"I don't see why you're always so sad about what you did. It's not like you haven't killed people."

I grinned and narrowed my eyes. "Cher, what's it feel like to punch someone?"

"Victorious," she answered matter-of-factly.

"No. Physically. How does it feel?" I pushed.

She sighed and played along. "Sometimes it will tear your hand up and it overall just hurts."

"Exactly. Have you ever hit someone you like?" I surged on.

"I'm about to," she seethed.

"Aw, I'm flattered you like me. But that's not the point. Have you?"

"Not on purpose, no," she said, muttering.

"Okay, so imagine hitting someone you love. And doing it on purpose."

Her face froze up a bit. I knew she was thinking about her sister, Dora. "But Daze, you had to do that."

"I know. I had to," I answered sadly. "But I didn't want to."

"The whole entire human race was at stake. There was nothing going to affect that. The Overalls were endangered by their common enemy lurking and fraternizing with their top officer. And you were there to save the day. Now look at you. Moping about, looking dull in your uniform. I'm surprised you stayed," she said wholly truthful.

"See, Cher? It hurts so much. Imagine being ordered to kill your true love. Your true love. And I knew it too. If you thinking punching someone you like is hard..." I cringed letting out a little tear. "Cher, don't ever ask me how much it hurts again. I've tried to make you see. But if you ask me again...I don't know if my mind could take it, okay?"

I had my eyes closed in internal pain. Cher rubbed my shoulder as we sat on the roof together. She was just about all I had left in this world since...I couldn't even speak the name I loved so much.

"Daze, look at me." I turned. "I love you, if that accounts for anything."

Tears streamed down my face and this hardened criminal pulled me in for a hug. Her piercings were cold against my windblown skin. I cried harder as she consoled me. "It's all over, Daze. Just let it go. Keep it in your past."

I wept not only for the love of my life, but for what I was about to do. "I'm so sorry, Cher." I stabbed her right in the back with my dagger and pulled it out. A quicker death.

She gasped for breath with wide eyes. "I'm so so so sorry, Cher."

She shook her head. "Don't be. These acts will kill you before they get too many people. Can you...say my full name out loud? For when I don't have a headstone and don't remember it in death?"

I laughed at how silly. How silly we were when we made fun of her memory. How silly we were when we were children going to conquer the world together.

"Okay, Cherry Rose Darling." She made her disgusted face and I smiled through tears. "You always hated your name. Said it was too girly."

"Yeah...and you got...the boy's name." I grinned again. "Yeah, Daze Ridley Sear. I felt our positions were switched."

She smiled and nodded. "I loved you like a sister, Daze." She fell to the ground as I cried. I could add Cher under Remi on the list of names. List of people I'd killed because someone told me to.

"If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" I asked myself. I bit down on my lip and thought about what Cher said. These acts will kill you before they get too many people. Okay, to quicken things up, I could get rid of the problem. I walked to the edge and stood up shakily. I wiped the tears from my face and began, "This I do for you: Cherry Rose Darling also known as Cher. She did it for her sister Dorothy Jean Darling. And I also do this for my precious Remington Hadley Nelson. She of course did it for me. And I loved her for it. I hope we're together in peace at last, Remi..." My throat caught on her name as I plunged to my welcomed death. Things had never looked better.