Cartonius' Report

Ladies and gentlemen of the Guard, we have several unique opportunities moving forward. While our relative involvement in the start of the Second Time War is at an end, the manifestation of multiple causality loops forces us to reconsider our role in the larger framework of the spacetime continuum.

This requires you to stretch your minds past the typical four dimensions you grew up with.

Therefore, this report supplements and builds upon my former testimony, addressing the topics we could not broach at the time. It is my hope that these topics shed greater light on Arianna's mission to the past, our present affairs, and individuals from a distant future not far removed from present cares.


Sometimes called "pocket universes" or "bubble realities," these worlds are predicated upon the Many Worlds Interpretation Theory. In short, for every choice, action, or event in the universe, there exists every possible outcome as a mathematical possibility. Real Space—the core of reality we perceive—only allows for one event at a time. In Schrödinger's famous cat in the box thought experiment, the cat is either dead or alive in our timeline. It cannot be both.

However, there exists a quizzical particle called Eta-2096. Discovered by the Time Gang as a replacement for Eta-1677, this particle demonstrated a macroscopic impact of quantum properties on reality. Their original experiments led them towards a Temporal Shield, which would theoretically cement the timeline and prevent time travelers from creating paradoxes. Instead, Eta-2096 taps the mathematical possible realities in non-existence and gives them a space to blossom into. Because our universe inhabits a zero-dimensional point in the Multiverse, the additional volume to our universe is trivial.

The first time this occurred was during the First Time War, when Charlie made a bid to conquer the world. By activating the Time Gang's Temporal Shield project, the first Diverging Reality spawned as a near perfect clone of Real Space as observed from the year 2006. There would be one single event different between Real Space and this reality, but the practical infinite number of events in our universe makes noticing that difference negligible. It could have been something as trivial as a change in the flow of interstellar dust in a remote galaxy distant from ours.

But I digress.

For a Diverging Reality to evolve beyond a mathematical possibility, it requires a quantum phenomenon known as Observation. On the macroscopic scale, Observation determines quantum realities such as particle position and velocity. In the Many Worlds Interpretation Theory, Observation takes the possibility of a Diverging Reality and gives it validity—it ceases to be a possibility, becoming something concrete and perceivable.

Observation is determined by the first individual from Real Space to step inside the newly formed Reality. That individual then becomes the Observer, the quantum property attached to their continued existence. When that individual dies, they cease to Observe and the Diverging Reality collapses. We observed this during the First Time War when Kenzi, the Observer of Charlie's Empire Reality, died at Jon's hands. The Reality collapsed, and the First Generation returned to their original place and time in Real Space.

Although the Time Gang immediately shut down Gray Goose Facilities after Charlie's failed takeover, much of the technology responsible for the maintenance of Diverging Realities fell into Salem Attar's hands. At present, the record remains muddy about his formulation of Slip-Gates. But it is clear that when he perfected the method, he began to mass produce them and create countless new Diverging Realities. The early days of the Epochal Guard saw the exploration and cataloguing of many of these new worlds.

An important concept worth noting involves the principle of Derivative Manifold. While each Diverging Reality represents a quantum clone of Real Space, the machinations and conquest of these worlds creates new histories and possibilities unseen in the primary timeline. The result leads to entirely new generations and lives that otherwise never existed in Real Space. This introduces a morally sticky element into managing these worlds. While an early Diverging Reality can be terminated quietly, well established worlds with unique populations earn a voice for their continued existence. Anything less would be genocide. There are some who argue that the quantum duplicates in initial Diverging Realities deserve protection—pointing out that an individual life is still a life, regardless of whether the individual is a copy or an original. However, several experiments by the Seventh Generation confirm a strange entanglement property that isolates unique individuals in Real Space from their quantum echoes. This phenomenon requires greater investigation, but seems to confirm the proposition of Derivative Manifold. An early world may be terminated without guilt, but an established reality with a unique population deserves nothing less lest genocide be committed.

It is also essential that all final records concerning Arc-Gate technology remain under lock and key. The implications we gleamed from the Second Time War and interactions with the Otherverse have driven lesser individuals to madness. While Slip-Gate tech is here to stay, as well as the Allied Coalition of Diverging Realities, the world at large must forget that Arc-Gates ever existed.

Lest the great tragedies Salem created befall us again.


