by Cshen.J

"To every soul searching for meaning, I give you a place of rest. I am not a man, nor am I the devil. I am not god, but only a mere messenger."-Anthony


There was an outburst of thunder from the sky. Strong winds scatter all over the earth, attacking mountains and ocean waves.

This was how it always began. A downpour of rain and lightning. Dark clouds covering the light of the moon, the stars barely glowing. None of them knew why nor do they dare to ask, not for fear or lack of curiosity. It's just that this was always the scene whenever an angel descends to earth to stay.

Looking down, the earth wasn't so different from how he'd imagined it to be. A whole divided into four: land, water, sky, and the spaces between them. Animals devour each other. Humans were created to be different. Sadly though, he'd heard many stories about humans behaving like animals. Maybe he'd get his chance to see it. A huge part of him hopes he'd see the opposite. But reality had never been a one way street. He has no doubt it's the same with creatures of the earth.

He felt a sense of strangeness when his feet touched the ground for the very first time. Folding his wings, he stretched his hand to feel the rain on his palm.

This was the path he had chosen.

The devils might as well try to tempt him but he knew the reason why he's here.

He hasn't fallen.

He has descended.