Tails of a Catfish

Chapter 3


Rebel J.D.- so I've talked to you a couple days now…

Jack's message says, I type back my reply quickly. I wonder what he was getting at.

Babygrs17- yeah?

The screen shows that he's typing so I wait silently. It's four in the morning, technically today is Saturday but I still consider it Friday. We've been talking a good… Three maybe four hours online. I've learnt a lot about him in that time. I know about his older brother, and his favorite music genre; which is rap. That sucked because I can't stand a lot of rap songs.

Rebel J.D.- and you still haven't told me ur name…

"Fuck!" I grumble, I had done my best trying to avoid this topic with him. I got him to drop that question the first time he asked it. He hasn't mentioned it again, but I guess he was probably hinting at it when he told me his name was Jack. He had even offered to give me his number, which I refused. I didn't want him to have a change in figuring out that this was me. Even if the chances of that happening were slim I didn't want to take a chance.

Babygrs17- I haven't… odd. I thought I did…

I was stalling, I hadn't thought of a good name to give my persona that was hidden behind the mask of Remi. I would use Remi's name but I didn't want him to find her on any other social site. I don't know how I'd explain that one…

Rebel J.D.- come on. I've told u so much about me.

If I was being honest, he hadn't really told me much except what I'd already knew.

Babygrs17- fine I'll tell you.

Rebel J.D.- anxiously waiting…

I looked around, trying to think of something. Damn, I should've thought of this before I decided to message him. I should of thought of this anyway, I mean if I was going to talk to guys I should have come up with something... My eyes wander to my desk, an angel my grandma had bought me sits on the desk. It was one of the last things I had of hers.

Angel! I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it sooner, it was the perfect name. At least I thought so. I type it in as quick as I can.

Babygrs17- Angel.

Rebel J.D.- Angel?

I frown, I should've thought about that before I sent that. He could tell it was fake, I should've came up with a better name.

Babygrs17-It's short for Angela.

Rebel J.D.- well that's pretty… do you not like Angela?

Babygrs17- not really, it's my aunt's name.

Well it was Julia's mother's name so I guess I wasn't technically lying about having a relative with that name.

Rebel J.D.- Oh, okay. I see.

I stare at the clock, I had about twenty more minutes before I had to get to sleep or I would be exhausted in the morning for work at the movie theatre in town. Even though I enjoyed it, I was really hoping that tomorrow would go fast. I wanted to get back home so that I could talk to Jack more.

Babygrs17- so what's up.

Rebel J.D.- not much, just talking to you and sittin here.

I wonder if he was really sitting there or not… I was doing my best to think of him in his bed in his boxers, his hand idling laying on his stomach. Eventually it sliding down into his nice boxers where he would grab his erection… Okay Cassius stop, you've already jerked off enough today…

Babygrs17- sounds fun, I gotta get up soon.

Rebel J.D.- why? It's the weekend. Party time!

Babygrs17- I gotta work. At 11. :(

I mean I still had a good six hours before work but I hadn't slept yet, and I'd have to be up around nine. So, I was only going to get about five hours of sleep; good thing I didn't need much sleep or I'd be in big trouble.

Rebel J.D.- oh that sucks.

Rebel J.D.- where do you work?

Babygrs17- yeah… and wouldn't you like to know. ;)

Rebel J.D.- I would ;)

Even if he knew I was a boy, or well if I was a girl I wouldn't tell him where I worked. I don't need him trying to stalk me- or well Remi. I mean I have some brains.

Babygrs17- gonna come visit me?

Rebel J.D.- mayybee.

I smile at the screen and stifle a yawn. This was where I take my leave, my eyes were getting heavy and I needed to rest before I had to get up. It was late, being tired was a good excuse.

Babygrs17- gotta go ttyl.

Rebel J.D.- awwww.

Rebel J.D.- latr.

Babygrs17- wait.

Rebel J.D.- yes? :)

Babygrs17- could you send a pic of you right now to me?

