Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful peasant girl, who not only had no idea she was beautiful but was beset by adversity, not only from her entirely-unintentionally-but-still-very-much-controlling-mother, but also from all the surrounding villagers. They hated the beautiful girl and her family, because they were beautiful, and would not wallow in the dirt with the villagers and commit crimes. The jealous villagers conspired with the corrupt authorities and had the beautiful girl and her family persecuted and made homeless.

It was then that the beautiful peasant girl met the handsome Prince, but she didn't know it at the time, because he was disguised as a peasant himself. He was as lonely as the damsel was distressed, so they talked. She fell in love with him, all unknowing he was a Prince, and he fell in love with her.

But then her distress grew greater, and she pulled away from him a bit, not realizing her cruelty. It was not until rather ambivalent friends took in her and her sister, that she could take her attention off herself and her family enough to give it to him again. Once she did, of course, she remembered why she felt she loved him, and found a thousand new reasons to do so. Their bond grew ever deeper and stronger as her relationship with her mother strengthened, and her relationship with the friends deteriorated.

Throughout their time together, he dropped little clues that he was a Prince, but as well as being beautiful she could also be a little dense. And sometimes, she could be a lot dense. She never realized he was a Prince and was clueless that he was also magical.

...until he took her to meet his dragon. She was afraid at first, thinking it to be evil, in the form it first took for her. It wasn't until she allowed herself to be distracted by the Prince, who was actually laughing at her, and looked back at the now-openly-a-dragon, and realized she had, indeed, been fooled. They both laughed at her, the Prince and the dragon, as she squeaked in indignation, fussing at both of them to try and cover her utter embarrassment. Once she ceased fussing, though, she realized all the stories the Prince had told her were true – that she was now a part of them. And when he told her that somewhere, she had a dragon too… it wasn't long before she believed that, too. She just had to find them…

And so the Prince began leading his chosen Princess down a mysterious path of magic, with angels and demons and dragons and shadows. And despite her initial reluctance, the beautiful maiden embraced the path and the powers her Prince had woken in her. And despite ongoing hardships, the Prince and his maiden lived very happily together in their world of magic.