She closed her eyes, hoping sleep would come
But it would not.

Her mind is racing with so many thoughts-
She remembers when he told her,

"You're not enough."

And walked away.

She remembers closing her eyes then, and crying for him to come back
But he didn't.

He never looked back.

She remembers when her best friend said,
For the thousandth time,

"I'm busy. I'll call you back."

But she never did.

Her best friend moved away that summer, so that night, she took out a bottle of wine and thought,

"Bottom's up."

And took a sip.

One became two,
Two became four,
And soon enough,
The bottle was spent, empty.
So was she.

She looked up at the stars and wondered,

"What is wrong with me?"

She thought and thought about why
The people she loved





With dusk around the corner and
With limbs numb from the cold
And no answer in sight,
She closed her eyes
And wished her problems away.