"No fair!" Star's voice rang out as she turned around and marched back into her room, slamming the oak door on the downstairs staircase. Her bedroom will not be important, and there is no time to explain it- but let's say she loved being on the second story, perched like a bird, and her room was a beautiful mess. Imagine it how you will.

Star couldn't believe it- how could her father be so stupid? He was never a teenage girl, she supposed in the back of her mind, but cold fury blazed through her. With no full moon to calm her as it always had, she was bursting with hate and anger.

Didn't he understand? She could do things for herself. She had just figured out about a serious trust rift- he wouldn't let her keep up her private e-mail, and he had been secretly monitoring her texts. Now he had grounded her for cursing, and she was furious.

Time to leave. If he couldn't understand her, she wouldn't let him. She grabbed her cell phone off of her bedside table, and punched the first emergency number.

"Ari? Ari, we're getting out of here."

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