Episode 1 - Stolen

The actor writes the episodes on a whiteboard behind them

Scene opens to a police officer sitting down at a desk, his fingers linked authoritatively on the table

A clip of orca catching is shown in the background of this monologue

Calm down, calm down. This case is just one of a string of similar events the police are looking into. On the day in question, it is believed that a gang of several men, the exact number unknown, stalked and harassed the family in question, before kidnapping several of their children. The gang supposedly had direct orders to capture the children by any means; this included the use of aircrafts, spotters, and explosives- according to The Police's intel. An eye witness claims they saw acetylene torches being thrown in an attempt to separate the children from their families. To The Police's knowledge, the victims did struggle and attempt to evade capture by splitting up, however they were of course spotted by the aircrafts- one of which The Police have managed to apprehend. The victims were then cornered, and the young taken and placed in transport vehicles. The vehicles appeared to be heading towards the south-east. The Police can confirm the noise complaints reported that night were connected to the case. Two of the children's bodies were found dumped in a harbour close to the crime scene; the remaining child is believed to have been sold off. Yes, the police are currently investigating Jim Atchison's role in the case.

Policeman moves desk and chair to the side slightly before putting on a tie and transforming into the Business Man. They tick off episode one.

Episode 2 - $$$

The Business Man is a monotone, straight-faced man. He walks on and places his briefcase on the desk, examines the money in it, then closes it and faces the audience.

It's not a cage, it's an arena

They're here to entertain

I've no time for irrelevant matters, your "morals" and their "pain"

It's a win-win for everyone

We make a good profit, and provide a good time.

[Roles eyes] Since when was valuing money over a big fish ever considered a crime?

These hippies are demonizing the business, you see

"Whales belong in the wild!" they cry, "You're endangering their health!"

As if they too wouldn't compromise a few fish and [coughs] people, in the pursuit of wealth.

A trainer commands, a whale jumps, the crowd cheers

A trainer "slips", a whale bites

[The world "Allegedly" appears on screen in red]

The crowd fears.


Even so, we'll keep selling tickets, and mass producing merchandise

The show must go on!

But, safe in my cooperate castle, it won't be me that pays the price

The Business man removes his tie and ticks of episode two

Episode 3 - Sensationalism

[Sally walks in a peppy fashion]

Heeeey kids! I'm Sally, I'm the senior trainer here at SeaWorld and today I'll be in charge of your tour! Are you guys having a fun time so far? That's great! Here at SeaWorld, Orlando, we like to think of this establishment not as just your average theme park or even a zoo, here we're one big family. Everything trained is an extension of the killer whales natural behaviour! They don't do tricks because they have to; our whales are able to perform because they really want to.

[Power point flashes "There have been over 30 attacks on trainers since the 60's"]

Actually I'm glad you asked because that is simply not true, whales generally live to be around 25-35 years, so they do actually live less in the wild. Generally they tend to live a lot longer in this environment because they have access to all the proper veterinary care.

[Power point flashes "Whales life spans are almost equivalent to humans. Males live from 30-60 and Females 50-90"]

Oh that? You've got a good eye there! Haha, looks like we've got a future marine biologist on our hands! But don't worry; Tilikum's fin is completely normal. In fact, up to 25% of dorsal fins are flopped over like that. Its part of the ageing process, as they get older it just naturally curves for a lot of whales. It doesn't hurt them at all.

[Power point flashes "Dorsal collapse happens in less than one percent of wild orcas"]

Oh no attacks on trainers hardly ever happen, and when they do its always trainer error. I can assure you all our animals are very happy and healthy. Now, who wants to go see the dolphins?!

[Sally skips to the board and ticks of episode 3]

Episode 4

The Coroner drags the desk into the middle, puts on a face mask and rubber gloves, and begins examining the body

Scalpel? Thank you. [Taps recorder on iphone, imitates making an incision] the primary incision was made at [looks at watch] 8:20 AM, February 24th, 2010. The specimen is Dawn Brancheau, age 40, Caucasian female, head trainer at SeaWorld, Orlando. Cause of death: Drowning and traumatic injuries. Noteworthy findings include… dislocation of the left elbow and left knee, fracture of the sternum, and complete avulsion of the left upper extremity…

[lights go off, power point flashes to the phone call reporting dawns death]

In consideration of the circumstances surrounding the death, it is in my opinion that the manner of death is accident. [taps recorder off].

[Coroner takes off gloves and starts washing hands] That's odd, I've never heard of whales being violent in the wild…