The alarm clock ringed when I slowly opened my eyes. I was staring at the bland ceiling of my capsule. The clock said it was 7 am in the morning.

- Man, I hope he's not late. I thought to myself.

I slowly slid from my capsule and put on my dayclothes. After checking that i still had everything, I went outside to greet the new morning. Although the Town of Aoyama wasn't that special, it definitely was making an impression on me. Not too far from hotel was a small cafe where I arranged a meeting with my contact.

Entering the cafe, I already saw the contact waving at me. He clearly likes waking up early indeed. My contact is Kenichiro Tanaka from the local police. I asked him to help investigating the activities of Nekiba Corps. on the grounds of possible Yakuza influence and today he's supposed to give me the report on the investigations.

- Good morning, Mr. Jackson! Did you sleep well last night? He asked me as I sat on the table.

- Could be better. At least I didn't have any nightmares. So, how did the investigations go, Tanaka-san?

- Well, we didn't find anything substantial unfortunately. However, I do believe there's someone that might just can push this case forward. Ever heard of Matari?

- Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

- I see. Well, he or she is supposedly an excellent information broker. Has information on the biggest players of the Japanese underworld. And I believe we can prove the connection between Nekiba and the Yakuza using this information.

- Sounds good to me. And where is this Matari?

- He or she is well known for always changing the address. Me and you meeting here in Aoshima 50 miles from Tokyo is definitely not an accident. For I believe this town is where Matari's next hideout lies. We just need to follow the clues.

Tanaka-san handed me an envelope. It was relatively plain except for a big M in the corner.

- I suppose we should locate this person then. But before that, I feel like I should hit the arcade. Wanna join me? We can play in turns. Let's see if I can beat my previous high score...