Babygrs17- so I can have something to remember you by until tomorrow. Lol

Rebel J.D.- Hmm. Idk… What do I get in return?

Babygrs17- what do you want

Rebel J.D.- same I guess. Lol.

Babygrs17- I guess that works.

Rebel J.D.- yay!

Rebel J.D. sent you a picture.

Oh god, he looked so hot, why did he have to look so good? It wasn't natural. The picture showed Jack's smiling face, as if I was staring at him from lying next to him in bed. He was shirtless, and the picture showed one of his nipples. Oh man, my dick grew hard in my pants for the fourth time. I whine to myself.

I didn't have time to jerk off, I needed to sleep! I jerked off a while ago before I started to talking to Jack; I had found this really good porn story on this site… Let me tell you, it was the hottest thing since Elvis or Justin Bieber. Then I came two different times while Jack and I were talking when it got kind of heavy. I wonder if we finally got together if we could end up doing it five different times. It might be a little bit exhausting but I was so into that. Jack's hot body pushed up against mine.

Okay, this wasn't helping my erection. Cash, you seriously need to control yourself.

Rebel J.D. – so do you like?

Babygrs17- Oh yes, yes yes. Sexy.

Rebel J.D- thanks, u?

Babygrs17- me what?

Rebel J.D.- your pic?

Babygrs17- oh yeah duh. Hold on..

I go through some of the pictures that I had saved to my computer of Remi, and find one that looks like she was in the bed getting ready to go to sleep. I close my eyes hoping he doesn't see through the facade, I've freaked out almost every time I've sent a picture. I've even logged out of the account and had to coax myself to get back on; stupid I know.

Babygrs17 sent a picture.

Rebel J.D. – cute, wish we could be next to each other.

Oh he didn't even know how much I wanted to be next to him, my member in my pants agreed with me.

Babygrs17 – thnx me too :)

Rebel J.D – well you better go, you'll be tired.

Babygrs17 – okay. Ttyl ;)

Rebel J.D. – night ;)

I sign out and turn off my computer, glancing at the clock I groan. I really screwed myself out of sleep. I guess it was a good thing that I didn't need a lot of sleep to function efficiently; it would be a long day though. I turn off the light on my desk and plug up my phone. My hand ends up in my underwear again, it wasn't like I didn't think it wouldn't. I wonder if Jack was doing what he said he was doing earlier. He probably was, guys don't usually lie about that. I mean guys are dirty creatures, their penis is their best friend. Now if he was a girl I would have a hard time believing them. Mariana was just saying the other day that she does that, maybe that's why she wasn't having luck.

Damned if I knew.

The sunlight was leaking through my room around nine when the sun was high enough to peek over the neighbor's house. I got up and headed to the shower, I would've showered after my breakfast but if I had Ryan would've probably jumped in before I got finished with breakfast. I've had that happen a few too many times so I had my routine perfected.

My hand travels down my smooth body down to my slightly red member. I really had used and abused myself last night, but with all that I did last night I was still getting hard. I pull out my phone and pull up one of my quickie jerk off videos. I've came and have actually started showering before there is a knock on the door.

"Hurry up! I have ta pee!" Ryan cries on the other side of the door.

"Hold on!" I say, washing my hair.

"Hurry!" So my shower was cut short, I shouldn't be too upset. I mean I did have time to get off, hopefully that'll keep me from getting a boner at work. It happens more than not if you believe me. Usually after a guy comes in with a nice body and nice fitting clothes.

I wrap a towel around me after drying my legs and chest and open the door. Ryan runs passed me almost causing me to drop my towel. I pull the towel tighter around my waist.

"Hey watch it!" I say, as I shut the door behind him.

