The beautiful enchantress gazed down upon the world from her hidden cave, seeing past the world of ice and obstacles to the little town of DayDream. This birth was the one, it must be.

A newborn's cry rang out through the air, the dusk shivering and the stars blurring. Triumphantly, the silver haired and pale skinned woman turned, crystal dress skittering across the stone floor, and the cold blue eyes shone in the ice orb's light as the witch drew near. She aved her hand over it and recited in a loud voice-

"Born in a Dream during the Daytime night,

A girl will be born, with trouble at slight!

Cursed, her cold heart will never heal

But a full moon's grasp may take some zeal.

Keep her in, keep her locked.

A stone heart never cracks."

As the enchantress waved her right hand out of the cave entrance, the orb shattered into a powerful wind. Miles upon miles away, a newborn girl shivered as an unexpected cold hit her. Slowly brown eyes turned to a pure blue.

The prophecy had begun.