Destiny (temporary title)

By Riverfeather123

Chapter 3

The car ride dragged on for what seemed like hours, but Destiny knew it was shorter. The sun wasn't even overhead yet. But soon the car turned into an old, dirt parking lot.

Zane and Daemon pulled out their guns and demanded the girls get out quietly. Motioning each of them out, the girls' captors whispered something Destiny couldn't make out among themselves. They eyed Destiny suspiciously, giving her a wave of chills.

The guys then lead Destiny and her friends to an old warehouse-looking building with rusty metal walls, a few patches of different material here and there.

Once they had been lead through the large, metal doors, the guys were greeted by two middle-aged men dressed in black suits and sunglasses. They sure did look professional for being involved in something like this.

Marco approached them, almost defensively stating, "Federal Agent of the USSG. We're here under strict orders from the NAS," whilst holding out some sort of strange ID.

"We've been made aware. There is a station fully prepared in the back," replied the taller, darker-skinned man.

"Perfect. We shouldn't be here too long," said Marco.

"The others can wait in the room two doors down on the left," he directed, pointing to the hallway on Destiny's left.

Zane and Matt started heading in that direction, discussing some matter under their breath.

"Mr. Zorigan, the station is down this way," the man looked to Daemon before turning the other direction.

Daemon followed him down the hall, as Marco lead the girls to the room in the other direction. They entered two rusted doors, revealing an almost empty room, with the exception of some cheap office chairs, along with a pipe running horizontally across the steel walls of the entire room, about three feet above the ground.

"Sit down," Marco demanded, before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.

A moment of eery silence passed, before Jasmine finally croaked, "What's going on?"

Tears started to form along her waterline as Sabrina replied, "I don't know," in a rather defeated tone.

However, Rachele still had energy and hope, suddenly suggesting, "We have to get out of here."

Destiny walked to the door, trying the knob, "Locked." She looked around for another way out.

"We could try the air vents," Sabrina suggested.

"How do we get up there?" Charlotte questioned.

"We could climb this pipe," Destiny said, her eyes traveling up the pipe leading to the air vent at the top of the high ceiling.

"Worth a try," shrugged Rachele.

Destiny took a deep breath and started climbing up the pipe, trying her hardest to get a grip and keep her balance. It was a pretty small pipe, difficult to climb.

Destiny had made it almost two thirds the way up when the dreadful sound of a door unlocking echoed across the room. The sudden noise, mixed with her panic, startled Destiny. She quickly lost her grip and her footing, and, of course, she fell to the ground, landing flat on her back, the wind knocked out of her.

She groaned in pain as the door opened and Daemon walked into the room. He looked at Destiny, then to the pipe and the air vent. Looking back at Destiny, he put together the puzzle pieces. He turned and shut the door behind him with an unreadable expression on his face.

A moment of silence passed as Destiny picked herself up, holding her shoulder in pain.

"Are you okay, Destiny?" Sabrina asked, concerned.

"Yep, I'm good," she replied, forcing herself to walk to the door. She turned the knob to find it unlocked.

Immediately, a wave of adrenaline and excitement washed over her. She quickly pulled the door open, but found herself face to face with Daemon, holding some handcuffs in his hands, along with Zane standing behind him.

Destiny's heart lurched and panic began to surface.

Daemon quickly walked in, grabbing Destiny's wrist. He aggressively lead her to the back wall, pushing her down to sit. He then snapped the handcuffs onto her right wrist and the metal pole above the ground.

He moved on and did the same thing to Rachele, Jessica, and Jasmine, since they were the closets, as Zane forcefully handcuffed Olivia, Charlotte, Sabrina, and Carly.

With that, Zane got up and began to shout at the girls, "Do you girls have any idea how much trouble you've been? Well it's a whole hell of a lot of it! And I mean, this could be way worse for you! We have had patience and haven't been too aggressive and even let you sleep in your own motel rooms! And how is it that you repay us? By being assholes! Yeah that's how! You just gotta go and make shit so much harder on us! But not anymore! You have one more chance before we're done being soft on you!"

He then stormed out, Daemon right behind him. A moment of shocked silence froze the room. That is until Destiny felt the need to break it.

"Uh. Sorry guys. This was all, um, probably my fault," Destiny apologized awkwardly.

"Don't blame yourself. I was the one with the idea of climbing the air vent," Sabrina comforted.

"Maybe, but I was the idiot who climbed it and fell at literally the worst time possible," Destiny responded.

Before Sabrina could say anything else, Carly started to cry.

"Carly?" Rachele looks over with a bit of pity.

"I'm so scared," she started sobbing, "What if they kill us or rape us and we never go back home?"

"Hey, calm down Carly, we'll get through this, okay?" Sabrina immediately turned to comfort Carly.

"I'm sorry," Carly tried controlling herself, "I just don't understand how this happened."

"Don't be sorry Carly," Destiny responded. "Listen, guys. I know you're scared and maybe angry and I'm sorry. I was the one that insisted we walk through the alley. This is all my fault. And you have every right to be angry and I don't blame you if you hate me, but I promise I will not let anything happen to you guys. I got us into this mess, and I'll get us out."

Silence remained untouched for a few moments too long.

"Dest, you don't have to blame yourself-" Sabrina was interrupted by the suddenly terrifying noise of the door unlocking.

Destiny flinched her head up towards the door. The knob turned and the door swung open, as Zane walked in, carrying a sinister aura with his presence.

He scanned the room, "Hmm, so who's gonna be unfortunate enough to follow me out these doors in a moment?"

He eyed Carly, who is still sniffling and has clearly been crying. He walked towards her, kneeling down so they were face to face. He pushed her chin up lightly with his hand, "How about you?"

Carly let out a whimper and started crying again. He grabbed her handcuffs and pulled a key out of his pocket, which he then used to begin unlocking it.

Destiny's heart was racing, she found herself in a cold sweat, but still she repeated to herself 'I made a promise. There's no going back now.'

Destiny pulled at her cuffs desperately. If she could just get out she could try getting his gun now that Daemon wasn't there.

But it wasn't long until she came to the realization she wouldn't be able to break the chains. Time for Plan B.

"Stop! Leave her alone! I'll go! I'll go instead! Just leave her alone!" Destiny blurted out, determined to protect her friends.

"Oh?" Zane let go of Carly and walked over to Destiny. "The escapee?"

He kneeled and locked his gaze on Destiny's eyes. She tried to hide her fear and look strong but his amused smirk revealed he wasn't fooled.

"Alright then. Have it your way," he said with an amused tone.

He pulled out his key and unlocked the cuff connected to the pole, leaving the cuffs hanging from Destiny's right wrist. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. He then nudged her in front of him and to the doorway.

Destiny glanced back at her friends, allowing an unconvincing smile on her face that said 'don't worry. I'll be okay.'

But Destiny wasn't so convinced.

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