With Suha's proper place in the Attar Line, we have had considerable revisions tracing her down the Lines in relevance to future Time Wars. We do require further confirmation related to Hakim's link to General Kadar of the Sixteenth Generation. There seems to be a missing connection with the main Generation Lines, presumably linked as far back as the First Generation. Pursuing this lead is imperative to local conflicts.

Fortunately, that data is under investigation by members of the Seventeenth Generation in a far distant iteration of the Seminary Gang. It is of little wonder that they made an appearance during the Second Time War.

(maiden names are italicized)

The First Generation:
Jon Tree Top
Olson Jacobson (start of the Jacobson Line)
Richard Daw
Strang Dresden (start of the Dresden Line)
Brian Donahue
Daniel Pouliot
Neeman Edwards (start of the Edwards Line)
Neyhart Smith (start of the Smith Line)

The Second Generation:
Kenzi's Line: Kira Jacobson Smith (married Cody Smith), Autumn Jacobson Porter (start of the Porter Line), and Micah Jacobson (main progenitor of the Jacobson Line)
Kimmi's Line: Cody Smith (married Kira Jacobson, main progenitor of Smith Line). It was through this merged Line that Charlie's prophesied birth was enabled.
Richard's Line: Allison Daw Evans (start of the Evans Line)

The Third Generation:
Time Gang:
Kimmi/Kenzi's Line—Smith Line: Catherine Smith
Jon's Line—Tree Top Line: Cameron Tree Top
Kenzi's Line—Jacobson Line: Thomas Jacobson
Richard's Line—Daw Line: Nathan Daw
Kaitlin's Line—Dresden Line: Olivia Dresden
Brian's Line—Donahue Line: Austin Donahue
Non-Time Gang:
Kenzi's Line—Porter Line: Damian Porter
Kaitlin's Line—Dresden Line: Lily Dresden Sanders (start of the Sanders Line)
Jon's Line—Tree Top Line: Raquel "Alise" Tree Top

The Fourth Generation:
Porter Line: Makayla Porter, Samuel Porter
Jacobson Line: Kristin Jacobson
Smith Line: Rene Smith Moore (start of the Moore Line)
Tree Top Line: Michael Tree Top
Evans Line: Dakota Evans
Sanders Line: Claire Sanders
Pouliot Line: Blaine Pouliot, Alyssa Pouliot Chambers (start of the Chambers Line)
Smith Line: Charlotte "Charlie" Smith
Attar Line: Salem Attar

The Fifth Generation:
Porter Line: (siblings) Allie Porter, Kyle Porter, Dustin Porter; (cousin) Sophie Porter; (cousin) Tristan Porter
Jacobson Line: (siblings) Seth Jacobson, Jess Jacobson; (cousin) Leslie Jacobson
Tree Top Line: Joseph Tree Top; (cousin) Jessica Tree Top
Daw Line: Jennifer Daw; (cousin) Andrew Daw
Evans Line: (siblings) Skylar Evans, Terra Evans; (cousin) Robby Evans
Dresden Line: Alex Dresden; (cousin) Jillian Dresden; (cousin) Theo Dresden
Sanders Line: Peter Sanders; (cousin) Carter Sanders
Donahue Line: Theresa Donahue; (cousin) Sean Donahue; (cousin) Cassie Donahue [RESTRICTED NOTES]
Pouliot Line: Carrie Pouliot; (cousin) Eva Pouliot
Chambers Line: Maggie Chambers; (cousin) Tyson Chambers
Smith Line: Derrick Smith; (cousin) Katie Smith; (cousin) Annemarie Smith
Moore Line: (siblings) Bryce Moore, Liz Moore
Attar Line: (half-siblings) Kamal Attar, Hakim Attar, Suha Attar

The Sixth Generation:
Edwards Line: Marissa Edwards
Strang Line: Amelia Strang (descendant of John Strang, Kaitlin Dresden's younger brother)
Porter Line: Arianna Porter
Donahue Line: Tessa Donahue
Dresden Line: Katie Dresden
Jacobson Line: Tom Jacobson
Moore Line: Chris Moore
Evans Line: Carter Evans
Attar Line: Zahira Attar

The Sixteenth Generation:
Attar Line: General Kadar (see proceeding notes in the directory under OMEGA Files)

The Seventeenth Generation: Far distant Seminary Gang
Daniel's Line: Dante
Kenzi's Line: Elsa
Richard's Line: Abram
Kimmi's Line: Mariam
Jade's Line: Viviana
Jon's Line: Ilias


The Time Gang has written countless articles and reports on their findings regarding the phenomenon abilities designated as chronometrics. Because the technical jargon is far beyond unnecessary for this report, I shall endeavor to limit my account to the records we have of the First Generation, the classification system devised by the Fourth Generation, and on-going observations made by the Fifth Generation.