"GOTTA GO!" He hollers. I roll my eyes and head to my room, I finished drying off and pulled on my work uniform. White dress shirt, black dress pants and a red tie. I wouldn't put the tie on until I was walking in though, I wasn't about to imprison my neck just yet. I hated ties, I felt like I was choking. I grabbed my hair gel and fixed my hair where it didn't lay on my forehead, the way it was fixed gave it a little bit of wave. I liked how it looked. When I got downstairs, Julia was cooking breakfast.

"Morning Cash, sleep good?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"What time were you up today? Six or seven?"

"Actually I got up at nine."

"What? You never wake up that late in the morning."

"Yeah, I stayed up a little late."

"Don't start sleeping in now, you're almost fully raised you know. You can't change your sleeping habits now. I forbid it." She teased.

"I'll be going to bed tonight, I don't want to do that again." I say. She sits a plate of pancakes in front of me.

"Good, hurry up and eat. You only got thirty minutes left before you gotta go."



It doesn't seem like no time at all before I'm in the car with the Julia as she drives me to work.

"Have a good day." She says as she pulls up towards the front door.

"Thanks," I say. "I'll see you later."

I open the door and step onto the sidewalk. I fix my tie and head in. The smell of popcorn is the first thing that hits me when I step inside, asides from the air-conditioned air.

"Cassius!" I turn around and find my boss, Jimmy. His mustache is something only someone from the seventies or sixties would appreciate. He's a graying mess, his dull blue eyes don't stand out much. The only thing attractive about this guy is his muscular arms. I'd kill myself before I'd tell him that though.


"You and Asher are both cashiers for the popcorn stand down the hall. Hurry up and get down there, Asher is already there."

"Okay, thanks." I had this theory, well no it really wasn't a theory but anyway; I was pretty sure that Jimmy was sweet to all the girl employees. That pissed me off a little but I dealt with it anyway. If I didn't find it weird, I would totally dress up like a girl and see if he hit on me. Then I'd take my wig off after I got him all hot and bothered. Ha, yeah that was a good idea. I should do it.

"Don't forget your vest this time, I can't have corporate coming and finding you without your vest again."

"That was one time, and that was when I first started."

"Regardless, get your ass moving." He says as he claps his hand against my shoulder.

"Asshole." I grumble as I head to the employee's lockers. I grab my vest and name tag and head down to the popcorn stand in the back, the closer I got the more I could see Asher's vibrant red hair. Asher was a cool guy, he was a little taller than I was maybe five-ten or five-eleven. You could tell he had Irish heritage with his pale skin that went along with his red hair. He's muscular but nothing like Jack, Jack's muscles are more defined; Asher was lean from years of swimming on the school's swim team. He was probably the best on the team. I have known him for years.

He was the one that helped me get this job, he was a nice guy.

"Hey, Cash. Ready for another grand day at the backup popcorn stand?"

"Always," I say.

"You look like crap, late night?" He asks, that was another thing about Asher, he didn't have much of a filter. It was fun sometimes but other times not so much.

"Yeah, unintentional."

"Did you go to a party or something?"


"I didn't peg you as the type to go to a party. So what did you do?"

"Haa, ummm nothing."

"Ohh, so I should be asking 'who' instead of what?" He says, a sly grin on his face.


"You know what I mean." He says as he looks around for something, he then thrusts against the air. I gawk and turn around, my face burning.

"I definitely did not!"

"Awww, so you just jacked off huh? I've had those nights myself." He says as he starts up the popcorn machine.

"I'm surprised it hasn't fallen off yet." I say honestly, sometimes I've beaten the crap out of it. Well come, but still you know what I mean.

"It might shrivel up first." He laughs.

"I don't know about that, it might just explode."

"Undeniably not in the good way."

"Absolutely." Our conversation kind of died down then, a bunch of people were here to see that new movie with that woman superhero. I thought it was a bit corny but I wasn't going to judge, I liked reading gay manga stories, or yaoi or whatever so I had no right to. My mind kept going back to the conversation I had with Jack, and that picture he sent. I wonder what he was doing right now, he probably was still asleep right now. I wish I had got to sleep a little more, I'd have to go to bed tonight. I didn't want to waste my Sunday in bed.

