Boys and Girls

She looks so amazing. That baby pink dress makes her green eyes pop. I don't know why I'm drawn to her. But it's the way she walks - no skips - to her destination. I know her. I know her secrets. I know all she harbors. Well, most. There's some hesitation. Some mistrust. Why not? I'm a stranger. And she's an angel.

How can I compare? With my dull eyes and hair. Her fluorescent, gold blonde hair, her emerald green irises, her dazzling, nay, white as snow, nay, her perfectly glistening as a diamond smile. She is bursting with love, but in a quiet way. A red glow follows her around. Not in anger, not in hate, but in passion. Not in beauty. For she's only beautiful to me.

She's more than a crush. She's a weight on my chest weighing billions of tons never letting up. But it's the highest elevation epitome of euphoria I have ever experienced. But I'm so far away. Does she notice me? Of course not. The boy who hides. The boy who murmurs his writing in class. The boy who has never looked at a girl like he looks at her.

The boy with whom she shares all secrets with. The boy who stays in the shadows until she needs him. The boy stuck in a corner until then. The boy who fell hopelessly, unendingly, unnecessarily in love with a girl who gave her the heart she owned, but only what was in that heart. She held his heart in her hands ready to take a bite. While her own heart stayed locked up in a cage.

How do I ask her for her hand? How do I ask to become the man she deserves? How do I accept that I will never ever be able to meet her level? Is there anyway to make myself better? Is there anyway that I'll be able to touch that sun-tanned skin I know is so soft?

I want to touch my callused lips to her plump, feathery ones. I want to hold her small, delicate, nimble hand with my large, awkward, sweaty one. To feel her hair between my fingers as she leans in towards me would send shocks up and down my quivering body. Feeling her would mean being a part of her. And that's the best feeling in the world. Too bad she's with that girl.