Interactions from the First Generation
The First Generation began manifesting chronometric-like abilities during the First Time War in the Diverging Reality created by Charlie. Collected evidence confirms that this was due to irradiation from Eta-1677, an exotic particle used by the Third Generation in their earliest experiments with time travel. Whether this irradiation occurred during their first jaunt into the Otherverse in volume one or during their prolonged interaction during the First Time War is uncertain. There are no prior accounts of them manifesting abilities after their first return to Real Space.

Jon Tree Top of the First Generation is the earliest individual documented to possess chronometric abilities, ranging along the lines of what we would call Foresight and Teleportation. Richard Daw, Kaitlin Strang, and Jade Neeman began to manifest these same abilities in due course. Accounts suggest Kenzi Olson was coming into these chronometrics at their earliest stages, but died and went on to the Otherverse before conclusive reports were made. Kimmi Neyhart thereafter picked up Telekinesis, Healing and Empathy, while Brian Donahue manifested Thoughtform—the ability to create from mental conception. Daniel Pouliot was never accounted for possessing any form of chronometrics (but that never handicapped him in their conflicts).

If we are to understand properly the First Generation's account in volume four, then their chronometric abilities expanded beyond the classification system derived by the Fourth Generation. Nearly all of them could Teleport as desired, shared abilities without constraint, and could move about the cosmos as literal gods. Worlds fell and rose at their command. It is highly suggestive that this was due in large measure to properties of the Otherverse, which shaped reality based on powerful mental patterns. It is the conclusion of this AI that such chronometrics would be unlikely in our universe.

At any rate, the abilities completely vanished upon the First Generation's return. Thus there has been debate as to whether chronometrics are inherent genetically from the original Seminary Gang or a result of the use of Eta-1677 by the Time Gang. It seems far more likely that the latter is responsible for the myriad of abilities we see manifesting in the Fifth Generation, who were seeded the genetic markers when their grandparents discovered time travel with unstable particle physics. Had the Time Gang not made the permanent transition to using Eta-2096 in their experiments, it is likely they and the Fourth Generation would have begun manifesting chronometrics as well.

Fourth Generation Classifications
When their children displayed chronometric abilities on par with the records of the First Generation, members of the Fourth Generation created a general directory. For the first ten years, the directory was accurate to a fault. But as with all things genetic, changes began appearing on the fringe and in the Diverging Realities.

For the time being, here is the general list of chronometric abilities and their range effects.

Teleportation: The first documented chronometric ability, these individuals are able to tap the exotic matter stream that allows time travel via Remote. This was where the Third Generation observed "residual drift" caused by Eta-1677, and allows the chronometric to move about space without constraint via closed loop points through the quantum medium. At present, the ability is limited to spatial movement and does not allow for time travel. Though it has not been ruled out at present.

Foresight: A combination of clairvoyance, remote viewing, and prophecy, this chronometric creates an inner eye that displays imagery from a geospatial and temporal perspective. Chronometrics with this ability describe the experience as grasping threads that flow in the streams of time, revealing events and places they otherwise couldn't see. At times, the chronometric is limited to specifics only the spacetime threads will reveal—usually acting as a "danger sense" against immediate mortal threats. A few instances have revealed deep future visions, but these appear to be the exception and quite rare. Of note, it is demonstrated in a few individuals that this chronometric can manifest purely for spatial foresight. While the individual can range out with their inner eye, seeing/hearing events around them, they cannot latch onto the so-called spacetime threads that reveal future events.

Telekinesis: A chronometric ability that allows for distant manipulation and interaction with physical objects. The prevailing theory suggests the power minutely plays on gravitational strings imbedded in spacetime, allowing the chronometric to "handle" and "move" items within the individual's awareness. We have seen in battlefield action how this power can quickly turn concrete rubble into dangerous ballistics against enemy targets.

