Destiny (temporary title)

By Riverfeather123

Chapter 1

Destiny stood in front of her long mirror, examining her outfit for any flaws. She wore a pair of high waisted shorts, a black top that draped off her shoulders with a small, keyhole opening on the front, and her vans. She moved closer, making sure her mascara still looked alright. Destiny didn't usually wear a lot of makeup, just some concealer, mascara, and chapstick.

She looked over at her phone to see the time had gone by way faster than she had anticipated. She quickly grabbed her keys and her phone and raced down the stairs.

"I'm leaving mom! I love you," Destiny yelled, unlocking the front door.

Her mom caught her before she left and kissed her cheek, "I love you too, have fun!"

"I will!" Destiny responded, shutting the door behind her.

She got into her car and started driving over to this new Italian restaurant, called Jerromial. She was meeting up with her friends to celebrate Carly's 17th birthday. The group hadn't been as close as they used to be recently, so Destiny thought that going out to dinner, just the eight of them, with no adults, was a good bonding experience.

When Destiny arrived, she saw her friends walking up to the door; she wasn't horribly late for once. That was one of the many bad habits Destiny needed to break.

She parked and hopped out of her car, catching up with her friends at the front entrance. It was weird having dinner at 10:00, but Carly wanted to stay out late. Destiny just assumed it made her feel more like an adult.

"Hey, guys!" Destiny greeted her friends, as a waitress was just about to lead them to their table.

"Just in time!" Sabrina smiled. "Surprised you aren't late like usual."

"I know," Destiny laughed. "I surprised myself too."

The waitress led them to their table, and they sat down, examining the menu for the first couple minutes. Destiny was already settled for the house salad. There was just something so delicious about their salads. You'd think it was the dressing, but Destiny hated dressing, so it must have been something else.

"I can't decide between the ravioli and spaghetti," muttered Rachele.

"The spaghetti. Their ravioli tastes like cheese gave birth to more cheese. It's just too much cheese and nothing else to balance it," Charlotte commented.

Rachele nodded her head in consideration.

The girls all talked and laughed and bonded over dumb jokes and old internet trends. They got a kick out of making fun of people, but only between them. They wouldn't want that person or anyone else to know. That would lead to way too much drama. The night was going perfectly, everyone was having a good time and bonding.

Before they knew it, they had finished their food and payed the bill, each of them pitching in a fair amount. It was only 10:30 by the time they were done, and Carly didn't quite feel like going home yet, so they all decided to walk over to the bowling alley a couple streets down.

After walking around the restaurant, Destiny remembered a shortcut to get there, "If we walk through those two buildings and take a right, then a left, we'll be like one crosswalk to the Bowling Place!"

"Walk through an alley at night time? I don't know, can't that be dangerous?" Sabrina looked a little distressed.

"Oh, come on, we'll be fine! I do it all the time. Plus, we only have like thirty more minutes. This will save us a ton of time," Destiny urged them.

"I think it's a good idea," said Jessica, a short blonde girl, "I mean it would save us quite a bit of time and plus, I really don't want to walk all the way around."

"That's true," Olivia laughed, "I'm too lazy for this."

"I mean it might even be safer than walking on the street," commented Jasmine, shrugging her shoulders.

"Alright, alright. If you guys are sure," Sabrina agreed, still wary.

"Awesome! This way," Destiny turned to the left and led the girls into the alley. It was dark and there didn't seem to be a soul around.

"See? Totally safe," Destiny smirked, glad to be right.

Sabrina rolled her light green eyes in a playful manor, as they continued walking.

Destiny turned the corner, walking only a few feet until a pair of hands wrapped around her body. Destiny gasped, about to scream, but the man covered her mouth with his hand, holding her arms down against her stomach with the other. She felt something cold touch her arm and looked down to find a pistol in the hand holding her arms.

Destiny's heart was racing, but she managed to look up to see what had happened to her friends. She saw three other guys, surrounding her friends. Two had grabbed Jasmine's and Sabrina's wrists, pointing their guns at them. The other stood on the opposite end, pointing his gun at the rest of her friends.

"Make a sound, and we won't hesitate in shooting all of you," threatened the guy on the other end, with short blonde hair.