"I asked for a Large popcorn, this is a medium." A middle-aged man that's balding says to me with a frown.

"Sorry 'bout that. Let me grab the other." He grumbles something about my incompetence and slurps his drink I handed him. He really didn't need that slushie, I wanted to dump it on his bald head. When I get his popcorn, and put a little extra butter on it like he asks for I had it over to him.

"Okay, here you go. I'll just take the wrong popcorn."

"I've already ate out of it, I should be able to keep it."

"I'm sorry?" I say, not understanding this moron. Why the hell would you want to keep it when you complained about it? His cheeks puff out just as his face turns red.

"It's not my fault that you don't know what you're doing. You should've handed me the right size the first time and we wouldn't be having this conversation." Was this guy for real? If everyone was like him, I'd really have to pay attention to what I'm doing.

"Sir, if you are keeping that I'm going to have to charge you."

"Why? It's not my fault you handed me the wrong one."

"Sir, that is two orders of popcorn. I'm going to have to charge you."

"I want to speak to a manger! I will not talk to a little punk who thinks he can swindle me!" A couple of people behind him groan, I knew how they felt.

"Alright, I'll call him."

"Good," he barks. I walk away from the register and grab the phone and page Jimmy. Jimmy looked more annoyed than the middle-aged popcorn hog.

"What wrong?" He asks me before we go over to the register.

"I gave him the wrong size, and when I fixed it. He decided he wanted to keep both popcorns, so I told him I'd have to charge him and now he wants you."

"What do you do to the customers? I've never seen someone who needed me to sort out situation as much as you do."

"It's not his fault Jim, this guy seriously is being a dick. I watched him." Asher says.

"Hmmm," Jimmy silently walks over to the register where middle-aged pork still complains how rude I was and how I was trying to steal his money. Middle-aged asshole eventually concedes to paying for his other popcorn, probably because he was afraid he'd miss his movie. "Now," Jimmy says he grabs my shoulder tight. "Let's make sure we pay attention from now on."

"O-okay." I say, as I try not to shrink under his grip.

"Good." He says and without another work he lets go and stalks away. Asher comes up beside me, a concerned look on his face.

"Man, why do you let him treat you like that?" He asks. I head back to the counter which has a few customers left, most leaving to go to another stand.

"What else am I supposed to do?" I asks, I mean Jimmy was our boss. He was in charge of us all.

"Say something to the owner, Jim's a jerk."

"Maybe next time."

"Alrighty." He says dropping the issue. After that the rest of the day flew by. I was waiting in the locker room for Julia to get here when Asher walked in.

"Still here? I'm so ready to go." He says as he pulled off his vest and opens his locker.

"Yeah, I'm getting ready to go." I say.

"Got a hot date?" He asks, he stuffs his vest in the locker and grabs his gym shoes.

"What?! No."

"So is there someone?" He grins, my cheeks heat up.

"Perhaps." He sets his work shoes in the locker and shuts it.

"Oh, now I'm interested." He says taking a seat next to me.

"It's nothing, we're just talking." I say, shoving my phone in my pocket.

"So who is it?" He asks.

"Oh, you know some… guy." His eyebrows rise a bit at this.

"Ah," He said, well he didn't seem to be uncomfortable that was a good sign. "Is it that one guy, Noah?" He asks. My eyes widen.

"What! No, he's just my friend." Noah and I had both been asked if we were a couple before on multiple occasions, I guess we were closer than we thought. Mariana always called us her old-gay-married-couple friends. Maybe there was something behind that.

"You guys just seem close, sorry." Just as I said, everyone seemed to think so. My phone vibrates in my pocket, Julia.

"No it's fine, sorry. I better go, my aunt's here."

"Okay, you work tomorrow?" He asks.

"Yeah, at eleven. You?" I say, he grins up at me.

"Yeah, I come in at twelve." He says.

