Lake Superior Agate

i pick up a stone.

Because of the laws of physics, past experience, I know
the wish will sink.
And I want it to, to treat that stone like a penny and the lake
like a well, except without the expectation of the miraculous.

A stone will sink. Like a brick.
My now dead wish-I need to tie to it.

Letting go
as the water closes – Over -
i think-

how cold is the lake,
no trace of a Break,

or the hold my breath moment wondering
how far i would get

…and yet…
time and waves…
the stain of iron, the water pushing forward…

there are languages beyond my intelligence.

Because of the laws of nature, the evidence under my feet,
I know the lake might transform my stone, my prayer, my work,
it now holds.

I turn to walk away. A Cross the glittering shore
there are these beautiful pieces of Agate.

My expectations are now starting to turn
from what i wanted to what I'll learn.