He gestured the girls closer to Destiny and the guy holding her. Once they were all corralled in one spot, Destiny's captor released his hand from over her mouth, and moved it down to hold her wrist. He took his other hand and pointed his gun at her, like the other two guys.

"Walk toward that car, and stay silent," demanded the guy with wavy, brown hair, holding Sabrina, who looked like she was about to burst into tears.

They were led to the back of a black van, barely visible in the darkness. The blonde guy, who looked the youngest of the group, in his early 20s, opened the doors. There were two rows of bench-like seats on either side of the van with metal rods below the windows, tinted from the outside.

The blonde guy pushed Carly toward the car, "Get in."

She slowly got into the car, sitting down on the furthest seat on the left side. She was followed by Jasmine, Olivia, and Jessica. Then Sabrina sat on the furthest seat on the right side, followed by Rachele, Charlotte, and Destiny. Sabrina's captor got into the van, sitting on the end on the left side. Destiny's captor climbed in, sitting on the end next to her.

She was finally able to get a good look at him. He looked somewhere around his mid-20s and was tall and lean, but obviously muscular, wearing a black muscle shirt and cargo pants, with a leather-like jacket. His dark hair curved up at the front, the common style for men's hair recently, and he had some scruff, like he hadn't shaved his beard in a couple days.

But what really gave Destiny the chills were his eyes. They were an intense hazel, a color that you'd usually find a little comforting, so it gave the harsh stare a unique twist.

Destiny looked away before he could catch her staring at him.

The blonde guy sat in the passenger seat, while the hispanic guy, who looked the oldest of them all, maybe in his early 30s, sat in the driver's seat.

The guy that had held Sabrina earlier walked over to the opening of the wall that separated the drivers and passenger seat from the back.

"Matt, can you pass me the cups?" he asked the blonde one in the passenger seat.

Matt passed him two, shot-sized cups with what appeared to be water in them. The brunette one took them and passed one to Carly and the other to Sabrina. They were caught off-guard, not knowing what to do with the cups, obviously not eager to drink the mystery substance. He then passed the rest of the girls each a cup, returning to his seat. He remained silent for a moment, until he noticed nobody moving.

"Well, drink it," he said like it was obvious.

Still nobody moved. Clearly, the girls weren't going to just drink this liquid given to them by people who had just kidnapped them.

The guy sighed and rolled his eyes, pulling out his gun and pointing it towards Sabrina, "You first, blondie."

Sabrina hesitantly drank the fluid, as the other girls watched to see what happened. When nothing did happen, the guy impatiently insisted, "Now the rest of you drink it."

He waved his gun towards the girls, as they all drank what was in the cups. To Destiny, it tasted like any other water, but with a slight sour taste. She assumed that they spiked the water or something of that sort.

The guy got up, collecting the cups from everyone, and passing them to Matt in the passenger seat. He returned to his seat, as the car started to drive.

Destiny looked at her friends, trying to communicate to them without words or movement. Carly made a texting movement with her thumbs, and Destiny slightly nodded. Carly slowly pulled her phone out of her pocket and hid it between her and that inside wall of the car.

She waited about five minutes for the two guys in the back to look away. Then, she silenced her phone and opened up the texting app. She typed in something Destiny couldn't see on her phone. However, much to the their dismay, Matt looked over from the passenger seat, seeing the phone.

"Hey! Are you on your phone?" he turned to adjust his seat belt, "Marco, marco stop the car."

Marco, the driver, pulled over, and immediately the brunette guy got up and took Carly's phone before she could finish her message.

"Really, Zane? You didn't think to take their phones away?" Matt snapped.

"Well I didn't think they would be dumb enough to try to use them!" Zane, the brunnette, snapped back. "And Daemon didn't think to take them away either! Why don't you blame him?"

Daemon, the guy sitting next to Destiny, lifted an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Stop bickering, so we can get back on the road," Marco said in a low voice.

Zane groaned, annoyed, and turned around towards the girls, "Okay, hand them over. All of them."

Zane took everyone's phone and passed them to Matt, "Maybe you'll get them back once we disable all the contact-involved aspects. And you behave."

Marco started driving again and within the next five minutes, Destiny began to feel extremely drowsy. She assumed the liquid they drank was finally taking effect. Before she knew it, she had passed out.

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