An M/M brothercest story by Sakuyan

Brendan looks around the apartment he shares with Riley and sighs. His brother is the epitome of a workaholic and it's rare he's home for more than eight hours. Enough to come home, sleep, and go back at it.

He has his days off, but Riley spends them running errands and puttering around the house. It's annoying, not being able to see more of his brother, but Brendan can't blame Riley. After all, they weren't exactly the closest growing up, and Riley never approved of Brendan's "habits".

Brendan dyed his hair bright purple when he was sixteen, and he vividly remembers the horror on his older brother's face when he saw it.

What the hell is that?!

Chuckling a little, Brendan sits and flicks on the television. Nothing good is on during Sunday mornings, but he needs something to break through this boredom. Each channel seems to have a religious show on and, after a few minutes of seeing nothing but them, Brendan turns the television off and rolls his shoulders.

Riley came home around 1:00pm on Sundays, so Brendan figures he may as well go out and socialize before that time comes. Standing and stretching, he takes his Samsung out of his pocket and looks through his contacts until he finds the number he wants.

"Hello?" Jessica's voice chimes through the speaker. "What's up, Bren?"

"Hey Jess," Brendan says, smiling a bit. "You busy?"

"Nope!" Jessica exclaims. "Did you want to kill some time until lover boy comes home?"

Brendan blushes. He told his childhood friend of his… attraction to his brother and she supported him without a second thought and promised not to breathe a word to anyone. It felt good to have someone in his corner regarding such a sensitive issue.

"Something like that," he mumbles after a few seconds of silence pass. "Usual place?"

"You got it, handsome."

The "usual" place is the sex shop Brendan works at, Impulsive. He and Jessica walk through the doors and it takes a few minutes, due to it being busy, but his coworkers and friends notice him.

"Hey dude!" James calls, waving towards them. The man is in his late twenties, with spiked blond hair and baby blue eyes. Brendan dated him once, but they decided after a month they were better off friends.

"Yo," Brendan replies, flicking a hand at his friend. "I never thought it'd be so busy on a Sunday."

"Some people like to sin on Sundays," Stella says with a giggle. If Brendan could sum up the rainbow haired woman, he'd use one word: pervert.

"Seems that way," Jessica says with heavy snark in her tone. She gazes around and her eyes light up when she notices new lingerie on the shelves. "Stella, show me your new stock, would ya?"

"Of course honey!"

The two women walk off, leaving Brendan and James to themselves. "Jessica hasn't changed much, has she?" James asks after a few beats of silence.

"That girl'll never change," Brendan mutters with a roll of his eyes. "She and Stella are world class pervs."

"You're a bit of a perv yourself." James grins at him. "We have to be to work in a place like this."

"You have a point."

They watch their friends in comfortable silence until James says, "Who's the lucky guy?"

Brendan arches a brow. "What?"

"You're staring with a faraway look on your face! It's an obvious sign of a man in love." James nudges him. "So c'mon, details. Do I know him?"

The younger man thinks for a bit, tapping his chin. "Nah, you don't. He's too boring for your tastes."

"Ugh, say no more."

Stella and Jessica walk towards them, and Jessica holds a… very skimpy set of lingerie. "What do you think?"

Brendan looks it over before giving off a nod. "I think any guy will fall head over heels for you with that."

"Perfect! Ring me up."

"I'll do it," James offers, waving a hand towards the cash register.

Stella giggles once they're out of earshot. "Shame she's straight; I'd totally tap that."

"You'd tap any girl wearing lingerie," Brendan mutters, snickering.

"Touche, my friend, touche."

Brendan's about to say something, but his phone rings, silencing the words before they leave his lips. Eyebrow raising, he takes it out of his pocket and looks at the number. Riley. It's only 11:30am, so what could he want?

Pressing the accept button, Brendan puts the phone to his ear and says, "What's up big bro?"

There's an exasperated sigh on the other end. "Must you always sound so flamboyant?"

"C'mon Rai, you love me when I'm flamboyant," the younger man says with a laugh.

"Uh huh. Anyway, things got wrapped up here early, so I'm coming back. Is there anything you want me to pick up food wise?"

Brendan contemplates telling Riley he wants tacos again, but he figures his brother will flat out refuse and bring nothing back. He hums. "Subs?"

"Finally, something that's not damn tacos. I know your usual order, so I'll be there in twenty or so minutes."

"Thanks darling."

"Whatever, you colorful shitstorm. See ya."

Brendan hangs up and grins. "I gotta head off. Sorry to abandon you, Jess."

"That's okay!" Jessica exclaims. "I hope Riley doesn't make you watch another of his shitty romance movies."

Brendan shudders. "I really hope not." He turns towards the door and flicks a hand. "I'll be in for my afternoon shift tomorrow, so see you guys then."

"Ella and Jonathan will be working then," James calls after him. "But we'll text you and see when you wanna hang out."

"Sounds good. See you assholes later."