Thoughtform Creation: One of the most exotic forms of chronometric power, this ability allows in small measure for individuals to generate matter in the real world based on mental patterns. These patterns so far exist merely as illusions packaged in force fields to give them dimension and effect on their surroundings. Because the pattern requires focus and control by the chronometric, these creations drift out of existence when the ability is not in use. While it certainly allows for greater leeway and creativity, nothing as dangerous or chaotic as Brian Donahue's creations from the First Generation have yet to be observed in the Fifth Generation. That has not stopped dangerous chronometrics from using the ability in abusive way, as was the sad case with Cassie Donahue.

Healing: The odd man out of the chronometrics list, this ability focuses on regenerative mending in organic tissue. The chronometric seems inherently active within individuals possessing the ability, going to work on any injury or illness immediately incurred. It is also possible to gift the ability to others who are injured, but requires great focus and patience on the part of the chronometric. So far the only prevailing theory suggests that this chronometric is fueled by the self-healing aspect of spacetime on the quantum scale, which holds the fabric of reality together. It is possible that in moving through the medium, the quantum property passes on to human form, embracing the whole of the biological pattern to perfection. It does not grant immortality, since human patterns do include decay, age, and death.

Fifth Generation Observations
With the Guard's forward movement into new Diverging Realities, Fifth Generation scouts encountered chronometrics seeded among the general population. The clearest evidence of this came to light in Cadence. Setting aside the issue of chronometrics developing in genetic lines outside the Generation Lines, observations detailed a host of new abilities beyond the standard model developed by the Fourth Generation. With only basic preliminary reports, the finer details are absent at this stage in the timeline.

The following abilities are of particular note. Their mechanics and properties are subject to further investigations.

Dual Chronometrics: A bit of a misnomer, as research indicates anywhere between two to ten different abilities may manifest in any single chronometric. The Guard has invested significant research here to understand the genetic link to "full chronometrics," the likes of which haven't been seen since the First Generation. Traditionally, these traits would disperse with each new Generation, but the opposite seems to be the case. Under present models, it is likely that all future chronometrics will bear the full set.

Chronometric Neutralization: One of the more useful battlefield abilities, this chronometric trait casts a large three-dimensional field of dispersal that prevents other local chronometrics from accessing their abilities. One of the key abilities that transformed skirmishes during the Second Time War.

Observation Transference: Highly controversial at the time of discovery, the ability isolates and handles the quantum property of Observation with enough finesse to transfer between any two individuals. Note, this ability now allows non-Real Space individuals to become local Observers of their home Diverging Reality. Also note that this ability perpetuates a nearly indefinite life span of all Diverging Realities.

Foresight Bonding: There are several in the Guard who are wary of labeling this a separate ability, as it holds many subsets within Foresight. Utilizing the same spacetime thread principles as Foresight, this ability allows chronometrics the power to link between places, objects, and individuals. Most Foresight chronometrics are discovering an innate use of the ability, but a few select individuals possess this single ability alone.

Temporal Field Manipulation: A muddier topic of chronometric research, this ability has a lens effect on spacetime previously only seen from large gravitational bodies. The earliest manifestations had chronometrics creating "time bubbles" separate from surrounding space, acting both as separate time streams and shields against local forces. The extent and implications of this ability are too numerous to explore at present.

Causality Loop Sensory: Linked closely with Foresight, this ability allows chronometrics to probe the threads of spacetime specifically for causality loops. Recent research indicates that temporal reality is a knotted ball of connecting points in time. Often these threads open causal loops that allow distant interactions that violate no paradox laws. This ability generates awareness of these loops, allowing the chronometric to ride each loop safely through time without risking temporal contamination.

Causality Loop Anchoring: While all original causality loops discovered were naturally occurring and part of the architecture of spacetime, it is possible to create artificial loops that also do not violate paradox laws. The creation and maintenance of these loops is subject to greater research. Unfortunately, individuals from a far distant future where this ability is mastered have no issue creating anchors in present conflicts, riding back to align with Salem's conquest in the Second Time War.

Temporal Stream Negation: A peculiar ability only just realized in the Fifth Generation, this chronometric can prevent both Time Remote and Anchoring chronometrics from traveling in localized regions of spacetime. That the ability played a crucial role in the opening salvo of the Second Time War should come as no surprise. Indeed, temporal reality in Wyoming and South Dakota is still unknotting itself after the battles witnessed there.