Fuck, I felt like I was overheating.

Which was totally normal, for the beginning stages of heat. So were the feelings of restlessness and anxiety I was having. But just because they were normal didn't mean they were easy to deal with—on the contrary, I was barely able to sit still, instead squirming and readjusting my position every few minutes.

It was like I couldn't get comfortable. Sweat rolled down the nape of my neck and a hard-on tented my trousers, further contributing to the discomfort. My hole ached, sloppy with the copious amounts of slick it had produced in anticipation of relief that wasn't coming anytime soon.

If only I had double-checked the numbers. Then I wouldn't be in this situation. Instead I would've been impressing the Abernathy clan with my professionalism and insight, securing for myself a considerable promotion and payraise. So unfair. I almost felt like crying from the injustice of it.

The urge to leave the safety of the closet and hunt myself a breeding partner was strong and would only get stronger as time passed and my heat approached its peak. If I did that, though, I could lose more than my job. What a mess I'd made.

I sat there for another ten or so minutes, stewing over my own stupidity and staunchly refusing to touch myself. I didn't deserve relief.

Or at least, that was what I told myself. It was also what I believed—until I entered into the next stages of estrus.

Everything became more intense then, as if I'd ingested some kind of sensory-heightening drug. And then chased it with an aphrodisiac. Now the acuity of the restlessness, discomfort and anxiety were rivaled only by the crippling levels of lust spiking within me.

Everything also became harder. My cock, for instance, turned into granite and I couldn't not try and give myself some semblance of relief, no matter what I thought I'd done to deserve this torture. My willpower was reduced to shreds; I had to touch myself.

I practically tore my suit in my eagerness as I began to strip, wiggling out of each article and tossing it carelessly aside. My trousers presented a slight challenge for my shaking hands, but I somehow managed it successfully, undoing the buttons after only two attempts. Seconds later, I sat completely naked on the floor of the closet, my head thrown back as I palmed myself like I'd wanted to do for hours.

It felt so good, my hand on my dick. Probably not as good as an alpha could make me feel, but then I couldn't compare with something I'd never experienced before, could I?

Regardless, I bit back an appreciative moan and started to jerk myself off with fervor, sliding my other hand down to play between my legs: probing my slick cunt with two fingertips, careful even in my desperate state not to give myself too much at a time. Fortunately, as I'd predicted, it didn't take much and it certainly didn't take long—pearls of pre-cum were already crowning at my piss slit and I, of course, had been wet with want for hours now. My cock dribbled faster with every stroke, the hungry lips of my pussy quivering around the in and out motions of my fingers.

Fuck. My entire body went ramrod-stiff, my hands stilling as I abruptly came, hard. Cum sprayed in an erratic arc, painting the door with thin white splashes. My hole clenched and spurted similarly, drenching itself as well as my still-intact fingertips. Aftershocks of pleasure caused the lower muscles of my stomach to spasm almost painfully; dimly I was aware of the metallic tang of blood and realized I'd somehow shredded my lip.

I licked at the blood first, then withdrew my fingers and licked them, too, enjoying the taste of myself. A glance down confirmed another suspicion—I was still hard .. and horny as hell. My heat wasn't over yet. In fact, I somehow had the feeling it had only just begun.

I mean, this wasn't my first heat, but it was the first heat I hadn't spent in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by helpful remedies and even more helpful toys, my favorite of which being a sleek dildo that was supposed to imitate the real thing—as in, an alpha's cock. Long and thick, it was gorgeous, lined with sinewy veins and, best of all, a knot!

Knot. My hole twitched at the thought, my still-hard cock beginning to leak pre-cum anew.

Half an hour later

I was mindless. Coherent thoughts had long ceased to occur to me. The only thing that I had left was instinct and at the moment, instinct was demanding I try and fuck myself into unconsciousness.

My pussy had become sloppy with all the secretions of slick and juices; I'd long since gave up on trying to squeeze anything else out of my poor cock and had instead begun the process of fisting myself.

Or at least, trying to. All I'd managed so far was three fingers, hilted knuckle-deep.

I was sweaty and half-crying and trembling with exhaustion and dehydration. Still I fucked myself with my fingers, twisting them back and forth, trying to find that spot that was so—

—oh, fuck, right there. Yes. I caught my breath and reared up slightly, hoping for a better angle—

The door opened then and I didn't even have the decency to freeze as I was caught .. by the very familiar face of the AME founder's son, Kalix Abernathy.

I was so fired.

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