Chapter 1

The world they lived in the present was completely different from the one they lived in 20 years ago, even before she was born. Before that time, humans lived clueless of the creatures of darkness that lived among them. In Lana's opinion, it was probably a much more peaceful time. Back then, her dad was still with her mom and mom was still happy.

However, the vampires changed all that and her dad left to join them. Lana hadn't seen him since she was five-years-old. If it weren't for the pictures, she probably wouldn't be able to remember his face either.

She didn't even exist before the time the vampires decided to leave the shadows and stand up tall and equal to the humans, but she was certain is was a relatively more peaceful time back then. From what she'd seen on the news, the government was working hard to keep both vampires and humans in check, and it wasn't even just their country either.

Lana often saw politicians debate on TV whether vampires were good or bad. She could never decide on her own. Her father left her and mom to work for them, but at the same time they were living beings, too.

She had never talked to a vampire (her mother forbade her to make any acquintances) so she never figured out whether they were like humans. Until that one particular evening on the subway.

It was after sundown and she was heading home after she spent the afternoon at her best friend's house. She didn't often take the subway that late, but never before did she have any issues.

She could always recognize a vampire and when this boy, who didn't seem much older than her, sat next to her, she knew instantly that he was one of them. What gave him away was his sickly pale skin and the sunglasses he wore despite it being dark above them.

The moment he sat down, he took off his headphones and turned towards her, flashing a toothy smile towards her.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around these parts. What's your name?", he struck up a conversation.

Lana didn't want to be too judgmental even though it was her first time having a vampire talk to her. After all, he looked like a normal teenage boy.

"I don't really use the subway that often at night.", she answered, deciding to leave out her name.

"I see.", he nodded and didn't seem like he minded the fact she didn't tell him her name, "You see, love, I have a bit of a problem and I'd like your help."

His arm was suddenly around her shoulders and Lana didn't feel safe anymore. All the red flags were up.

"Hey, asshole, how about you leave her alone.", a voice came from beside her and when she turned to look at its source, there was man clad in all black.

She didn't even notice when he sat on the other free place beside her. Immediately, she noticed that he, too, was a vampire. Again, the sunglasses and the pale skin were enough to convince her.

The vampire who made her uncomfortable hissed lowly and for the split of a second she saw a flash of fangs, but he quickly got up and moved away. The whole act made the hairs on her head stand up straight.

"Are you okay?", the other one asked her.

"Ah, yes. Thank you.", she quickly replied and dared to take another look at him.

He seemed handsome and although he was sitting down, she could tell that he was tall. His black hair was styled rather neatly and he looked especially good in the leather jacket and black skinny jeans he wore. Lana didn't miss the golden chain with a cross attached to it hanging around his neck.

"Some of us are so uncivilized.", he commented, "It's best for a young girl such as yourself to steer clear of public transportation such as this one at night, Miss…"

"Lana.", she said without any hesitation and immediately regretted it.

She couldn't put her finger on it, but something about him put her at ease and unlike the other vampire, this one didn't give off an off-putting vibe. She felt like she could trust him.

"Miss Lana.", he finished his sentence.

It made her realize that even his voice was rather charming. It was deep and soothing. She felt like she could listen to him talk all day long.

"What's your name?", she asked out of curiosity.

"I'm Alexei.", he introduced himself with no hesitation either.

"Oh, it sounds foreign.", she commented.

"It's Russian.", he informed her.

"Oh, so you're from Russia then?"

"Yes, but I've lived here for quite a while now."

"Your English is perfect. I'd never tell you're a foreigner actually."

He smiled for the first time and took off his sunglasses. She noticed that his eyes were icy blue as he squinted a bit under the light. It made Lana realize that he was absolutely gorgeous in a way that he looked almost divine. Like an angel, but not quite. A faller one more likely. She felt her face heating up. She never really spoke to a guy that good looking before.

"I'll sit with you until your stop.", he suddenly spoke, "Just in case that guy decided to bother you again."

"He said he needed help from me. I wonder what all that was about.", she recalled.

"There was only one thing he wanted from you.", Alexei said and his gaze got darker.

Lana was confused, until he turned his head to look her directly into the eyes.

"Blood, of course.", he stated and the way he said it sent a shiver down Lana's spine.

Alexei put his sunglasses back on and Lana realized that her stop was the next one. She quickly got up, but it then dawned upon then that it was probably the last time she would see Alexei.

"Well, this is my stop.", she told him.

"It was nice to meet you, Lana. Take care on your way.", he said.

"You, too, Alexei.", she said a bit too formally and turned towards the exit, but it wasn't how she wanted to leave things.

She turned towards him again, but his spot was empty. Lana quickly looked around, but he was nowhere in sight.

With a heavy heart, she left once the doors opened. She decided that, like humans, some vampires were bad and some were good, and she truly felt like whatever prejudice she had before that encounter was gone. Lana also hoped that she'd get to meet Alexei again.

When she came back home, her mother was still not back. She often worked overtime in order to support the two of them. Lana knew that dad sent them money, but for some reason her mom refused to use any of it. She called it 'blood money'.

Lana wasn't even sure who her dad worked for, but all her mother ever told her was that he's with the vampires and that he's not coming back. Now that she was almost 18, Lana knew that that wasn't the full story. It was a washed down one her mom told her when Lana was 5 and kept repeating it for the next 13 years.

It was starting to irritate her really. Lana wanted to know where her father was, but she also knew that the whole topic made her mother extremely sad and she just couldn't bear to see her suffer.

She decided to quickly take a shower and do her homework before her mom came back home from work, but Lana found herself often thinking back to the encounter she had earlier. There was just no way for her to get Alexei out of her mind.

Suddenly, her cellphone buzzed as she received a text message. After quickly unlocking it and tapping several times on the screen, she found out that it was her mother who sent it, informing her that she won't be home that night as she had too much work at the office. Lana sighed. If only her mom had informed her earlier she could have asked her best friend to come over and spend the night.

Or she could finally go out and party, but that was out of the question. None of her friends were allowed to go out during the night and even if she did go alone, her mother would kill her if she found out.

Lana decided to just have a quiet night at home and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

However, what she did not know was that her night was about to take serious turn for the worse.

To be continued.

Author's note: Thank you for reading the first chapter of my new original story! Truth be told I haven't written anything original in so long and it's refreshing to do so. Hopefully, some of you will like this enough to r&r! I would really appreciate it!