Episode 7: The Argument

[Scene: Main Hall] [At that point after lunch, there's basically a figgin recess going on in the Hall.] [History can be seen in a corner, leaning on a wall.]

[Note: Anything in parentheses is in German.]

History: (this is always happening to me. and I thought that gamma were my friends. )

[Drama picks up on this German speaking, and replies.]

Drama: (It's okay. Everyone feels so at one point.)

History: (Whoa. You speak German?)

Drama: (My accent is not for the show)

History: (To be honest, it sounded like an Australian-Irish try to fake a German-Hungarian accent)

[Art hears the foreign conversation, and interrupts]

Art: Hey, Drama.

Art: History.

Art: What are you two doing?

Drama: (Bonding with friends)

History: Bonding amongst friends.

Art: Alright, cool

[Art starts to walk away]

Drama: Hey, look this way ...!

Art: * turns around * Yeah?

Drama: (will you go out with me?)

Art: What?

Drama: (will you go out with me?)

Art: Yeah, sure, whatever * leaves *

Drama: * Turns to History, smiling * (Well, that's how you play the game! You should try!)

[Writing and Reading can be seen chatting, awkwardly.]

Art: Oh, hey, you two.

Reading: Hey, Art.

Writing: Hi.

Reading: Have you two met? No? This is my sister, Writing. She's amazing. Perfect.

Writing: Uh. Hi. I'm Writing. Disregard the "amazing" and "perfect" stuff.

Art: Come on, you shouldn't put yourself down like that. I take it a lot of people have a high opinion of you.

Writing: I-

Reading: Ooohh, yes. Everyone pre-Learnhouse thought she was perfect!

Writing: Well, I'm sure that there are others "better" than me…


[In the distance, History can be heard shouting:]




Drama: (What were we talking about?)

History: (Not now, Drama. Everybody's listening now.)

Drama: (Oh, WAIT, I remember. It was about READING.)

History: (Let's not... dwell on the past...)

Drama: (Perhaps I should tell her about YOUR FEELINGS FOR HER.)

History: *starts laughing*

History: You just tried to humiliate me, but you used the wrong language!

Drama: (Ugh. Of course.)

Reading: Uuhhh, what were the two of you... talking about?

History: It's nothing important.

Reading: No, you brought up my name. This is important to me.

Math: *whispers to Science* Should I help him out?

Science: *whispers to Math* Nah. It'll be worse if you do.

History: (Drama, you got me into this. Help me, or I'll tell Art what you really said.)

Art: I heard my name.

Science: *still whispering* Although, we'll reduce viewer loss if we keep them in suspense.

History: ...

Drama: (Don't you dare.)

History: (Will you help me out?)

Drama: (Fine.)

Drama: Well, uh, you see, in German, "Raeding" is the word for School.

History: (I hope they don't believe this.)

Drama: (Shut up, this is the only thing I could think of!)

Reading: Really.

Drama: Yes. But, now that I'm in the Learnhouse, I use this word very loosely. I use the word "Raeding" to refer to the Learnhouse.

Reading: Why do I believe you?

Drama: Because it's true.

Reading: Fine, have it be that way.

[New Scene: Writing's Office]

Writing: Oh, hey. Who are you?

Cameraman: I'm the cameraman. I'm doing introductions.

Writing: Oh, cool. That's great. I love the part where you decide to do mine week s after the season has begun.

Cameraman: Just tell the audience about yourself.

Writing: My name is Writing.

Cameraman: Do you people have any last names?

Writing: Yes, we do.

Cameraman: And would you mind telling us your last name?


Writing: I am Reading's sister. We've been there for each other for a long while. I was always working at my desk, and she was the one who knocked on the door, entered the room anyway, then asked me if I want to build a snowman.

Cameraman: Sounds almost like a trope to me.

Writing: Perhaps it does, but it's reality. Occasionally I would finish a great work, and I will make Reading read it.


[Writing looks startled.]

PA: Yo-you can continue this for now, I would like to begin a new one, alongside this one.

PA: Id-Idea: Reading petitions to get Lunch voted off.