Alpha: Moonlit Star- soft silver she-wolf with gray spots arching over blue eyes

Beta: Lily on Frozen Pond- white she-wolf with green eyes and brown markings on face

Alpha Mate: Stone, formerly Darkness that falls into Shadows- black/gray mottled sire with green eyes

Hunters: Leaf that trembles in wind- sandy she-wolf with green eyes and white paws

Sand that whirls over sprig- brown she-wolf with blue eyes

Quivering Rain- gray she-wolf with white spots caressing blue eyes

Snow that falls Quickly- white and black mottled she-wolf with blue eyes

Lightning that roars silently - brown sire with gray eyes and black paws

Fighters: Fleeing Buffalo- brown sire with yellow eyes

Elk that charges flower- soft silver she-wolf with brown eyes

Hare in falling snow- sleek she-wolf with traditional brown/black/white pelt of a gray wolf and silver eyes

Deer that gallops softly- white she-wolf with brown spotted underbelly and paws

Ice that cracks underfoot- white sire with gray eyes and cracked scar on his right front shoulder

Nest where bird sings- black sire with brown underaccent and blue eyes

Lowers: Flower of dented thistle- icy gray she-wolf with glowing amber eyes

Sage that wilts with winter- gray she-wolf with brown eyes

Eagle with maimed wing- handsome silver sire with gray markings and front right paw bone slightly maimed, with yellow eyes

Quails: Cry of Fallen Meadow (Hunter)- gray/ soot gray she-wolf with dusted white near underbelly and blue eyes- Sire Fleeing Buffalo

Pups: Starling that silently wails- dusted gray she-pup with amber eyes

Fern that falls gently onto snow- brown and white spotted mottled she-pup with blue eyes

Stag with Sharp Horn- brown sire-pup with yellow eyes

Weans: Doe that races through pine- tawny she-wean with yellow eyes

Frog that trembles leaf- dark brown sire-wean with deep green eyes

Dew that rests on meadow- sandy she-wean with darker tan paws and gray eyes

Quail: Leaf that trembles in wind ~ Sire: Ice that cracks underfoot

So, just a memo- here is how the ranking goes.

Pre-named pup: Unnamed. From beginning of life to two weeks.

Pup: Named by Alpha. From weeks 3-5, they are looked after by their mother. From weeks 6- to 6 months (moon cycles, or moons), looked after by Lowers. Quail rejoins hunters until pups weaned, even if fighter.

Wean: 7 months to year. Start doing minor roles in either hunting or fighting.

Adult: 13 months- end of life or ability to hunt (fighters slowly demoted to hunting, then retire).