Chapter 4:

It was several hours later when Ruth finally woke up. She mumbled a few slurred sentences before realizing her place. "Macy-Belle," she said as she sat up, "Where are we?" I stretched my arms above my head before relaxing against the truck. "My old hideout. Cintax Cinemax. It's been abandoned for about two years now. We three youngest kids would always come here and hang out before we grew up. Supposedly, so did the older three before the divorce. I don't know how true that is though..." I nonchalantly paid attention to my cigarette butts littering the ground.

"I'm so sorry," her small voice interrupted my gaze. "It's nothing. We're friends...and I can't imagine how horrific that must've been...and still is." She nodded slowly and glanced at me again. "What time is it?"


"I probably need to get home. What about my clothes at your house?" I shrugged, not daring to look at her; not out of embarrassment because of our encounters, but because I was afraid she'd judge me as soon as she locked eyes with how I was feeling. "I'll get them to you...How about we meet on Sundays here? After church?" I asked her. "That's sure ironic," I whispered so she couldn't hear. She nodded slowly, finding herself looking to the ground.

I jumped in the driver seat still frightened of her reaction. "Macy! Were you smoking?" I sighed and didn't give her anything else. "Stop ruins your health and causes addiction. Ridiculous..." I knew that was coming, but at least it was a small blow in comparison to the horrors I had imagined in my head.

"You sound like everyone else, but okay...I'll try to stop." Her eyebrows knitted together and she slumped in her seat. "Are you mad that I got you in trouble?" she meekly inquired. I couldn't help but smirk a bit. "No, Baby Ruth...I, you're fine. I'm just not myself right now."

"Why?" her small voice filled the silent truck despite it being a minuscule whisper. Just before leading the truck out of the parking lot, I took another good look at her. Sleepy, golden eyes illuminated the awoken sun were squinted and slightly smeared from mascara from what seemed like a century ago. Her hair fell in dramatic curls around her shoulders and framed her ovular face that seemed pale from the overcast sky shining through. Her lips were full and striking against her otherwise sterner features such as her piercing cheekbones and defined nose.

Anger churned through my veins. Why would it be so wrong to kiss her right now? To be a couple like half of the senior class? If she were a boy, or vice versa, it would almost be expected to have already be dating. But no. This was taboo. Were we not both sexual creatures that God created?

"Because you're so goddamn breathtaking and it's killing me!" I finally answered in a scream. I punched the steering wheel, feeling only rage, adrenaline, and lust. She had a sad expression on her beautiful face. "You probably think I'm some stupid, horny dike filled with anger don't you? How could someone like you possibly like someone like me?" Angry tears mixed with those of sadness, frustration, and hopelessness threatened to spill. I yanked the car into a McDonald's parking lot.

"Macy...listen...I like you too...a lot. And I know for sure my father would welcome you as his daughter's date, no matter your gender. We come from a different world than this one." She got a strange look on her face before putting her strong, nimble hands to my face. "I would love to be your girlfriend."

I wanted to kiss her, but I knew this had to be discussed. "I would love to have you as my girlfriend, but I've got a boyfriend, my dad would hate me, I'd be mocked, you're from Lincoln..." She shut me up by putting her head on my chest. "That's all true. It's you're decision about whether or not you want it to happen. I will wait for you...for your decision. No hurry, but we'll part ways very soon..." She was right; senior year was all we had left of high school. I nodded.

"Do I have permission to kiss you?" she asked. I smirked, biting down on my lip before turning the ignition and pulling her down to the seat. I breathed affirmation and she kissed my anticipating lips. I grabbed her hips and kept her down; now I was sitting over her lying body.

My kissing was soon reciprocated and landed in places other than my mouth. I knew how this worked, but things were suddenly extremely different. "Stop," I panted at her ear. She retreated immediately and rearranged her sloppy sweatpants that were actually mine. "Let's get you home," I sadly stated.

I got home and went through the basement to meet Chad's face. "Hello, little sis...long time no see. You took the game that hard? Or was it something else that was hard?" He began making moaning and other assorted inappropriate noises and I rolled my eyes. I was preparing to make a clever comeback when Dad's voice rang throughout the damp basement. "Chad, lay off your sister. And go upstairs so you can't annoy us."

Now it was just Dad and I. He was calm, but not too angry. He just possessed a weird attitude. He showed me Gigantic Giant and shifted his weight before leaning against the arm of the couch. "Macy...there are times in life were loyalty is tested and teenagers often decide to act upon hormones. And those hormones often lead to some...hanky-panky."

"Dad! No...I already know the hanky-panky story. I'm nearly eighteen Dad! Gross...Mom told me in like sixth grade. And I didn't do any of that last night!" Dad sputtered a bit at my tone, but recovered, "Then why did your grandpa find a blanket in his field were you snuck out to at three in the morning?"

I sighed and tried to explain, "I was tired, but I was also on my way to Cloverleaf. I had that lying around so I slept on it in the bed of the truck and it must've flew out while I drove away." He appeared skeptical but said no more. "Just say no...Stay know the drill." He went back up the stairs as Chad came back down.

"Rat me out much?" I hissed. He made a hand gesture Dad probably wouldn't understand at first sight. "Slutty cheerleader archetype much?"

"Idiotic jerk with issues archetype."

"Bible-beating prep nerd."

"Barbaric, disillusioned popularity-seeking neanderthal."

"Dominique dick-sucking bitch."

"Hey that was mine!"

He flushed and I grinned, victorious. However, my nerves were then shot.