've got all the video right here. *points to a sexy box behind them*

History: So you know what Reading did?

Science: Yeah, she physically assaulted you.. What, do you want me to spread the word?

History: No! I want you to keep quiet about it!

Science: Sure. Nobody will know… Until next season. Then the Beta might know

History: Why?

Science: Apparently, those who have been here for 3 seasons or more has access to all the video taken before. They could find out.

History: I… didn't know that.

Science: The good news is, by then a whole season will have gone by, so it'll just be in the past.

History: Yeah…