May 18 2018 1:53 AM

It's late, and you can't sleep.
You can't sleep because you're thinking of someone-
Someone you miss so dearly,
Someone you care for deeply,
Someone who makes you feel happy-
They make you feel so happy.

You've tried for months to pinpoint this feeling
This feeling you can't describe
This feeling you can't put a name to
This feeling you can't understand

And it drives you crazy because you like to think that you're a rational being
A being who is always logical
Always practical, never unreasonable
Never delusional, always

They say that artists express themselves through a medium of their choice
And my choice are my words and myself and my life
My life is to live and to live is to create
To create is to express and impress
To leave a mark on one's soul
For in that way, we will truly be immortal

I find solace in the fact that you will be the first to see these words.
Aren't the rarest things the most beautiful?
These words are special because they were written for you, and no one will ever see this combination.