Destiny (temporary title)

By Riverfeather123

Chapter 2

Destiny woke to the pain of hitting the back of her head on the car wall. There were no headrests, adding even more discomfort to this already horrible situation.

Destiny looked around, her heart skipping a beat as she came to the realization that everything before wasn't a dream.

Looking around, she saw that everybody else was asleep, with the exception of her, the driver, and Daemon, sitting next to her. The sky outside was still dark. Destiny couldn't decide if they had been asleep for over an entire day or only a few hours.

Destiny looked around slowly, trying her hardest not to bring attention to herself. She looked down at the gun, sitting so visibly near Zane's feet. She thought about quickly getting up and lunging for it, but a lot of factors kept her glued to her seat: Daemon pretty much had his hand on his gun and his eyes indirectly watching her every move, all her friends were still passed out, and she had no idea how to use a gun.

"We're about five minutes from the motel. Wake them up," the driver, Marco, commanded.

Daemon kicked Zane's shins from his seat, seemingly bored. Zane woke up, looking at Daemon in an irritated 'what was that for?' kind of way.

"Wake them up," Daemon repeated for Marco.

Zane rolled his eyes and, catching Destiny off-guard, yelled, "Wake up!"

The girls all woke up to the loud noise, flinching slightly.

Zane took a breath and began explaining what was happening, "Okay, we are stopping at a motel for the night. You four," he pointed to everyone in his row, Carly, Jasmine, Olivia, and Jessica, "will be sharing a room, and you four," he pointed to Destiny's row, Sabrina, Rachele, and Charlotte, "will be sharing a different room. Any funny business, including being loud or trying to escape, and we'll be sleeping in there with you. Understood?"

The girls just kind of sat there, unresponsive, but Zane seemed to take that as a yes.

The car then made a turn and another turn, soon stopping.

"I'll go check us in. Stay here," said Marco, who Destiny was beginning to think was the responsible one, not that kidnapping people is necessarily a responsible thing to do.

After about five long minutes of awkward silence and hot tension in the air, fear dripping off everyone's skin, Marco comes back, breaking the lingering silence.

"Okay, we're good. Get out," Marco demanded.

"Make a noise or try running away, and you'll find a bullet in your leg," threatened Zane.

The girls got out of the van, followed by Zane and Daemon, carrying cardboard boxes, with their guns hidden inside their jackets. Matt, however, had his discretely pointed at the girls, herding them toward the motel doors.

Zane and Marco led Carly, Jasmine, Olivia, and Jessica to room 204, pushing them inside. Daemon and Matt led Destiny, Sabrina, Charlotte, and Rachele to the next room, 206. Inside the room looked like any other old motel room - two queen-sized beds, a chair between one of the beds and the rusty window, a nightstand in between the two beds, a bathroom on the opposite end of the room, and a desk with a TV in the middle.

Daemon closed the door behind him and sets down a box on the TV stand, "This is all you should need for the night. I'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00."

He then turned and left, somehow locking the door from the outside.

A moment of silence drifted eerily through the room, until finally Charlotte broke down into tears, digging her face into her thighs. Sabrina ran over to comfort the redhead, but she didn't do much. She was just as scared.

A few minutes of sobbing and misery dragged on, until Rachele finally spoke in a shaky voice, "Do you think they're going to kill us?"

Sabrina responded, logically as always, "It's possible, but I don't think so, I mean they probably would have killed us by now if that was what they wanted."

"Yeah, they would've been threatening to shoot us between the eyes, not in our legs. And people about to kill others generally don't care if they know where they're going. They knocked us out so we wouldn't see," Destiny agreed, surprising herself with how calm she sounded.

"Yeah, I'd say they aren't going to kill us. But don't give your hopes up. We need to get out of here as soon as we can," Sabrina responded.

A moment of silent planning passed, until Destiny walked to the table to pick up a bag of toiletries, walking towards the dirty bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Sabrina asked, like Destiny had just picked up a grenade or something.

"Brushing my teeth. I feel like shit," Destiny responded.

"What if that's drugged?" Rachele followed up.

"I don't think they would go through so much effort to secretly drug us. I mean they literally passed us cups of drugged water and demanded we drank it, earlier," said Destiny.

She walked to the bathroom, opening the bag to find everything she needed.

And a razor.

She stared at the gleaming blade like it was a gift from God. She ran out, telling the rest of her friends. They all agreed that they would use the blades to escape tomorrow.

Destiny continued to shower and change into the pajamas they provided. She then set the blade from her razor on the bedside table, setting the alarm for 5:30, ready to ambush their captors.

- ยง -

Destiny woke to the beeping alarm, waking all the other girls up too. They washed their faces and changed back into their clothes, until it was 5:55.

Destiny grabbed her blade and held it firmly in her hand, shaking in anticipation.

6:00 came around and, as expected, the door was unlocked from the outside, and Daemon walked inside the room. The girls were ready to attack, but somehow he already knew. Before the girls could even move, Daemon aggressively grabbed Destiny's wrist that held the blade, twisting it until she dropped her weapon. Once it fell to the floor, he yanked his pistol out of his belt and pulled Destiny in front of him, holding her arms down against her stomach. He pointed the pistol at her head, the muzzle pushed against her skull.

"Put the rest of the blades on the table and come to the window. Now," he demanded.

The girls hesitated, but did as they were told.

"Good. I'll let this time slide, but the next time you try to pull something, you won't be getting away with nothing but a scratch," he threatened, before releasing Destiny and gesturing her out the door.

The girls followed as Daemon closed the motel door and led them to the van once again. The other girls were already in the car, defeat painted on their faces. The girls got in the same seats they did the night before, and the driver started the car.

"So are we headed to HQ?" asked Matt, buckling his seatbelt.

"Nope. Just got orders. Looks like we have to make a pitstop over at White Barn."