Ghost Walk

There's an old abandoned boardwalk where I live. It was supposed to be part of a tourist attraction that never came to be. People call it the "ghost walk" because of something that happens there. You see, every night the same thing happens. A tune will play for a good five minutes before fading off. Witnesses say that it sounds like the sort of tune that would play at old festivals, only now the tune has a much slower and melancholy tone to it.

It should probably be mentioned that a number of suicides have been committed at this boardwalk. Drowned bodies have been found in the lake where it was built. A lot of people say that the music is what helps to influence their decision. I definitely agree with that.

So what exactly causes this to happen? Nobody knows. Nobody really tries to explain it either. It's something that we as a town have come to acknowledge while pretending to ignore. But we can't ignore it. Just yesterday another person committed suicide. It's only a matter of time before word spreads about this mysterious tune. We can only hope that the boardwalk remains a mystery. I would hate to see others sucked into its trap.