She's suffocating. Falling too. Her vision becomes fuzzy despite it being dark. Everything is so dark. Her pulse is racing. Thump. Thumpity Thump Thump...Thump Thumpity Thumpity. That'show her heart was beating. She felt her life collapse. She'd heard the stories, helped them all. But never known what's it's like to fall. The most unexpected time is when it occurred.

Out of the blue, there came the black. Why did it happen? She felt like crying but had to be strong. She wish she hadn't held it in so long. She has to laugh through to get along. But it haunts her deep in her mind. She knows it'll happen again. But she won't tell her friends. Why would she? They won't understand. They've been through it. She's coached them through. But it's so much different when it happens to you.

How can you tell someone how much you hurt? When you've got to be strong because who else will? It never really passes. It becomes a weight on your heart. Pressing itself closer to your mind. Will it consume you? You never know. Will it become you? You hope not. She wants to cry but doesn't know how.

It's over something so strange. Something that fazed her. It's not happened before. It's a phobia that swims right in front of her eyes. A fear that she keeps settled heavily on her chest. She must stay alone. Never pick up the phone. Isolation is the best way to get over herself.

When everyone else is crying, you can't suddenly start. Why does it bother her so? Why did make her life stop? She was twirling and spinning in the expanse of her mind. Worried about when it'll happen next time. But no one notices. They've got blinders on their eyes.

Why can't she breathe? Nothing's ever been this extreme. Almost passing out, feeling her air run out. She just goes on having fun. When inside she proceeds to run. There's nowhere to hide. For the demon is inside. There's one animal caged inside her ribs. One word: anxiety.