Nice Strings
Written December 4, 2016

I don't want your brand of authenticity
Yeah, you're nice,
But you fail at being kind
A good deed is only an act
An act of niceness
That overlooked genuine politeness
When you expect a smile with that.
You don't know how to be genuine,
Where kindness doesn't need a reward,
No expectation of instant gratitude
Move on and go forward
But yeah, you're nice
You can keep telling yourself that
But nice means nothing
When you've got strings attached.

*This was sparked after a debate about manners and the irrational anger a person gets when they do something "nice" for a stranger and have a negative response when someone "fails" to say "thank you" for something that they never solicited a person's help from in the first place. What a person chooses to do to "help" person b was done of their own volition. Seriously, if you're going to be rude to a person who doesn't say "thank you", then maybe you shouldn't have held a door open in the first place. It would be completely different if you asked or they asked you.

^This tells me I should get off social media.