"Oh, okay well I'll see you tomorrow."

"Later, Cash." I head out to the car pulling off my tie. Thank god I don't have to wear that for a while. When I get home I rush up to my room, mostly because my computer is in here. Waiting for Jack to answer me was one of the longest parts of the day. I didn't know what else to do with my day. I messaged random guys on the website, to be polite. Which was stupid because I wasn't interested in any of them except Jack. Even though there was a few that had nice pictures. This one had a nice shot of his abs, and his nipples… Okay, I shouldn't go into detail what that did to me.

"What are you doing Cassie?" Allison asks stalking into my room. I slam my computer shut with the abs and chest exposed on my screen, well that wasn't obvious at all.

"Alli, what's up?" I say trying to not make my sudden actions not seem so odd. Allison ignores my antics and sits on my bed.

"Ryan is playing at his friend's house, and everyone else is being boring." She whines, I smile. "Can we play a game or something?"

"Okay, we can play one of your board games." I say, I mean I had nothing else to do. It was kind of sad really, I was almost an adult, and I had no social life. Jack wasn't talking to me, and Noah was busy with his parents this weekend. Mariana was probably busy with one of her boy toys. I could've hung out with Asher, he used to ask me to hang out with him and some of his friends but I kept turning him down so he didn't ask as often now. I should definitely hang out the next time, just so he would ask me again. I liked having options. Not that I didn't like playing games with my cousins, sometimes it was just nice to be around people my own age.

"Yay! I'll be right back." She squeals as she hops out of my room. Well I guess I wasn't going to be looking at my computer the rest of the afternoon. Wasn't really a reason to if he wasn't on.

It worried me slightly that I didn't hear anything from Jack at all the rest of the day. Maybe I had said something wrong, maybe he figured it out… No, if he did than he would've said something to me, he wasn't the type to figure something like that out and not say something. I mean, jocks like him would promise to be beat the crap out of someone who would do something like that. Asher noticed my mood the next day at work, and questioned me a few times but I wasn't up for talking about it. Jack was probably out with some other chick banging her. I mean what real potential did I see in talking to him? I mean, it was real. Was it? I mean; I was being real all except for the girl thing.

If I was a girl than everything would be fine, I could meet up with Jack and everything would be fine.

But you're not a girl you idiot! My mind screamed at me, the weekend had gone by so slowly. Now it was Monday, I was waiting for Noah to get here so he could take me to school. It was still early, I don't know why I was awake right now. I had checked my messages for the umpteenth time now, it was beyond ridiculous. I was becoming desperate for his attention now, I had messaged him only three times since we last talked. Hoping he would come on but he never did. I would've probably sent him more if Allison hadn't kept me distracted. With one last look on my computer I shut it down, there was no use trying to talk to someone who wasn't interested. When Noah arrived to pick me up my sullen mood hadn't changed. For some reason Noah was a little chatty.

A hand slaps against my leg. I yelp and turn to Noah.

"What was that for?" I snap, frowning in his direction. He pushes his glasses up his nose and continues to drive us to school.

"What's up with you today? You haven't said a word all the way to school, that's not like you. I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes."

"Sorry," I say. Not really wanting to get into why I was in a mood. He'd deem it stupid, it wasn't something I wanted to talk about. He was always judging me anyway.

"Stop being quiet, it's not natural. I need you to be loud so I don't have to!"

"Well I'm taking a break today, so you can get over it." I snap, he groans and stops at the light in front of us.

"If you act like this on the way home, I'm going to make you walk home."

"Jerk." He stopped talking after that, he gave me a few dirty looks but other than that he stayed silent. Which was nice because I didn't want to talk to him anyway. Mariana on the other hand didn't seem to mind my sudden need to be mute.

"So I was talking to this guy from the community college this weekend," She giggles. Oh, so she got some action? Good for her, lucky little bitch.

