My love, my heart to thee I gave;

No part of me I did withhold.

Yet was I sunk beneath thy waves,

But my heart's pain remains untold.

I know this hurt was not thy fault

For fear did hold thee in its grips.

Thy silence did my heart assault

Which in its turn was torn to bits.

Fear not my scorn, my dear, my dove:

I do not hate thee, though I cry.

Your good is all it wills, my love,

Though my heart did implore it why.

The truth from thee I tried to draw

But did not feel for its effect,

For change from thee if but I saw,

And 'fore I knew, the course was set.

I hope that you are happy now.

I pray you not recall with fear.

May God our hearts with strength endow

To forgive the hurt and taste the tears.