Brendan listens to his favorite band as he drives back to his and Riley's apartment. He loves The Weeknd; mostly due to the guy's voice, but he's also had sex to a number of their songs.

He also likes Simon Curtis, but anyone who knows him and the singer could pinpoint why. Humming along to a tune he's heard hundreds of times, Brendan drums his fingers on the steering wheel and looks at himself in his rearview mirror. He's starting to get tired of the magenta color.

A shit eating grin spreads across his face. Stopping at a stoplight, he sends a quick text to his brother explaining he'll be a bit late and chuckles to himself. Oh, this new color will be perfect.

Riley stretches as he takes off his shoes and steps into his shared apartment and groans to himself when he realizes Brendan left all the lights on again. His younger brother really has no idea about bills. "That's because I pay them all," Riley mutters, rolling his eyes. He moves to turn them off, setting the food on the counter once he's done.

"What the hell could little Brendan be up to?" Riley thinks aloud. He sits on the couch and turns on Netflix. A coworker recommended a new romance and Riley's been dying to watch it ever since Natasha mentioned it.

He finds it after a few minutes of searching and puts it on, lying back on the couch and letting his muscles relax. His job is a bit on the tougher side, but it's one Riley wouldn't replace for anything in the world.

Riley's so absorbed in the movie he doesn't hear the door creak or the rustling of shoes being taken off. It's only when a pair of hands goes over his eyes he notices, and he lets out a shriek.

"Hah! You sound like such a girl!" Brendan cackles, bopping Riley on the head.

The older brother glares at his sibling before he takes in the- "Brendan, what the hell did you do to your hair?!"

"It's a hot color right now! What'dya think?" Brendan twirls and gives a peace sign, a wild grin on his lips. "It's pretty rad huh?"

"Why in God's name can't you have a normal color," Riley mumbles, exasperation hanging off his words. "I think I'd die of a heart attack if one day you came back and your hair wasn't something so damn bright."

"Aw, you wound me, big bro," Brendan says, leaning against the back of the couch. "Maybe I should go run in some guy's arms to cure the damage you inflicted on my soul."

"Go ahead," Riley deadpans. "I won't come save your ass like last time though."

"You wouldn't?! What if they decide to drag me off in an alley and use me as their personal sex toy? You're saying you wouldn't save your little brother from such a horrible fate?"

Riley sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. He knows Brendan is trying to egg him on, but the thought of him being used by a bunch of strangers grinds his gears in all the wrong ways. "...Fine, I would save you, but you'd get your ass kicked later."

"I knew it, you love me~" Brendan coos, throwing his arms around his sibling's shoulders and cuddling his face against Riley's hair. Riley sighs heavily and pushes away from his overly active brother, then points to the food on the table.

"You'd better eat your food before it gets cold."

Brendan lets out a gasp that's a bit too loud to be real and grabs his sub. "You're the best big brother anyone could ask for."

"You're saying that because I feed you."

"Whoops, you caught me."

The brother's night progresses with Brendan making annoying comments about Riley's choice in movies and Riley doing his best to restrain himself from either sinking in the couch or knocking his brother upside the head.

Unfortunately, Brendan decided to get into some booze, and if there's one thing people know about Brendan Davis, it's that he's terrible at holding his liquor. Riley rolls his eyes as Brendan sprawls across his lap and pats his bright turquoise hair when a groan erupts from his throat.

"You're so cuuuute~" Brendan slurs, leaning up and placing an open mouthed kiss to Riley's chin. The older man cringes and pushes his brother away, wiping saliva off his face. "I really love yooou~"

"You should go to bed," Riley mutters, standing off the couch and gathering Brendan in his arms. His younger brother may be more muscular than him, but Riley does weightlifting from time to time, and can carry an impressive amount of weight.

"You're so mean to me," Brendan complains, wrapping his arms around Riley and pressing his nose against his brother's neck. Riley freezes when the younger man licks his skin and begins to suck on it. He gasps lightly as arousal begins to boil in his blood (it's not his fault his neck is one of his most sensitive areas!), but manages to have enough willpower to pull away. "Aw, Rai. You don't like when I do that?"

"We're brothers, and you're drunk," Riley manages, biting his lower lip a little. Brendan moans quietly as he leans forward and presses their lips together in one of the grossest open mouthed kisses Riley's ever experienced. Despite that, blood sinks lower as Brendan nips and sucks on his lips and tongue.

Brendan pulls away after a few moments, a drunk yet satisfied smirk on his lips. "Did I turn you on, big bro~? I've wanted to do that for so long, you have no idea."

"Nngh," Riley mutters, opening the door to Brendan's bedroom and throwing his brother on the bed. "Go to sleep. I really hope you don't remember this in the morning."

Brendan makes an irritated noise, but nonetheless throws the blankets over him and snores are heard a few minutes later.

Riley takes a deep breath, trying to calm his arousal. "Why did I get turned on by my brother, of all people?" he mumbles, turning and shutting the door to Brendan's room. "I have a lot of things to figure out."