"I feel sorry for the guy." Noah says.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" She barks, standing on the chair to stand over Noah. Noah doesn't look fazed by this, he shouldn't though this was nothing new between them. It was always entertaining to see Mariana try to 'attack' Noah and it does absolutely nothing.

"I mean, with your low I.Q. you probably brought his down a few pegs." He laughs.

"I'm going to kill you! Cass, hold my ear rings, it's going down!" She says, her hands on her hoop ear rings bouncing on her chair. She starts to climb onto Noah, his eyes go wide when her legs wrap around his waist.

"Oh this looks good, please continue." An annoying foreign high pitched voice says. I blink a few times to make sure I'm seeing this right, Romina flanked by a few of her girl pals. James stands beside her. My breath gets stuck in my throat when I catch sight of Jack. Did he get better looking every time I saw him? If it was possible he did it. His uniform was unbuttoned exposing the tight tank top he had on underneath, it complimented his tanned skin. The dress pants he wore weren't too tight but it looked nice all the same.

"Uhhh," Comes out of Mariana's mouth, oh god she was freaking out.

"What's with her?" Romina asks James.

"She's cool, she's just a little strange."

"I'll say," she grins at Mariana who's legs are still wrapped around Noah's waist, her skirt was pulled up high from the odd position she had on Noah. Noah looks like a deer in headlights.

"Let's go guys, we shouldn't make a scene in the cafeteria." I say pulling Mariana down and grab Noah's shirt.

"You are no fun little boy." Romina chuckles, I almost want to gag.

"It's Cash," I say as I pull my two dumbfounded friends away from the giggling morons.

"What's with you two, you act like you can't speak." I hiss, as I pull the down the hallway.

"I was just caught off guard! I was about to tell her a great comeback before you pulled me down!" Mariana snaps pulling out of my grip. Noah stays quiet, his face beet red.

"Excuse me for keeping you from making yourself look even more like an idiot."

"Thanks for nothing, now I have to go." She says as she huffs and rushes off.

"Are you okay Noah, your face is all red." I ask, he covers his face and looks away from me.

"I saw her.." He says, he shakes his head but it does nothing for the glazed look in his eyes. What the heck?

"Saw who?" I ask.

"Mariana," he says, I squint up at him what the hell was he talking about?

"What are you talking about?" I ask exasperatedly.

"I saw her.." he looks around and leans into my ear an whispers. "Her panties." I can't help the burst of laughter that escapes me.

"Ha, really? That's it?" I laugh, he doesn't seem bothered by it though which was stranger than the fact that he cared that he saw he underwear. He had never showed any interest in Mariana before, why all of a sudden? Especially after he told me that he was into guys just as much as he was into girls.

"Sometimes, I just forget she's a girl. I just view her as our friend Mariana, and I forget."

"Uh huh." I say, his odd expression was making me feel uncomfortable. I cough and look up at Noah. "I better go I don't wanna be late for first period."

"Oh-okay." He says, his eyes still clouded over. I frown and look away, I didn't like this.

"Later." I say and I run for class. Asher's red hair was first thing that I catch sight of when I walk into the class room. He grins and waves when he notices me.

"Hey, Cash. Long time no see." He says. I smirk and sit down in my seat.

"Hey," I say breathlessly.

"Why are you running, did you forget something in your locker or something?" He ask.

"No, just my friends acting weird. I had to get away."

"Remind me not to chase you around."


"So did you do the homework?" He ask, I shoot a look in his direction. Oh god, did I forget…

"Homework?" Oh crap. I left it in my locker this weekend. "Oh shit."

"I guess not, I'm sorry." He says, an apologetic smile on his face.

"I left it in my locker." I say, just great. Just how I needed to finish this semester; not turning in my work.

"I'll let you copy mine if you hurry and get back." He whispers. I grin.

"Thanks, you're a life saver." I don't have time to listen to his remark, I rush out the door and run smack into a brick wall.

"What the fuck." A deep voice groans.

