A/N: This is pretty much the obligatory chapter that shows how innocent and happy the protagonist was before things started to go downhill.


"Storytime, Daddy?" The three year old asked, gripping his blanket with chubby hands and squirming excitedly upon seeing Tony enter the room to turn out the lights.

The dark haired man sighed and moved his hand away from the switch as he decided to comply with the young child's wishes.

"Alright..." He said wearily, pulling a chair across the room so that he could sit down. "I don't know if you've heard it already, but once upon a time there was a carpenter with a big red nose..."

"What's that?"

"Someone who makes things out of wood."

"What kinda things?"

"Things like toys and chairs."

"Like Santa?"


David listened halfheartedly as the tale wore on, interrupting with various innocent questions until he was too tired to pay attention anymore. He blinked in a final attempt to stay awake, before the sound of his head sagging down against the pillow prompted Tony to smile in relief.

The toddler slumbered peacefully even as the room went dark and Tony left his side to head downstairs to where his wife was eagerly waiting.

She put a disco record on and took him by the hand so that they could dance together, feeling the music and enjoying each other's company as they'd done in the past.

Neither of them were aware that the pleasant melody had woken David up and that he was now standing at the top of the stairs, blissfully observing the way she twirled while imagining her as the fairy from his father's story.

He soon tiptoed back to bed as quickly as he'd left it, before crawling under the covers and pretending to sleep by lying as still as he could.