In this short chapter you will be privvy to one of the many fables Fossil's Mentor and Father Figure Jerome the Hadrosaurus Humanimal told Fossil as he was growing up

Gather round Children and listen to this story. Once upon a time in a far away land two Animals lived in the Forest. What these two animals were I can not tell you. All we know is that they were Animals. One of the Animals was male and the other was female. One day the Male said the the Female "Will you be my mate?" And the Female said "No." The Male asked her why and the Female responded "Because you are not perfect.I refuse to mate with anyone who is not perfect." The Male left her and the Female went to search for someone who was perfect. However it seemed that the only members of that kind of Animal in the forest was that exact male and the Female decided to leave the forest that had been her home as far back as she could remember. When she stepped into the bright sunshine for the first time the female squinted from the harsh brightness. Stepping into the green and soft meadow she saw some brightly colored flowers swaying in the breeze. She attempted to pick them, but the flowers screamed in terror! "I never heard of screaming flowers before!" Said the Female "You must not be very bright." Said a White Flower "All flowers can scream."

This is all that remains of this Animal Fable...The rest has been taken by the erosion of history