"Sorry, I…" I trail off, looking up I meet the dark brown eyes. Recognition hit me; oh crap it's Sebastian. I mentally groan, how could I let myself run into that…

It wasn't that Sebastian wasn't nice looking. I mean, for a guy of average height he wasn't nothing special. I had gym class with him last year. His disheveled curly hair laid in layers on his head. His skin didn't tan like Jack's did, he usually burnt and then when he peeled he would still be that same pale boy he was before. He didn't have any toned muscles like Jack did but he kept in good shape. He was slim for the most part. From what I knew he helped his grandpa take care of their farm in the summer months since Sebastian's dad was basically freeloading off of his parents. Sebastian had a boyish charm about him too, he always looked like the kids caught with his hand in the cookie jar. One of his eye teeth stood out farther than the others. It wasn't like that made a difference though because he hardly ever smiled, except to mock.

I've known him for about five years, he was a nice guy when we were younger but he turned into a real jerk. I honestly didn't like talking to him, our interactions usually ended with bruised egos. Mostly mine.

"Watch where you're going, Vaughn. You almost knocked my stuff out of my hands. You'd have to pick it all up."

"I told you to stop calling me that." He had a thing for calling me my last name, never understood why. It drove me crazy, that probably was one of the reasons why he still used it.

"Well maybe when you stop trying to knock me off balance." He says, trying to shuffle passed me. I step in front of him and poke his chest. I was a gluten for punishment, when would I learn?

"Well maybe if you weren't always in my way," I snap.

"Look who's talking!" He says, shoving into me. I push back, he wasn't going to shove me into no corner.

"Gentlemen!" I jump away from Sebastian and look up to find Ms. Wilkerson.

"Yes Ms. Wilkerson?"

"The bell is about to ring, I suggest you make your way inside before it does." She warns, Sebastian's hand drops off my shoulder.

"But, I left my homework in my locker." I say, she looks me over a few times.

"Bring it to me by lunch and I won't consider it late." She says.

"Thank you!" Well that solved that problem, that just meant I was going to have to work hard the next few hours. I settle back into my seat and sigh.

"What happened?" Asher asks me after I return to my seat.

"Ms. Wilkerson is going to let me give it to her late." I say. He scoffs and sits up in his seat.

"Lucky, she'd never let me do that." He says.

"Right, I thought I was going to have a heart attack." I say with a laugh.

"Please do, then I won't have to hear you the rest of the day." Sebastian says as he takes his seat behind me. I don't know what I ever did to the universe for it to curse me with Sebastian.

"No one asked you Sebastian." I spit out.

"Play nice boys. I don't want to have to separate you." Asher mocks as he turns around into his seat. The bells rings and Ms. Wilkerson walks up to the front of the room.

"Alright class, we are going to be doing our mid semester project. I'm going to split you up into groups of three." The class groans in unison. "Now, now let's be adults about this." I zoned out after that, I wasn't really interested in listening to this. I would just read the directions when she passed out the papers. When the class starts splitting into random groups of people I realized I've missed the groups.

A stab in my arm catches my attention. Damn Sebastian.

"What?!" I say whipping around to glare in his direction.

"We're in a group you idiot, turn around." Sebastian scowls at me. I groan cursing my luck and turn around to face him.

"What were you daydreaming about Cash?" Asher asks.

"Nothing important." I say.

"It wasn't about someone, right?" Asher laughs. My face reddens, Asher's grin widens.

"No, no it wasn't." I mutter looking away.

"Oh, so Vaughn likes someone now? Who is it?" Sebastian grins.

"We don't need to talk about it." I say, wanting to end the conversation. If Sebastian found out who I liked I'd never hear the end of it.

"Okay, now I'm interested." Sebastian laughs. I frown, if they only knew what was really going on. I'm sure Sebastian would hold it over my head. Hopefully something like that doesn't ever happen. I don't think I could handle the humiliation of everyone knowing about my fake profile.

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