And here we bring us to Fossil's Great Tragic Moment the moment where he crystallized as an Anti-Hero and not a Hero...That he ate the flesh of a sapient being, even if it was that of an evil human...Humanimal Law states a Humanimal can offer to sacrifice his or her flesh to feed his or her starving friends but this should only be done if the situation is desperate and the emphasis is that the prey consented to being consumed here Fossil didn't even eat his Master because he was hungry he did so purely out of spite

Fossil was waiting, his claws claws no more holding back...He would kill Blut before he could harm his People.

He deliberately left evidence of his being in the computer room, leaving his footprints in the dust and not putting the damper back in place.

He warned the Geisha Sisters of what he was about to do and they nodded they had always believed that Fossil would kill their slimy boss, and they promptly fled with the rest of their clan back to Japan.

Fossil was standing in Blut's Office, the elevator dinged and the doors slid open revealing Blut with a demonic fire in his eyes.

"You were in the computer room." Blut said

"Yes." Said Fossil

"You've been doing this for a while..." Blut said as he exited the elevator

"Yes." Said Fossil

If you're asking how a mere Human like Blut had been able to tear apart previous Velociraptors with his bare hands, the thing is...Psychological and actually it is because Humanimals when faced with a Human are rendered naked and bare with what they really are a Servant Race, they can have no protecting fantasy if they are faced with a member of the race they were created to serve the Humanimal is rendered a mere piece of meat before the Human, and Animal that was cut and brightened into a more Anthropomorphic Form, rather than a Naturally Evolved Person.

The only way a Humanimal can stand against this, is by strengthening his or her pure self, no Personae that People wrap themselves in several layers of just the pure self the purest part of your soul.

Only then can the Humanimal sense all the Personae the Human has wrapped in his or her own self and that it is the Human's Personae the Humanimal is fighting not the Human's Self.

"You Freak!" Blut said "You're one of those Humanimal Conspirators!"

"YES!" Fossil roared

Blut charged forward, Fossil stood still he only had to wait until Blut was almost upon his and…


Fossil lifted his legs and Blut impaled himself on Fossil's sickle claws, the terrible claws tearing right through his abdomen!

Fossil grinned at Blut's gasping, realizing what he had just done!

Smirking evilly, Fossil decided this was not enough, for all he had done Blut would also be eaten alive!

Of course he couldn't eat all of that massive man, really Fossil only nibbled at some of the abdomen meat and lapped at the blood.

Of course he had to flee for the wilds, even if Blut was hated by most of his Human Employees he was still an important man in the empire and it wouldn't be long before someone noticed he wasn't answered his calls.

Fossil grabbed the water fountain in Blut's office tearing it from its place, smashing the clear window wall with the fountain...Even he was many stories above the ground, Fossil could do something ordinary Velociraptors couldn't do...With his larger wing-arms he could glade short distances.

And thus out he soared! His Shaman's cloak fluttering like a superhero's cape!

The Dinosaur and Dragon Humanimals heard his actions and together they cheered!

Yes that was meant to evoke One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest