The part Drama wrote

[New Scene: Drama's office]

Drama: Oh, hello there. I am Drama, the most amazing person in the Learnhouse, and in the world.

gods i am so amazing

i, drama, am just so sexy

sexier than everyone else in the Learnhouse

so sexy

just damn

hot mother bunking dan



so dnaG


Cameraman: Go on…

Drama: I will bring a great audience to this show, make it rise from the dead!

Cameraman: You do realize that this was always popular in the first place-

Drama: Me and my magnificent friends; Music and Art, will create publicity beyond your wildest dreams!

Cameraman: You said Art in kind of a weird way.


Cameraman: Hey, what do you think of the others? Like the Alpha?

Drama: I hear the Alpha were all bullied before they came to the Learnhouse!

Cameraman: Just about everyone here was. That's one of the reasons you're here.

Drama: I see…