It's not supposed to feel this way, so why does it? It never has before. This is all new, and I can't help blaming it on the "great thing going for

you". It's supposed to be a good thing, I know that, but so far it's not. So far all it's done is control you, pull you away from me. Why? It

shouldn't be, there should still be time for one another. So why isn't there? We use to make time for us, even if it meant giving up moments

that were meant to be for someone else. How many times did we tell friends that we were tired or sick, just so we could be alone? Now that

doesn't happen.

You're always late, and I'm always waiting. Then when the wait is over, all I get are a few words. Not even ones that mean anything, just

dumb, stupid, words that make up a couple of sentences in a half-hearted attempt to earn a laugh. Meaningless words that are just taking up


For the first time in years, I'm feeling alone. Forgotten by the one who is my everything. Shouldn't I be sad and scared? So why do I instead feel numb

and hateful? My mind is sharp with thoughts right now, and that's never a good sign. When my brain works at this speed it's always looking

for a way out. For a solution to a problem. So good job. You've gone from my everything to my problem. I hope you're happy... Because I'm not.