- If you believe in something long enough, it becomes the truth.

These are the words my departed father used to say to me long ago. And here I am, struggling to survive day by day, always afraid that someday they would find me. I felt the heavy backback filled with supplies slowing me down. Just a few more metres before I would arrive to the camp. It was then my radio beeped. I took few breaths and answered the call.

- Agent J5, are you there? Asked the voice on the other end, no doubt belonging to my chapter's commander.

- Affirmative, currently bringing supplies to encampment 56-D5. The usual stuff. Food, medicine, ammo. Any report on patrols?

- There are a few troops in your sector at the moment. Heavily equipped. Do you see any routes to go past them?

- Lemme think for a moment. I think there's an underground passageway somewhere nearby.

- Yes, that would be perfect. Let me mark it on your map real quick. Best of luck to you, Agent J5.

- Copy that. Agent J5 out.

It didn't take me too long find the entrance. These old maintenance tunnels are quite handy when we wish to move around undetected. A brief scan showed a couple of turret installations inside. They're not too dangerous to worry about as long as you stay out of their line of sight. After checking that everything was ready, I climbed the ladder down to the tunnels. I began thinking of our cause. Why we fight. Many years ago, things used to be better. Everyone had food, everyone had time to have fun. And most importantly, everyone had rights. And then the new government was elected to power and suddenly, everything was stripped away. We should have known better. Why our people would elect such monsters into positions of power is still a mystery. And that brings us to where i'm now. As an agent for the Voice of Freedom. After a few minutes of finding the right paths and hiding from turrets, I was finally in the place I was looking for, right underneath the building that houses the encampment. At the bottom of the building is a hatch that allowed to enter straight to the cellar without going outside. A man, most likely middle aged one at that, was apparently waiting for me there.

- Well, now this is a sight for the sore eyes. He greeted and offered me a hug. I politely declined.

- If you put it that way. Agent J5 from the Delta Division. Here, you should find the supplies that was requested a few hours ago. I replied before putting the backback down. Thank goodness. A few minutes more and my back surely would have give in to all that weight.

- Indeed, we will find good use for them. In return, I have some intel that i'm sure the Delta Division would surely take a look at.

- What Intel?

- According to preliminary studies, it appears to be about a Bioweapons project. The State apparently has been studying how to weaponize animals for some time. Just make sure to get it back to the base in one piece. Were talking about Tier Zero material here. The man replied while holding up a small memory stick. I took it from him and placed it in my satchel.

- I will see to it personally that this Intel is delivered in one piece. The leadership definitely wouldn't want miss something like this.

After saying some parting words, I entered the tunnels and began my trek back to my home base. If what this Intel says is genuine, it's definitely something that must be stopped before it can even start. May the spirits of the past guide us on this endeavour.